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The third sin confirfmed

Rob said in the character creation the Galen recived a sin for using resurection magic. And now Spiff has that same spell...


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    No, Galen caused a sin. He didn't receive one, which'd make Heathera the third sin (or Gwyneth's baby). Edit/Addition: Or none of them were sinned but it was still the causation of a sin, if we take away the assumption that a sin needs somebody to exist.
  • Galen caused a sin. and gets one of dose marks, stated by Rob at the 33:00 minute mark in the video. 
  • @UnluckyBimi If you watch the CC rob says: "When Galen used this he resurrected someone and we find this out in the campaign but Galen causes a Sin of the Unforgotten and gets one of those marks." So it was basically confirmed that Galen got a mark in GPO .
  • Goin' to be honest, but I wouldn't take the "and gets one of those marks" as a guarantee that it was Galen who got the mark. Now, I know this might be seen as a slight at Rob but he has misspoken in similar ways previously so unless he does clarify I wouldn't take that part as a confirmed (the sin's existence, yes but not who has it).
  • Does anyone think that spiff will cause the 5th sin now that she has a spell that specifically causes it as a side effect?
  • I'd say it's a 99% chance Galen has the mark since rob said we would have seen the mark this week anyway and I doubt we'll see Herthera or Gwyneth this week
  • @Murlin22 He said that we'd find it out in this campaign anyway, even if Spiff didn't get the card, not that we'd see the mark.
  • @UnluckyBimi ;
    yeah but rob doesn't throw lore around willy billy most of the time he's more of a it's not lore till you see it person, and since Galen is in this campaign I'm willing to bet that we will physically see the mark either on him or the effects of the mark 
  • Did we get the fourth sin? I remember hearing we got the fourth sin, but I don’t remember who, or when
  • We will probably see the effect(s) of the mark, I was just correcting you with what Rob actually said.
  • Maelstrom got the fourth sin for 5000 dollars and became a sun dragon.
  • @Jakodio Well, Maelstrom was always sinned (well, ever since they got introduced).
  • Rather than argue about whether Galen or Heathers has it, remember that Rob said that he'd go more into it during the show. Technically it's not "confirmed" until its in the show anyway. 
  • Another question, do we want to get all 5 sins?
    we have no idea what would happen with all 5.
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    When someone commits the 6th sin of the unforgotten they will receive a "fate worse than death"
    There is a great chance that the final "safe" sin will happen this campaign.
  • @Jakodio ;
    i dont think there will be a 6th sin, I think it's the next person to die after the 5th sin activates will get a fate worse than death
  • @Jakodio ;
    Are you sure I though it was after the fifth sin of the unforgotten whoever dies next receives a fate worse than death, not whoever causes the sixth sin?
  • @Timedagger100 It's the fifth, since we've had 4 and Rob warned Spiff about the fifth.
  • @UnluckyBimi ;
    Alright cool cool, that's what I thought but you never know with this kinda stuff since there's so little information really.
  • There’s not really a lack of information about how many sins and that the fifth is supposed to be bad. I’m pretty sure most donation events with a sin attached mention the fifth thingy and we know the 4 who caused a sin. @Timedagger100
  • @UnluckyBimi ;
    Well you see that was my polite way of saying I didn't want to be blunt and just say he was straight up wrong.
  • @UnluckyBimi ;
    actually, the fifth sin is completely fine, it has been said numerous times that ‘the next character to die after the fifth son is committed will suffer a fate worse than death’, so the fifth sin is fine, just so long as no one dies after it.
  • "If this Donation Event is triggered after being funded, it will cause a Sin of the Unforgotten. After the 5th Sin of the Unforgotten, a FATE WORSE THAN DEATH will fall upon the next Player Character to fail a Death Roll."

    That's the quote from the first two sin donations. That clearly says that the 'Fate Worse Than Death' will fall onto whoever next dies AFTER the fifth sin.

    Also, throwing in my two cents, but I'm pretty sure it would be Galen who has the Sin - Rob's wording about "Galen causes a Sin of the Unforgotten, and gets one of those marks" seems to imply pretty strongly that it was Galen who got the Sin.
  • Galen 100% has the Sin. After casting Greater Lay on Hands he clutches his wrist in pain. That's the general sign of a Sin being received: a burning pain as the mark is formed on your wrist.
  • @burningblizzard Which established sin had the wrist-burn mark? (Also, Galen wasn't the only one who was in a lot of pain). It's more like 85% it's Galen, 15% is Heathera (or Gwyneth's child).
  • Right, The first Death roll failed after the 5th sin. i wasn't sure if it was that or the next one to sin.
  • I wonder...

    After this "fate worse than death", does it start over?
    Do we get another five mins before another terrible fate? Or does this system just leave..? Hmm...
    I almost can't wait to see, just to know what happens next.

    Also, I'm gonna bet that one of the player characters will fail the first death roll after sin 5.  Probably Justin. :)
  • @UnluckyBimi Nothing was mentioned with Lola, but Rob goes out of his way to describe it appearing on Lunk.
  • @burningblizzard That's hardly solid enough to make such an assumption when only 1/4 have been like that. 
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    @UnluckyBimi There's pretty concrete proof of it discussed in last night's campaign, but since I don't know if you've watched it, I don't want to risk spoiling it for you or anyone who may read this thread who hasn't yet.

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