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Felt like making a discussion after Rob's little twitter rant tonight

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First of all, if any admins see the need to shut down the discussion, feel free. I felt like talking about this with the forum, but if this is not allowed for one reason or another (maybe drama talk or something), I won't have a problem with this discussion being deleted.

Anyways, let's get into the meat of the story. So seems like a few duds on twitter felt like they needed to bother Rob about a release date on the mod on a tweet he did about Black Desert (some pretty innovative RPG game it). Rob didn't really take kindly to it (which I understand completely and I will get on to that a bit later) and vented a bit on his twitter. I personally feel like Rob deserves to have days off, seeing how much work he has been putting into this ever since Season 2 was finished. He has the right to talk about something else on his twitter than the mod, which is a huge fan service already, might I add!

I must admit that I have also been keeping my eyes on his twitter page quite a bit to see progress, but I wouldn't start bothering him about it as soon as he posts about something else than the mod. People told that they freed up the whole week because Rob said that the mod was being close to done! Doing stuff like that is your own responsibility, and not that of Rob. And I kinda want to ask you guys to not do that as well. I have no idea who the people who asked him even were, but I feel like addressing this issue here, and to be able to talk about that kind of stuff.

Now, I feel bad for Rob that he even needed to rant about it. I truly hope that he won't be badgered about it too much, because this will only delay the progress and the quality of the mod further. He just needs his space to finish everything up to a point where he is comfortable to release it to the public.

So Rob, keep doing what you're doing, take your time on the mod and know that we all love what you're doing here. We are all brought together here because of what you have created and that to me is just wonderful!


  • @Gigsey Exactly that, cannot agree more! 
  • I openly admit I am the dud who posted about freeing up the week from prior responsibilities. The chance to play Urealms together in an official mod with my girlfriend is something we've been wanting to do ever since early season 2.

    My comment was unwelcome, and harsh, and I apologize... I beg forgiveness for it. I have made a mistake, and I can do nothing now but admit it was a mistake, and apologize for it.

    Rob works very hard - And I've been eager to see what comes of it... I've been eager to play his game, and shower it in praise. In every community I am a part of, I try to convince folks to join in on -this- community, on this show, because what really drives the show to greatness is the fact that people like Rob, Deadbones, Six- Everyone who works within the show has made it into a god damn diamond.

    I have been upset that I haven't been able to play it... And I want you to know that I never meant to criticise Rob. I let my anger get the better of me.

    You have done a fantastic job, team. This community is with you - And they will support you. We all will.

  • @TheGravyNator ;
    I just don't understand why it seems to be so hard for people to do now days. :(
  • I am more of a silent observer in all things. I watch the twitter but never respond, I browse the forums but never post, and I watch all the Urealm videos on youtube but never comment.

    The main reason I don't share my input mostly is because I never feel like I have to much to share to a discussion that is already going on. But for this post I feel like you are on point. Rob has done an amazing job with all his work that he puts into his projects and should be allowed to have his days off without being criticized. The work he puts into the community should not be a burden but a joy.

    I am continually amazed at the work he has done and will continue to support in any way I can. 

    For those who demand instant satisfaction and feel like they 'deserve' things well you are sad people who must have never had to put out anything yourselves. Creative people are some of the hardest working people out there because not only do they have to think of how to put something together but they have to make sure what they put out there is up to not just everyone else's standards but their own as well ( which is extremely difficult )

    Let Rob take his time and do things on his timeline. Because if you want something done on your timeline nothing will be completed, or at least nothing that you will want to use and it will hurt progress.

    To Rob, Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to creating something so magnificent and as wonderful as URealms. I patiently wait for anything and everything that is coming from the future. I cannot wait to see what comes next and in fact you have inspired me to get back into creating my own projects. Keep up the great work and don't let others wear you down. Thank you again.
  • @brownhair798 Hey man, I can see that you realize that you made a mistake, and that's good to hear. I think it's brave to admit that you said it and I can see that you feel remorse for that. So, personally I feel like I can forgive you.

    And I get that you're itchy to play the game for yourself, I have the same problem. XD
  • The problem I think people are having was he said that the mod would be playable by the end of the weekend. When it wasn't people looked at his Twitter for updates on the situation only to find him talking about something else, without mentioning that the mod would infact not be available yet. I admit I was a little annoyed that it wasn't released when he said it would be but i understand that updating such a large project takes time and that we need to be patient. Honestly, I hope in the future he doesn't announce when he is releasing content unless he is 100% certain that it is done. Also, thinking Rob doesn't deserve days off is really mean :c .
  • Ive been waiting 2 Seasons for an official mod to come out. I can wait a little longer lol. Gives me more time to work on my expansion pack and other stuff.
  • I'm on vacation so this doesn't affect me yay

    I don't have TTS but I really want it just for the hundred games I can play on it, I mean people have to be seeing all the other stuff on there right? I'll figure it out after my vacation I guess.
  • @brownhair798 Thanks for this dude. It really ruined my day seeing that. I was already disappointed with myself that I couldn't get it out before the first weekend of the show and so it being monday I decided now would be a good time to take some time and regroup. It's frustrating because everyone always tells me I work too much, but I always feel indebted to keep working more and more and feel lazy anytime I take time to relax while still knowing how valuable that time off is at inspiring to push more and more. While working on the cards this weekend, I was half assing my rewrites by Sunday and was at a point where I just wanted them done rather then caring what I was writing so I thought it was a good idea to take some time off. We all have stresses that when pushed can set us off and unfortunately out of your frustration you pushed on mine so I'm sorry for calling you and your mates out in public about it.

    It's so hard to tell how long I still need because I'm constantly doing things for the very first time and so get to points where I feel like I'm done and all I have to do is submit it and put links on the website and then realize their is all this other stuff I still haven't done which I should do before releasing it. Sorry guys, I'm nearly there.
  • Lets be real, are people who harass Rawbus Magnus real people?
  • Considering how small of a team this is and how large of a game URealms has become, the fact that the mod coming out at all is amazing to me. I share the opinion of some others I've seen here in that the longer it takes the mod to be released, the better it'll be overall.

    Having never worked on a project of this caliber, I can't imagine how difficult/stressful it might be, and Rob absolutely deserves a break from all the hard work everyone's been doing.

    Big projects get delayed all the time. Don't take it out on the creators; they usually have no control over it.
  • @Rob You... Have made a gem, Rob. You work hard... And we appreciate it. Nobody here wants to cause you grief... If you're stressed - Do what you need to do. I can't speak for the others you called out but I am deeply sorry.
  • Oh damn, brown got a chance to apologize and rob read it and thanked him for it. This is why I love these forums so much!
  •  :( I LOVE YOU GUYS! 
  • i love you guys too ;-;
  • @brownhair798 Kudos to you, good sir, for taking the time to apologize and explain your mindset. It takes a lot to come clean about that stuff.
  • I miss a lot when I don't pay attention for 3 days...
  • @Rob @brownhair798 This is the kind of thing that makes me love this community. Even if we as people get excited and get pushy, or people make mistakes, or Rob takes a little time off (which he definitely deserves), we can all appreciate each other and be humane and mature. You guys are the prime example of this. Kudos to you and all who support you.
  • @Myrridias I don't think they are. Think about it. Harass Rob? No real person could do that.
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    @knguy Have you posted in the TTS giveaway thread?  If so good luck!  If not, you should do it so you can  have a chance to join games :smileneena: 
  • This is why i only lurk when it comes to these kind of things
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