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Favorite player character in the Grand Paladin Order

My favorite character this week was Coe's character fetch the water, and how he just walked into the Grand Paldin Order. I liked how fetch the water hide during some of the combat, also Coe is my favorite of the guys. And also Coe's fidget spinner of course.
What was your favorite player character this week?


  • Despite what Rawb said in the behind the scenes, I really enjoyed Deadbones's character. Even though the main guy himself wasn't the best, it's the fact that he went through the effort of making three completely separate personalities for his daughters and then the fact that the main guy really wasn't meant to be there... I dunno I just really liked his characters.
  • Coe's Character, Fetchthewater, hands down, no competition. Fjord was good, but just a standard "I'm the Tough, Leader-ish type that wants a promotion and hates group X" Character. Walster was good, and he had a decent gimmick, but I don't feel like he, or his daughters, had much of a chance to really shine. Tania was alright, but she didn't get much opportunity to shine either, other then her becoming the Boss of the final Encounter.

    Fetchthewater had several shining moments, and he really stood out to me; from his antler horned head, to his unexplained Mimic Companion, to several of his actions through out the encounter, to getting both the Legendary Goblet of Mysteries and the Dwarven Fidget Spinner.
  • Probably Deadbones for me. I liked his old, retired paladin who was caught back in the action again. I also liked Justin's character being one of his few more serious characters. Fetchthewater also had a couple of great highlight moments in there as well. 
  • They were all good this week but the two who have a good chance at showing up again in the future is Deadbones and Justin's characters. 
  • ... Am I the only one who thought Tania (Roamin's character) was amazing? It may just be that I'm anti-racist (thats a word? Right? I mean's I value them above other races but do not disparagingly view other races, that works as a word, right?) towards Kobalds, but I honestly think she did have the most storyline packed into the campaign, whereas everyone else pretty much had this campaign be a starting point for a character arc.
  • For me I loved FetchTheWater, but Deadbones' character as a veteran who truly fitted the theme of the Grand Paladin Order took the cake.
    The way his character interacted with the NPCs and his children, paired with his heart condition making him a ticking time bomb, was the highlight of the campiagn for me
  • I would have to go with Fetchthewater. Coe did a great job with him throughout the entire campaign. Strong showing from Tania, especially towards the middle of the campaign. 
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