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What Games Do We Play?

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Being a fan of the show I'd like to find other fans and see what you guys like to play as gamers. I personally flex a lot of playing between For Honor, R6 Siege, OW, and a bit of LoL. I also play Divinity Original Sin 2, but haven't played any multiplayer yet. I'd like to hear and see what else you guys are into.

Plus I'd be down to play with anyone for the most part and possibly make new friends.

Edit: Also, if anyone wants to add me on the just PM and I'll share it with you! Same with my steam.


  • @CaptainDeston Are you only a PC gamer? I dont have a gaming rig setup at the moment, so Im limited to console gaming. Im interested to know who's playing on console though.

    In the last month all Ive been playing is Monster Hunter World (PS4), and Binding of Issac (Switch).
    In January I was on BloodBorne, GTAV and Super Mario Odyssey though.
  • My go-to's are World of WoW, PUBG, HOTS, OW and URealms.
  • Full on CS:GO fanboy here, but also enjoy Geometry Dash at the moment. I sometimes jump back into Hearthstone as well.
    PUBG and Fortnite I only play with friends.
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    I mostly play JRPGs and similar games to them, although at the moment I'm mostly taking a break although I have been playing a bunch of the Divinity series (Original Sin 1 'n' 2, Divine Divinity, etc) and Total War: Warhammer 2. (I'm mostly a PS4/Switch gamer, to like 40% to them both and around 20% to PC gaming)
  • I mostly play on mac, I play castle crashers, minecraft, and crypt of the necrodancer. I also have a switch to play Mario Odyssey, and Zelda breath of the wild.
    Pit people is a game I really want to play, and its getting its full release today, but it don't have mac support so i'm sad :frown: 
  • I'm well immersed into the world of Skyrim for the 8th time these days. Having the ability to play it on the go really helps the nature of the game. I'm playing as a fully fledged Wizard this time, that is, I only use spells for damage, no weapons of any kind and little to no focus on sneaking. I didn't even use Bound Weapons with Conjuration.

    Other than that, I like to play Pokemon, I recently finished a Pokemon Black playthrough. The team I ended up with was Ferrothorn, Seismitoad, Eelektross, Druddigon, Sigilyph and Mienshao.
  • @VaguelyElectric I am only PC unfortunately. How has the binding of Isaac stuff gone though? I love that game.
  • @Sonderp I know that feel. The Skyrim always manages to get me back. This time I have a hard mode modded run on PC special edition. With this run I plan on running a healing heavy 1 handed fighter.
  • hmm, let's see
    - Overwatch
    - Horizon Sero Dawn
    - Sanctum 2
    - ME Catalyst
    These would be the games a mostly play. I mostly like the types of gameplay that they each provide.
  • @Fera Sweet, it's been years since I've played Sanctum 2, but I remember it ^_^
  • I've been playing Super Mario Odyssey a lot. Trying to 100% it, which I've so far done with only 2 other Mario Games (Mario 64 and Mario 3D Land).
  • For me, i'd say I mostly play 
    -Total war Warhammer 1 and 2
    -World of Warcraft
    -Duck game
    -Stick Fight: The Game
    -Dead by Daylight 
     and - Warcraft 3
  • I'm a huge Nintendo fan. Some of my more recent games I've played include:
    -Mario Odyssey
    -Breath of the Wild
    -Hyrule Warriors
    -AC:New Leaf
    My main computer is kinda broken, so I can only play computer games on my laptop. But, I still play:
    -Civ V
    And others when my CPU is fixed.
    I also play Overwatch on Xbox, which is pretty fun.

    And... That's about everything I've done recently. So yeah. Sorry for the long list.
  • -Dota 2 at a stupid 3331 hours logged
    -Fallout 4
    -Been trying to get back into minecraft. Just waiting on thaumcraft 6 to come out of beta
    -Nuclear Throne
    -Binding of Isaac
  • @ThePhatSass IT's okay I've put just about as many hours into LoL
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    I love JRPGS, RTS, and Grand Strategy and i sometimes play others but I mainly play those genres. 
    These are the ones I switch between

    Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, SC, The 3rd (replaying series)
    Medieval 2 Total War
    Warcraft 3
    Torchlight 2
    Stardew Valley
  • Been playing "Where the Water Tastes Like Wine" recently. Very niche game: I doubt that most people can stomach it, but if it's your thing it's a wonderful experience. If you're the type of person who does all the sidequests and explores every bit of the map in RPGs, you'll probably like this cozy experience.
  • Hearthstone Esports pro right here :p
  • Purely PC boy, and I play mostly singleplayer simulation things like Planet Coaster, KSP, Citie's Skylines, and Fallout 4.

    For multiplayer I'm currently playing Overwatch and some Civ 5, used to play TF2 a while back. I also just got into Dungeons & Dragons with some #CoeHorts, which is a lot of fun.
  • All i play noways are Minecraft mod packs like forever stranded and forever stranded lost souls. I play PUBG with every chance i get since i don't enjoy PUBG Solo or pugging. I still have to finish Pokemon Uranium Nuzlock  and divinity 2 with Moonmun.
  • @CaptainDeston ;
    Oh! Wasn't expecting someone to know that game. It was and still is so much fun for me. :smilebold:
    I don't actually think there was anything I disliked about Sanctum 2. It will always be a favourite of mine.
  • I play many different games, I get bored easily....
    Most recently I've been checking out the snapshots on Minecraft and I also got an emulator so I could play Parodius (Game from the Super Nintendo) because I used to play it as a kid
    However I also play the following games at random times:
    Ragnarok Online
    Space Engineers
    7 Days to Die
    Stardew Valley
    Pokemon Moon/X/Black/Soul Silver
    Elder Scrolls 5
    Fallout 4
    The Binding of Isaac
    They are Billions
    My Summer Car
    Scrap Mechanic
  • I mostly play RPGs, though computer wise I'm all over Final Fantasy XIV and Binding of Isaac, with some tinkering around in Minecraft. Have also started up WoW fairly recently and have been eyeing up Overwatch again, been a while since I tried to play it.

    Console wise, .hack//GU Last Recode, Monhun World, and Fate/Extella. (I keep meaning to start Persona 5 but I'm slacking. :u )
  • Skyrim
    and sometimes I will hop back on my old minecraft account to see how the game is so different from when I would play  it all the time.
  • TTS
    Space Engineers
    Empyrion Galactic Survival
    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
    Dragon Ball FighterZ
    These are my main games. I mainly play MP but I like some SP occasionally.
  • (Xbox one btw)
    Destiny 2 
    Skyrim SE (heavy modded)
    soon COD ww2 just for the zombie mode
    and that all I can name from the top of my head

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    @Fera :) I really liked the dynamic of tower defense and first person shooter. I should play it again sometime!
  • An embarrassing amount of Warframe
  • @GingaJ It's okay. I have too much time put into a few games too  ~_~
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