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Urealms Live Updatable Episodes Schedule

as most of us know Urealms Live have a loose schedule that can change fast and as such it can be easy to miss if the Schedule change, so i made this forum dedicated to update the Schedule and inform when the next episode is coming up and if it get moved to a other date, not everyone have twitter and i thought it would be good to inform dose here on the official home site about this kind of stuff. everyone is encouraged to write here if they know when the next episode will come out and if Rob moves the date.

and remember it might not be clear when the next episode comes out until a week or so in beforehand, so don't expect a month in advance for the next episode date. 


  • Due to no hype video this Monday, I expect the next campaign to be on the 30th. If I'm wrong, then it's either this week, or another campaign is going to be axed this season. 
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    Next URealms Campaign "The Purge" is gonna happen September 30th starting at 1pm EST. Rob just tweeted this. 
  • also it has not yet been confirmed if it will be two episodes in a row, it is most likely not the case as Rob has not mansion a second episode yet. Rob did after all specify that it was only a thought that they may have two episodes after one another.
  • id suspect a 3 week gap betwen campains so after the purge its probably gonna be the 21st maybe before but thats just an estimte
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    A new Soft date (as in could change) Have been set by Rob.                  
    Soft date right now for the next urealms campaign is Nov 11th with Spiff, Nisovin, Coe, Deadbones.
  • @LexderMob should be noted this is a soft tentative date and could be changed if needed
  • @Emperor Man, that's still 2 weeks away. I hope Rob and the guys don't go crazy through out November and December, trying to pump out Episode after Episode every week.

    But I'm looking forward to the 11th! :3
  • It is the soft date, it could come a week earlier, it could come 2 weeks later.
  • A tweet from Rob That he just send, {The next URealms Campaign will be Jan 27th. We are doing a campaign about Kobolds next and the divine decision will let you guys pick which new race we introduce for s4. Should be a fun show!}
  • @LexderMob Woo! 3 Weeks away! :D

    And I wonder what the two race choices will be?
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    @friskyBrisky ; that's the big question, cant wait fore the 27 now! it's gonna be interesting to learn about the Sandbolds and the new race. 
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    Next URealms Live show is Saturday the 24th. Another animated preview for it comes out this Monday.        
    From Rob on twitter
  • Im excited because my birthday is the day before
  • Ah yeeeee.
  • @LexderMob
    Haha sucker if you spent time on the NSFW fanfic thread you would have seen that he already told us........ a little bit after the chilly wizzy x Denada dick cage porn
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    @Kingedyou ; except he said; this thread should be hyped for next monday.
    i try only to write down dates on this forum, as when he have no dates it's more likely to be shot forward or cancelled.
  • @LexderMob
    I know, I was just kidding
  • Excited now! Next week is going to be awesome! :D
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    This was bosted by Rob on twitter just a momen ago 

    Hey guys sorry I'v been quiet all this month but I been dealing with some health issues and everything really just sucks right now! I don't know when I'll be 100% again, but I'm looking forward to the next urealms campaign called "The Last Beenu".
    so we Have a titel now But still No time! most likely we will have a gap until Rob feels better. so wish him the best of luck so he get better soon.
  • @LexderMob
    Ghostblade hype! 
  • I hope this goes up to the present and Ghostblade joins the order of chaos after having her physical and mental injuries cured by Maelstrom. Honestly anything with more Maelstrom, I want to see the effects of my decision.
  • Something interesting is “the last beenu” isn’t on Nader’s bookshelf.
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    @kreeperkiller63 mayhaps a further indicator that it's a very 'present' campaign as far as lore goes?
    Nah, I forgot how many future campaigns there are, so time doesn't really matter : p
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    @PoppyrusRose another thing is that Nader might follow the urealms time line. at least in the knowledge he has, think of it as if he watches urealms, so he has the knowledge we have and more. we have see this in maelstrom in the skeleton king, and the sandbold. so it doesn't matter where nader exists in the time line(if he does at all) he knows of future events through us.
  • Plot twist it's not talking about Ghostblade.
  • maybe the entire campaign ends up being a parody of "the Last Unicorn"
  • @Maris it might not be ghostblade, their are supposedly still living beenu on the moon. And one of Nader’s book it called moonwellpass.
  • I think thats just a reference to the original cartoon @kreeperkiller63
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