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I'll be doing more live streams and let's plays this year.



  • This sounds like my kind of fun ;)
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    Thats Wonderful!  ;)
  • After reading this? :smilebold:
  • Man, it's your life, your experience, I enjoy just about anything you've done (still not sure which Overlord has the Ultralisk...if you even remember that video.). You're the first guy I've given money to as well. The ridiculous shit you've done has entertained me more than any movie, tv series, etc. 

    In short, we don't know what we want. You've provided the entertainment for some of us for years, and like you've said before, you have one of the most loyal fanbases. We trust you, so keep being great.
  • @Rob Im really excited Rob !!
  • That's awesome! I missed the old rob streams they are a ton of fun, take all the breaks you want you deserve them.
  • This is my kind of fun
  • Your streams are always a good laugh, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss them. Don't stretch yourself out too thin though man keep doing what you love.
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    Sounds wonderful! Will you keep the vods somewhere?
  • Woot woot woot!
  • This is my post to get the gold bonus for posting on a gilded thread.

    also I really like this idea! Rawb if you want to do anything know you have our utmost support!
  • Like many of your fans I definitely enjoy watching your gaming videos Rob, but if it comes to it, dont force yourself. Im against creators doing anything just because they think they have to. Focus on the aspects you enjoy, and do it because of them!
  • :) Sounds great!
  • can't wait sounds fun  >_<
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    @Rob I support any decision you make here. I think we all have experience with being burned out of something, and if it keeps you sane, then go right ahead. I doubt anyone will complain about getting new content from you in any format. I had massive amounts of fun with pkmnRob, DVZ, and it has been one journey after another. We wouldn't still be here with you if we did't enjoy your content, and we back whatever decision you make. I know I'm excited! Thank you for giving us some of the most entertaining content in the world. 
  • @KaeawynShifter i thought you only got gold from reading one?
  • I'm really excited about this. Not only will it be fun to watch, it may give Rob some ideas for campaigns in the future
  • Sounds like my kind of fun!@AStar_ @Rob
  • @KaeawynShifter
    You don't need to comment to get the gold. You just need to visit one. I believe
  • I have never been disappointed in your content, what ever it has been. That being said this is super good news! As a Patreon supporter, I can't wait this :)  
    Though I already know i'm going to vote Divinity or something like that :p
  • Awwwww yeah!
  • Hell yeah
  • I’m finally at a position in life where I can donate to your content after years of watching from the sides, ergo I say yay to the future!
  • "Hell yeah, now we got business" said the urealms community, getting down to business watching more Rawb.
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    Rob + literally any game out there = some of my favorite content on youtube and/or twitch (second to uRealms of course). If we could do these LPs and livestreams more often it would make me happier than Phineas casting Blanket of Death
  • you should finish super mario rpg kappa
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