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A Simple Thank You

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Well remember how Rob wasn't able to release the mob last year, I think some people could be afraid that's going to be repeat of last year, and I'm sorry to said that some people just always going to assume the worst in moments like these, but no manners what type fan you are, Rob is the one who did all this, this is why were all here and I'm grateful if it wasn't for Rob, The Guys, Six, Kelly, Lily, Muffintoast3r, and Clark I'll would still be the emotional wreck I was when I first came here, serious even if you guys don't care, I'll still think some of you guys as some really crazy but awesome friends.


  • I feel like some people seem to forget the immense effort put into making this show as great as it is, and how hard it must be in order to get all the kinks worked out before releasing the mod to the public; Regardless, I think that everyone working on it, Rawb, the party, all of the artists and animators deserve a hell of a lot of respect for everything they put in to this project. And although I'm just one fan, I'd like to say thank you all. :3
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    Thank you for everything you do rob, it is appreciated, dont let the ungrateful few ruin things.
  • I'm popping in, I doubt Rob will see this, but really he has helped me so much. He gave me a huge project and gave me the opportunity to be part of someone fun and amazing. I feel like I have a purpose in life. I've made so many friends. I'm improving on my art. I have the chance to do this for a living and I can't believe it.

    Also I want to thank @RainbowCrisp who has been incredibly supportive and is always helping me with animations. I would not be where I am today without her.

    And thank you, all of you, who have rooted me on, supported me, helped me when I was feeling down. This is such a wonderful community and you all are amazing, wonderful people. You guys are what keep the show going with discussions, donations, telling others about Urealms.
  • Robert Moran, you, and everyone who help you make your content, have changed my life.

    I come home every day, excited to hear your voice. I watch and re-watch old videos hours at a time when I do other monotonous tasks. It just makes me smile, listening to the shenanigans you and the others go through. I have never enjoyed anything else more than your work.

    I give what I can to support the show, usually getting some nice T-Shirts. But I cannot thank you enough, everyone here. You make the days go by for me.
  • Everyone associated with this project are amazing and good people, the community included. Life can be hard sometimes, and depression is a bitch to deal with. But whenever I see that announcement on Monday about a campaign coming on Saturday, I can forget about all the shit that happened that past week, and focus on this show and all the cool things that are going to happen. I even managed to find some good people that I consider close friends of mine from this show, and I even manged to become a member of the Wiki Team. I'm grateful that a project like this exists, because it allows my creative brain to flourish in a day and age where I can't really express it without people being dicks. Stay awesome Rawb and the Team, we all have something great here that brought every one of together.

    ~Emp :)  
  • Awww, Sarge! Really thank you and everyone in this community that made me feel welcome! Rob, Megan, Haunter, Emp, Mayo, Jack, Muff, Ninja, Six, RC, and a bazillion more people that I have met through all of this, you guys make this feel like home! :smile: 

  • This is super sweet SgtSlow! Especially coming from you, considering you were one of the first names I began to recognize as a supporter and a fan! If it wasnt for people like you who continue to support me, I probably wouldnt be doing nearly as much art as I do now! You guys pushed me and I am forever grateful.

    This community has been like a family to me. And I dont even know where to begin with the artists! @Sixelona was one of the first artists I followed on the internet and she and Axl_Rosie are the reason I even bought a drawing tablet in the first place! And to think people like @IronClark, ;@Meganzoor, @Faiden ; and @NinjaGuy00 even support me is completely crazy (seriously they're so talented)! And new family members have joined along the way (I'm looking at you @Irishxlily <3 ) and the community only continues to grow! It really is a blessing to be with all of you.

    And let's not forget @Rob and the years of content he's provided to keep me entertained! I'm talking old PML days! Thats literally years!

    I'm grateful for all the people I've met and the friends I've made. You all turned my simple hobby into a passion and I cant thank you all enough! <3
  • <3 you @Rob thanks for all you do. go eat some ice cream
  • Aww thanks guys. Going through a hard time right now and this cheers me up. Thanks for being a supportive part of the fan base/friends. I have fun goofing around with you guys. Cheers to dank memes and fun times ahead!
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