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What Do You Call The Yellow Part of a Banana?



  • @PoppyrusRose ;
    the gross bitter stringy parts that get stuck in your teeth? :wtfporc: 
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    @Ozoner I dunno what starchy bananns you've been eating :ew:, but the string on mine doesn't get stuck; its just another edible part of the banana :peace: 
    im love that rufio emote, btw
  • I think of it as a complex noun. When the yellow part is on its own, it is a 'peel' in my head, since it has been peeled off of the banana. However, when being referred to in the context of the entire fruit, calling it a 'skin' makes sense, though I still tend to default to 'peel' due to being raised in America.

    Never heard 'shell' though, and I agree with what a lot of people have said already: to me, 'shell' implies that the casing is hard, or at the very least rigid.
  • Its 1 in the morning but here goes. The fruit is a banana and it has a thick peel, but nobody ever calls it a peel until its been peeled. So you peel a banana and discard the peel. Peeling a peel is like saying ill be brb or in irl. 
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  • Why don't you just call it the banana?
  • @Razgrey ;
    I peeled the banana off the banana doesn't sound quite right.
  • I didn't expect such a small amount of people to call it the shell.........
  • @Kingedyou Well, it's not hard, so it's not really a shell.
  • If it's on the banana, it's a skin. If it's off a banana, it's a peel. Simple  :)
  • @Ninja_Goose
    When is it the shell?
  • When the turtle uses it as a nice hat @Kingedyou
  • It's never the shell.
  • I'm pretty sure it's scientifically called the banana "fleece", and should be called that by everyone from now on. It was proven and stated by scientists, so it can't be wrong. >:)
  • In Norwegian, I call it "Skall", which directly translates to Shell, but that's only really because we don't have a word for peel. And trust me when I say that calling it skin is a lot weirder in Norwegian than in English, because "hud" and "skinn" are both so closely accosiated with human (or animal) skin and leather retrospectively. In English, I'd just call it a peel.
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  • Well then.
    Does that mean tha bananas have had the Golden Fleece all along?!
  • I will from now on only refer to this sepcific part of a banana, as the fleece. 
  • It's a skin, and you peel it. Calling it a peel is also fine.
    I think people got in the habit of calling it a peel in referencing the discarded skin, so it just started being generally referred to as a peel.
  • @Sangui
    If it's skin you have to remove it like one would skin.
    And I don't look forward to flaying a banana.
  • @KaeawynShifter wow, I guess I know where you stand >:)
    Only weakings don't look forward to using their war scythe on an unsuspecting nann lmao
  • @PoppyrusRose
    I've got a scythe ready.
    I just would rather use it to flay things that aren't bananas.
    like humans
  • @PoppyrusRose
    Hey Poppy wanna go out? you can take the shell off my banana
  • @Kingedyou lol, nice
    Legit, tho, having a harem kinda got old 
    It's not me, it's all 7 of you LUL
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