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Predictions for the new Campaign: Galen Sunsword: Private investigator (The Mana Arc on YouTube)



  • By the way, anyone knows why the video and the campaign thread are called differently?
  • @ErrolVoid ;
    maby due to it was more focus of the Mana Arc then the campaign itself like how the SoD campaign trailer was call Darkvision 
  • @Murlin22 I think Trandon Barringster. He, logically, makes the most sense. He loves pot puppies, as seen by his art, he is insane, so that give him motive for both the stabbing and ‘doggo insurance’ and he is a Barringster, so maybe that could also be a motive
  • @ronankelly72 ;
    true but as far as we know he's still inside the TOUW, depending on the timeline and if it is Trandon it can almost certainly not be before the tower as he's not in prison or dead in the TOUW which is most likely what will happen to him if he attacks Galen 
  • @Seralyna
    I just read through this whole thread and as for who was Lyn’s spy I’m guessing it’s Bob, since he showed up in AZ, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Lyn would go for it to get another unknowing spy.
  • It will definitely have the “LAW” from the murder bros who went to solve crime with Galen.
  • @Murlin22 The great pupper doggo just seems appropriate if it has to do with a dog theme
  • You know,  Lyn might not be wrong about bopen not being a god. 
    All we heard from Gwyneth was that Virgo wad killed by a god but we don't know what she was referring to. Could have been us if she had a sin.

    Then there's the ageless rat queen curse that chooses a new owner. Bopen's curse could be similar in that it takes a new vessel instead.
  • In most Film Noire-based media I've seen, the relationship between the detective and his dame usually ends on a bittersweet note.

    A reminder for you all.
  • @ThePhatSass Bopen is Sir Spanky Themuncay
  • @Talespinner
    But he has 3< kisses. I doubt that a double 20 can kill him.
  • Remember everyone just because a Character said it doesn't mean it's fact.
  • @ErrolVoid But what if the person who gave those kisses betrays him?
  • @Talespinner
    I mean Rob did say in the BTS for the last campaign that if Deadbones's character was not "Good" that she would kill him herself.
  • edited March 2018
    @ErrolVoid Yes, but that's not quite what I mean. The point is whether or not Quintara Lotus, the dragon aspect of chaos, who also hosts a tower that's an absolute death trap for generations of people, is a reliable person with a kind heart that will never betray or break the heart of a relatively insignificant mortal should they no longer suit her fancy.
  • Really? Right after what Rob said about Quintara Lotus' character you think you can predict what she will do with those kisses? :/
  • @Talespinner I agree with @Maris, the way Rob put it she is a "Wild Card" that you cannot expect to do anything since she is the dragon aspect of arcane. 
  • there is GOING to be a sound effect when someone finds a clue
  • I'm willing to bet that this campaign doesn't end as a murder mystery with a smooth arrest and devolves into a 1 hour boss fight 
  • wonder what the divine decision will be?
  • Do they find the killer? Or maybe who is the killer? @Revoltman
  • maybe if they didn't find the killer..... who would be the next victim?
  • @Revoltman
    Nah the divine decision is definitely what toppings we want on our blood tear pizza.
    (Yep, it’s a meme now, game over Revolt.)
  • Well if you can’t beatem join em
  • edited March 2018
    What if @spiff ;uses her Greater Lay on Hands to revive the Pot dog, if it dies

  • That’s what we’re hopeing for
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