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Anyone Else Trying to Read Unforgotten(Urealms Elvish)

Ever sense Nader's Unforgotten Tales episode 1 came out, I've been trying to learn how to read the Elvish(Unforgotten) text on the pages. Right now I have the letters down, and can read through the text one letter at a time.
Is anyone else learning, Or dose anyone else know how to read it?


  • There's a translation in the Nader's Unforgotten Tales thrread.
  • this thread was meant more for the learning of reading elvish as a whole, and focused more on specifically reading elvish fluently vs, what the pages say. i made a thread rather of a comment in that thread to get a little more attention, in the hopes for a conversation specifically about learn elvish.  @Jakodio ;
  • Oh, okay. the Elvish is just a font BTW. 
  • @Jakodio I know it’s just a font,
    I still want to be able to read it as quick as English, I’ve been working on that. 

    I think it would be cool to use that font on the forums.
  • Well it would be hard to use it on the forums, but if you want tips I remember @Snarky is fluent in Unforgotten (because elvish is already used a lot with actual languages, and Urealms elvish is too clunky of a term, we’ve decided to call it Unforgotten.)
  • Last year I took notes for my classes in Unforgotten for about 3 days (with a cheat sheet if I needed it), after that it came easily. After a few months, I needed a simple runthrough of the letters before I was reading it almost as quickly as before. Practice makes perfect! If you don't want to take notes, just write journal entries or random nonsense for a few days.
  • @Ahtibat1 I have been writing random nonsense the last few days, I haven’t had to write note since I started learning, but it will when I do.  :)
  • I remember seeing in a thread that @Snarky was starting to be able to read it. It's really cool to see people who want to learn to read Elvish.
  • Yep! I'm 100% fluentl @Meganzoor
  • I've been fluent since May. My best advice is to make flashcards with the letters, memorize them, and then write in Elvish constantly. Take notes, copy songs, etc. With writing comes reading. I can write in Elvish just as easily as English  and I can read at about... 1/2 the speed? 
  • I can write and read at about the pace I would read out loud to a child who's around 4-5 years old. A few fumbles every now and then, but I don't expect to train myself to read any faster.
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