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NeoReaperXIII's Collection

Hello! Here are a collection of all my past URealms fanart. If I make anymore, I will update this thread.
Vitali Zankovich!
Nathaniel Granger and his wife, Cecilia! Nothing happened...
Dob the bard!
Warren and Terrance (non canon now  :(  )
Jormr and his Blood Cobra!


  • Yoo this art is freakin awesome, I especially like your drawing of Nathaniel Granger and Cecilia and the coloring on Vitali
  • Nice stuff!
  • I appreciate it, thanks guys!
  • oh damn dude this art looks pretty awesome! looking forward to see more!

  • This is a character I played this past weekend, Nat!  His cornerstone and attributes were wildling (I got pot puppy abilities) and loveable which led me to play him as a mostly mute "purse" dog who was raised by pot puppies on a quest to spread and grow his pack (I pot puppy seeds as well). During the whole campaign he was carried around by another player in between her kobold bosom, only coming out to viciously attack his enemies or cuddle up against strangers. The armor he is wearing is a hand forged elaphelkbonemail which he took down single handedly during his time in the wild as a feral boy. Let me know what you think!
  • Beautiful as always Neo. This boi is much more vicious looking than I imagined but amazing nonetheless! Of course we all love him because he's so loveable.
  • @Ninja_Goose ; :) Thanks Goose, I had a lot of fun in that campaign
  • This stuff looks great! :smileneena: I wonder how I never saw this thread before!
  • @Javo thanks! And don't sweat it lol its an oooooold thread that I only just now updated

  • I also made a version of him on fire because he's obviously a pot puppy and therefor must have the ability to become a hell hound.  >_<

  • This is a character that I played this passed weekend with a dank group of guys, Enzo Simmer! (shoutout to my GM @Killa_Phantom ) He's a greedy Dvergr bodybuilder sorcerer equiped with a single magefist , thickfurrainments , a dwarvenruneblade , one noblebornknife, and his pearlofhindsight now turned legendary item "Pearl Ring of Foresight" (Names not canon... yet... pls Killa) His life long vendetta has taken him down a dark and bloody path and currently has him climbing the ranks of The Hand and Dagger (an infamous thieves guild in our GM's world).

    I just now realized how many of my characters have angry expressions on their faces... haha

  • This was my character from this weekends campaign, Gin-Raza Stormrose! Gin is a calm and easy going guy who's goal in life is to help those lost in darkness find their way back into the light. He is essentially a lumberjack paladin with a blue Raskum named Noira as a companion/guardian. She was his guardian and mentor for a large part of his life but towards the end of the campaign he was forced to say goodbye. Noira passed away during a battle with goblins but was also reborn (??? I think thats what happened at least) into a younger stronger form, this time preferring to be called Izzy. 

    See, I can make not-mad faces too.
  • @NeoReaperXIII Freaking fantastic like always m8!
  • not bad not bad at all, i like it.  :)
  • That character looks so cool!
  • Absolutely fantastic. I especially love the rose-esque shoulder guards and the enchanted halberd.
  • I am still amazed by what you are able to do Neo and that is even with me seeing some of these drawings when they are still in the process of being made. I'm glad you've been able to come up with some cool designs through my campaigns. Keeps me raring to go to make more stories. 
  • Can confirm, as I am a fellow player in Killa's games, that Neo is a pretty swell guy. <3
  • Can also confirm, i'm also a player in Killa's game and Neo is a great guy <3
  • Can also confirm, i'm also a player in Killa's game and Neo is a great guy 3
  • :smile: lmao you guys
  • wait.


    With a mouse?

    i cant even draw shit with pen and pencil 
  • Damn I went and started a conspiracy

  • This is Sarara_Glintwood , a sweet lil peasant gnome with an Elven Surname. She is tall for a gnome; generally a solid 3-4 inches taller than most gnomes, has short blonde hair, and vibrant emerald-green eyes. She was forced to take on the role as primary caretaker for her household at the age of 6 when her mother suddenly became too sickly to get out of bed and, as a result, never learned to read or write. years later, she would discover that her father is an Elven nobleman from the wealthy Glintwood Family and that she had a long lost twin brother with a claim to the families fortune. Unbeknownst to Sarara, both her and her brother were born with strange magical auras but at the time of their birth, her brother's aura was so powerful that it drowned hers out. Their father somehow found out and took her brother away to nurture his mysterious gift; somehow passing him off as an elf. Ever since then, Sarara has tried her best to look and act like a proper lady; she curtsies, eats every meal with a knife and fork, and is charitable... to a point.

    Campaign Summary: On the anniversary of her mothers death, her hometown came under siege by Porcish raiders which forced her and her group of survivors deep into the surrounding forest where they encountered a wounded eaglebear followed by a fast lizard boy. She died in the ensuing battle.

    RIP the strongest character I ever made 

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