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Surfs Up and Surfs Up 2: Wavemania

Can someone please inform how the fuck the animated movie Surfs Up, a surfing movie with the typical "little guy has big dreams and realizes friends are more important than winning" storyline that stars animated penguins, a chicken, and a fucking otter, manages to get a sequel, and also manages to get John Cena for said sequel?


  • Sony Entertainment...

    That is all.
  • @friskyBrisky I didn't even realize that the movie even got a sequel until it came on Cartoon Network 5 minutes ago and my mind wasn't functioning for a little bit
  • Oh god, I had heard it had a sequel, but I never knew anything about the sequel. I need to watch it, just to see how bad it is. Like if it is even bad, that it would be funny to laugh at how bad it is. 
  • For one, it doesn't really give a reason why it got a sequel, but it explains the story. I believe that it was based on the legendary Eddie Aikou.

    For two, of the throw away animated movies, this is a better throw away animated movie.
  • Yea right I saw it randomly looking for new movies to watch and I was all like WTF is this with wrestlers this must be cool lets see what it's scores are.... 2/5... 3/10... Oh God its terrible.
  • @AwesomeName7 the name is literally a spoof of wrestlemania with wrestlers playing surfer penguins man, i dont think this movie deserves any justifications for existing
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    dear god after watching more of it it's literally the exact same plot, cody hasn't even learned anything. Just like in the first movie he abandons his friends to go do the thing that will make him famous, and once again the fucking girl penguin said almost the exact same line of dialogue to show what a horrible person he was being, and once again tank evans is trying to fucking murder him in a surfing competition
  • by the way the wrestlers are literally playing themselves; John Cena's penguin is JC and the undertaker is the undertaker. wow.
  • I'm not surprised, most of those movies that get a sequel just have the same exact plot being reused. 
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