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What Do You Call The Yellow Part of a Banana?

My whole life I've been calling it the shell but recently I heard someone call it a skin which seemed odd but made sense then someone called it a peel and that seemed really wrong to me you peel the peel? so my question is what do you all call it? Shell Skin Peel or something else entirely


  • What if you called it the coat? You peel back the yellow coat.
  • Banana peel in america but its called a skin in British English. I've only ever called it a shell ironically.
  • Where are you from if you called it a shell?
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    Pennsylvania but originally Cairo Egypt if that makes a difference
  • Gotcha i've always called it a peel but now that you mention it peeling the peel does sound kinda weird @Kingedyou
  • I call it a peel. While peeling a peel sounds ridiculous, no one in their right mind ever says that. You peel the banana, you don't peel the peel.
  • @Nyrrix
    But what exactly are you peeling from the banana? It's the shell or as you may call it the peel
  • To me, it makes sense that it would be called either the peel or the skin.

    Calling it a shell, at least in my mind, makes it sound hard- something bananas clearly are not.
    For example, you say Turtle Shell, Coconut Shell, Pecan Shell, etc.

    I wouldn't say calling it a Banana Shell WRONG, just... not as precise as you could be. :)
  • @Kingedyou
    Well, here's the thing, when you peel something, whatever you peel off is the peel, so while the yellow part is on the banana, it is still the banana, but once you peel it, it's the peel.
  • @KaeawynShifter
    Ok yeah but like it's still obviously a seperate part of the banana with it's own name similar to how an apple has the apple itself and the apple skin a banana has the banana itself and the banana shell 
  • What do you call the outside of citrus fruit?
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    I mean you peel lots of things, you could peel pistachios or peanuts which are definitely shelled, or an orange or potato which are definitely peels. The only thing i can think of peeling for skin is human skin from like a sunburn :\
  • I didn't expect philosophy when clicking 'what do you call the yellow part of a banana'
  • @Ozoner Well, but when you remove the outer part of a pistachio or peanut, nobody says you just peeled it. They say that it's shelled. Because you removed the shell.
  • @Ozoner If you don't mind me asking, where are you from? I have never heard someone say that potatoes have peels.

    I live in New Mexico, and around here, everyone says potato skins. Like, EVERYONE. Also never heard of peeling nuts.

    I didn't expect to come here and see so many different responses... Wow.
  • It's called the exoskeleton
  • Okay, so...
    if something has a shell, the act of removing that shell is called 'shelling' the object.
    If something has a peel, the act of removing that peel is called 'peeling' the object
    If something has a skin, the act of removing that skin is called 'flaying' 'skinning' the object.
    All of these work vice versa, too, so...
    if you skin something, whatever you removed is the skin,
    if you peel something, whatever you removed is the peel,
    if you shelled something, whatever you removed is the shell.
  • @KaeawynShifter
    So when I eat a banana must I first shell the banana?
  • Shell, Pell, Skin. lets come to a compromise.

  • @TamTroll
    .......... I'm conflicted right now I either want to call you a genius or just tell you to get out
  • @Kingedyou
    Better compromise
    call it Shaquil O'Neil.
    I must remove the Shaquil O'Neil from this banana.
    And I'm sorry I definitely spelled that wrong.
  • the skin if it's still on it, the peel if it's already been taken off
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    It's a peel
    now go home
  • When it's on the banana it's the "Skin" when it's off the banana it's still the "Skin" but at the same time it's the "Peel".
  • Guys like Kaeawyn said we should call it the Shaquil O'Neil 
  • Wait isn't the inside part yellow?
  • @Maris its like a light yellow, but yeah
    To change the subject, I like to eat the stringy part of them 'nanners.  ~_~
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    @TamTroll I dont know if that was on purpose but wasnt that the name of a gobolf in either Kobold Headhunters or Silvermine?

    Edit: close enough
  • @Ninjathis ;
    I'm from Virginia, but my family is more south east based. I think it's potato skins when you cook the whole potato and scoop stuff out of it, but when it's raw and you use like a carrot peeler to remove it I consider it peel most of the time, simply because i peel it.
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