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What are you guys working on?

Just like the title states I'm curious of the classes and expansion packs you're all working on. I'm a GM myself who in the midst of working on stuff and just want to see what everyone else is up to in regards of the Card Creator and Campaign Writing.


  • Well I just finished making a page for the Mechanic class I had a burst of inspiration for here:
    I plan on making more classes as well. I'm currently playing around with a potential Performer/Dancer class. Not quite sure about the logistics of it yet like whether or not it is magical or not. I do want to at least have an ability inspired by Fire Emblem which if you don't know what I mean it would be an ability where you sacrifice your action to restore a player's move and action allowing them to potentially pull off a bigger combo or do more damage than you could. It depends if I can get more ideas for it whether or not I go through with the class idea.
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    I'll more or less be leeching off of the available assets and will be DMing a URealms show set in an alternate universe (so we don't impede on anything, can be flexible with established lore and will not mention any canon characters I think?) streaming them on Twitch and uploading to YouTube. I'm currently figuring out campaigns for the already created maps.
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    Not a campaign, but still URealms related:

    I really like the Puppet Pals software and think it could really help out DMs as well as really anyone making videos or games with dialogue. So I've been working on an open source version. I know of the existence of Marionette Mates, but I found that program to be sluggish, annoying to add puppets in, and had a lot of other things that could be improved upon.

    My version is being based off Rob's screenshot of the puppet pals program they're using for season 2; including stuff like an integrated puppet creator/editor. I'm actually really really excited to share it with the community once its done.

    Once I'm done with that I'm thinking of making a URealms DM Companion tool, which will basically be like Saxten's player tracker but with stuff like integrated player sheets.
  • @Cloud I am very excited to hear someone else is doing this!
    I've been waiting for Season 3 so I could finally start pushing to start what I've been working on. I wish you many amounts of luck on your quest! And if you need it, I would offer my services to help with campaigns! Even if you just want to bounce ideas off of someone.
  • I'm mostly thinking of new and different cards though I plan to do some 3D fan art of weapons and other cosmetic items.
  • Tiles for a custom welcome back campaign, bit stumped right now so any inputs would be appreciated. One of them will definitely be a dwarfnado (in relation to an old campaign's loose end). 
  • I've been making some mock campaigns and encounters, nothing concrete yet but I would like to plan out a few consecutive loosely related campaigns whenever I figure out my full group of players 
  • @thepaperpilot What're you programming in? I made the program that became Marionette Mates in Java because that was all I knew at the time, and really like the idea of someone competent making a version of it in a more appropriate language.
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    Well I had recently played with a javascript library called pixi.js that had flash-esque method of having images composed of other images, and allowing you to animate parts as well as the whole really easily, so I went with that. It made it trivial to change emotes, bobble heads while talking (deadbonesStyle), and move actors around the stage. I'm using electron as the wrapper for cross platform support, but theoretically I could also make the whole thing into a webapp pretty easily (it would lose some features like being able to pop the stage out, and global shortcuts to change emotes, babble, etc.). I can tell you more about it in PMs if you want.

     It's not ready to be released yet, but it looks like this:

    And I must say, I do really appreciate all the work that went into Marionette Mates- especially for getting all those assets.
  • @thepaperpilot The assets came later, I didn't have much to do with those.

    This looks great, I'm excited to see how the community uses it.
  • I have been working on a S3 expansion since January, I'm at 150+ cards so far, maybe 200, i haven't counted them accurately.
  • You know I really want people to be able to use the program, so even though it still has one major feature left to implement, I made a thread about the program including a download link here
  • Writing a short campaign about what happened to Gunter in the Silvermine mountains, just some fan theory about how she could have also escaped. Drawing and learning how to draw the map up is slow though.
  • Right now I am working on a cyborg class. How the class is played would depend on what part of your body has a cybernetic upgrade. The rest of the abilities would go to support what ever kind of play style you chose.
  • I'm excited to try GM'ing a game to get my friends into the game/show. I've got an idea for a campaign that I think might be pretty fun. Just have to figure out a way for my friends to play since not all of them have TTS. Thinking about doing a hybrid of TTS and an actual tabletop. Still gotta work out how that is going to work.
  • I've been reading every card I can think to read so that I can understand the system a little better, and then making cards (working on a few companions right now) and gearing up to start a game when the TTS mod comes out.
  • The lack of Playable Goblins in Season 3 is a pity to me. So, I've been working on a minor Goblin expansion, called "The Gobo's of Pat". It'll contain 3 Races (Goblin, Hobgoblin and Gobolf), a new Class (Soothsayer), some Goblin Weapons, Armors and Treasures, and maybe an Attribute or Two. I should have that out by the time the actual Mod comes out.

    I'm also working on a Campaign (for the Forums), but that'll be out by this weekend, so I won't say anything about it.
  • Currently looking to rework classes I have made in the past in the current format of Season 3, Eventually I will want to create an expansion of sorts with a whole bunch of neat story and lore later down the road, however I'd rather wait until we see how Season 3 plays out and if Rawb is going to do more overhauls for seasons to come.
  • Im a part of a group who dose DnD with homebrew to the setting of an up and comming game called Thems Fighting Herds, Im planing on hosting some URealms for the group so I got alot of Cards I have to rework to fit the settings, for when we play this summer. I plan to start working once I get out of school for the summer.
  • Its really neat to hear about everyones ideas for expansions and that they are working on some. Also Im glad to see people are interested in GMing for friends, it really warms my heart, if you need anyone to bounce ideas off of or give you some pointers just let me know ~_~
  • Large expansion pack. I have 30 total races including the current ones redone. Plan on posting template campaigns along with it and legendaries. Also have a ton of classes planned that I've yet to show like Tinker, Merchant, Jester, etc.
  • Currently working on a custom campaign for the base cards. Here's a preview of some of the notes.
  • Darn it, everyone here is doing something URealms related... I'm writing a book... it has nothing to do with URealms(but does contain some references/Easter eggs that I'm sure you guys'll like)

    Edit: the book is actually a full series of twenty-six books now...
  • Well, the whole "Gobo-focused Expansion" thing kind of fell apart for me, but that's okay! I'm now focused more on UForums right now. Gonna launch the next Campaign this weekend! :)
  • @KaeawynShifter What kind of books are you doing? And Holy garbage twenty-six books already?
  • @Trakin well it's still just a series on my head right now, I'm currently working on book 2, I need to make book 1 longer, I already wrote book 4, and I just finished running the campaign that will become book 6. Keep in mind these are more of novellas, so they are each only about fifty pages long.
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    Arts for dayz
    And also being a college student that too

    Seriously though, my players mostly just want character portraits so that's what I'm working on.
  • @KaeawynShifter That sounds awesome!

    @emcuttsy never enough Artz! You GMing and making your players character portraits? (that's what I got from that)
  • @Trakin Yeah I have some buddies back home who are continuing a game I had to leave (college made us part ways, but they're all still together) which I GM'd before, so I'm making them character portraits from afar. Looking to start GMing urealms games when the mod comes out.
  • @emcuttsy That's awesome! I'm jealous of this! No one I know in person has the slightest idea of what Urealms is. Besides me exposing it to them which kinda stunk because of the many ways I've had to it. Never got the chance to just do it through TTS
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