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URealms as Kids (fanart and discussion)

I've kinda gotten addicted to drawing the smolswords (sunsword siblings as kids) and I would love to see how you guys see them and other various characters in their childhoods!   

My bias is going to have to be the smolswords, so heres one of my sketches 

I am not expecting anyone to do this, but if you do it would make my day and then some :heart: 

(First time making a discussion... Feel free to suggest a better title.)


  • I don't know if this is just my computer but ur fan art isn't showing up D:
  • Aww, this is precious. Now I'd love to see more drawings of younger versions of Urealms characters
  • Guess Who!

    I would've colored her in but for some reason my colors have all mysteriously disappeared... 
  • @Sixelona *Gasp* Six was here?!  This was something I was not expecting omg  :heart:  I know you are probably insanely busy, but i would love to see how you picture the children of urealms if you have the spare time to doodle that is.

    @Ahtibat1 That is so adorable!   Thank you so much for contributing to this!!!  I am guessing its Morgana?  I am so sorry if I guessed wrong xD I am really new to urealms > . <
  • @TigerSpirit thanks! And yup, it's morgana!
  • @Ahtibat1  I really really like it!   Keep up the great work!
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    After @TigerSpirit asked for little sunswords on my stickynote thread, I've started working on a sketch of Galen Smolsword digitally. Will post when finished, but here's a preview!

    Also @Sixelona after discussing Galen's coat being so iconic I couldn't dream of detaching it from him, even as a kiddo, so I decided to give him a cape just to have a reason for a big fluffy collar. Apparently he's a just cold boi XD
  • man i've drawn a younger vanessa and alessa but i've gotta find them in one of my old sketchbooks
  • Hey Kiddos this piece of art was done by @emcuttsy on her post-it art page and i thought i would throw it up here because it fit. #smoulswords

    P.S. this is my Fav Urealms art pic
    P.S.S. Idea for campaign that is based off this picture will be posted soon!
  • I am addicted to Smolswords... Someone please help me...   Played around with some water colours this time.   Turned out ok, I think.   

  • @TigerSpirit that is so cute! K smolswords are taking over my life tbh 

    (I might be obsessed.)
  • @emcuttsy  I know right??!   THEY ARE!!!  I am actually drawing a Ca'Rell at the moment and she turned out amazingly well!.   

    I am thinking of making stickers out of some of my doodles.   Since I have the special paper that does that.   
  • @erock1118 I'm working on full head to toe character designs for smolswords, Galen should be done soonish. But I'm coming up on final exams :( so more in a few weeks. 
  • working on the child version of Ca-Rell.   I like the thought of her growing up kinda like a tomboy, but also beeing told/forced to wear feminine clothing like dresses etc.   I imagine her to be really sporty, active and messy.  

    I'll color later!

  • I like it! I love her hair too! 
  • @TigerSpirit You'd better color her and show it afterwards! I need to see this 
  • @Trakin I am glad you're excited!   I'll do it when I get home.   Debating copic markers or water colours.   I am also thinking of making stickers (as I mentioned before) So, we'll see :)
  • @TigerSpirit I love all these tomboy elf bb girls
  • @emcuttsy I think it fits because most of them take strong leadership roles/become really powerful and I guess then a little more masculine in that sense, stereotypically thinking. 
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    I need a Side Quest campaign about a Day Care full of Smolswords
  • @blckspottdzebra OMG YES!  Or even just a random even that turns EVERYONE into kids again!   I really want to see smolkids arts xD
  • We need kid Nisovin now :D
  • @Trakin I'll work on that!   As soon as I finish the sassy, greedy and spoiled Yumi xD   
  • Still colouring the Ca-Rell but here is Yumi!

  • @TigerSpiritI never thought of it in the past, but gnomes are tiny. Just how tiny are kid gnomes!?
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