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Campaign Thread: Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator



  • @Murlin22 that's what I think I'll do
  • I also love how good Deadbones is getting at doing voices
  • Waaaait a second....
    So Sallazhar Sintour  will be present in the next campain, BUT LOOK:

    Does this mean that Sallazhar ascended and broke the 4th wall and is able to interact with out world O.o 

    Sorry i didn`t know how to put the image in a "spoiler" button so it doesn`t take up so much space 
  • @Murzder that is the current theory that is floating around
  • @XtraSonic every blood tears was posted by sallazher, he says it’s painting he uses to contact us, not ascension.
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    @Jakodio I was making a joke. I did mean Nisovin, the guy on the Wizard card.
  • Can't wait for Saturday, it's gonna be a good one :)

    BTW for the non american viewers, remember that this campaign is going to start one hour before the usual time because of Daylight Saving <.<
  • @walter The Blood of the Old Gods 'donation' is always there. It's the new system of overflowing donations. Any money that gets put into a donation over what it needs is converted into 'Blood Tears', and these are used in a special campaign at the end of the season where we get to create a Divine Being within the show. I think Rob talks about this a bit more in depth at the start of the Azveltara Z Behind the Scenes if you want to know a bit more, but we're still mostly in the dark about what it actually is.
  • Private Investigator? More like Privates Investigator
  • This campaign trailer has made my day
  • Best teaser yet Rob! Also love the theme of this week's campaign. :smile: 
  • this is my kind of fun  ;)
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    I see that Quintara Lotus is well acquitted with Galen's mighty blade.  :3
  • So rewatching the preview, where is Quintara Lotus's second set of arms?
  • She's a shapeshifter, so she can "put them away" whenever she wants.
  • That video made me dream about magical dragon ladies last night. Thanks for that rob.
  • I am so happy. Since season one I wanted a detective campaign and now we are getting it!
    I am already in love with this. 

  • @kreeperkiller63 Not a mistake, she can change her form :3
  • @Talespinner I don't know why she would, I'd imagine those extra set of arms are very useful in bed
  • This will be a nice treat after flying from London to Alaska, assuming I can stay awake.
  • @Murzder Believe me, there's a point in time when too many arms in too little space becomes cumbersome. Besides, an extra set of arms is child's play when you have the entire toolkit of Arcane magic at your disposal.
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    Crime scene do not cross
  • that transition oh my GOD
  • I do like Rob's incorporation of Sallazhar Sintour from his LP into Urealms like Bopen and Bruce Willakers. I hope he does the same for other forgotten creations of his.
    Can we all hope for his and Roamin's Saints Row 2&3 characters to show up as criminals at some point? 
  • @Weslid
    Wait. Im pretty sure it starts an hour later than usual... As a non American, i am not so sure
  • @Phendrix It's an hour earlier
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    YO guys, I think we all know which however many days from retirement Porc, our favorite snake in his boot deputy, the good ol Sharpswordsman and rockin Justice Love and Truth lovin keen, are all going to be attendants of this fine mystery 
  • Well. I kinda want a poster of Private Eye Galen.
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