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I'll be doing more live streams and let's plays this year.

I have been fairly busy doing busy work behind the scenes to keep this show running and I also been taking some much needed downtime so I don't burn out. I had moved away from let's plays and streaming for a lot of reasons, but one of the biggest one is just that they aren't profitable in almost anyway. Outside of URealms, I don't like having donations on screen and engaging with chat that much when doing live shows as I like to keep them still enjoyable for youtube audiences too, but by not doing that LP content has become basically worthless as my streams would make nothing and my videos often don't get ads (youtube really cracks down on swearing or any violence in video games with their ads since last year). This isn't too say I don't enjoy making this content or that money is anything, it's just if I don't "need" to do it, then I usually only do it when there is something I really want to do.

But one of the biggest things I been hearing from fans this last year is how much they miss just regular streams. So soon here I am going to be revamping my Patreon once more and doing monthly streams where my Patreons can vote for what game/content they want, open to suggestions and such. I'm also going to be putting some goals so that if this is something you guys really wanna support i'll do more streams per month. Right now URealms is big time sink in my life and I love taking my time with it, but I also know that I can get almost too obsessed with it and I don't wanna neglect fans who love my videos, but aren't really big into URealms. Last year with my Patreon I did private streams to patreon fans, but I think this will overall be a better use of my time while still giving you dudes some power over what my focus is. If enough of you wanna push Pokemon let's do it. DvZ okay. If it's co-op stuff and my bud is available, i'll make it happen. For me URealms is my main drive, but I think it would be fun (AND MONETARILY BENEFICIAL) to sell out to the will of my fans.

I'm finishing up Nader's Tales which should be coming out this weekend and then I'll hopefully get some time to revamp the patreon. I'll be putting out a video on the channel essentially of this post to advertise the patreon sometime before the next campaign here.

Whata ya think?


  • I have loved basically all of the content you have created over the years, so hearing that this is happening makes me happy. The URealms shows have been fantastic this season and I appreciate that you take time to avoid burnout and make them good instead of rushing them out because of the demand for content.

    While I enjoy URealms more than streamed games, I find both highly enjoyable and feel variety can only improve your fanbase and content. Thanks for being open about what you are doing for your fans; I always appreciate that.
  • I'm sure many of us, me included, will support you in whatever direction you think is best for you :smile: 
  • Sounds like a grand plan!
  • This is sure to be fun.
  • Sounds like fun
  • Any Rob content is good content :)
  • I'm not a very big fan of urealms anymore but I very much like your other work, I look forward to this!  :D
  • This is the most straightforward and honest selling out speech I've ever read (not being negative although I can see why it seems a bit), and I totally support it since it gives you an incentive and us more of an influence on the content we actually get to see. Now, go get those 8 magenta crystals.
  • Sounds like a plan to me!
  • Padapapapa i'm loving it!
  • @Rob more of you, and what ever u will do?! *Thats wonderful* i love it!! Keep up the good work Rob!!
  • This sounds like a really cool thing, hyped!
  • Sweet. Some streams with Coe would also be a fun thing. :D
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  • Woop hype! 
  • Awesome! Can't wait
  • Sounds good Rob, :)
  • I’m so hyped! I literally have been going back to watch old YouTube videos since I’ve missed it so much! I’m like soooo happy rn!!!!
  • Sounds fun, cant wait for more cool content my fam  :)
  • as long it doesn't get in the way of the show am all for it. but if it ends up taking too much time then scrap it, could easily see overdoing things lead to you burning yourself out. and i don't want to see that.
  • Thanks rob you didn’t have to but you did so now theres more for me to watch.  ~_~
  • I would love to see more letsplays and streams, but can I just say that for me the best part of making it to one of your old streams was the ability to interact with you. Please don't ignore chat in favor of youtube viewers; while I admit I wasn't able to watch a lot of your Pokemon rob stuff live, you better believe I regretted not making it to your streams. At the time, I had never seen anyone name their mons after random fans in stream. You brought us, the viewers, into the game along side you which made things like losing a mon or being made the ace incredibly personal.

    Ps: If its not something you want to do or wont make you happy, you dont need to throw it on your plate my guy. At the end of the day, im a fan of you first and your content second.
  • Really glad to hear. I have been trying to get some of my friends into urealms for a while. They are a bunch of nerds who adore your hearthstone memes, but only ever enjoy your content at that level. Heck they don't even associate each of the videos with the same person (you).

    Having more regular content so your channel does not look like a graveyard of this weird thing called "urealms" or whatever would be nice to get them into it
  • I don't have cable TV, so y'all are my form of entertainment when it's time to be lazy and decompress. I've watched you (and others, don't be creepy) for a long time and have never been disappointed. My brother and I were just talking about the old TTT videos and were recalling jokes.They're still funny. So, no matter what ya do, I'll be watching you. I've gotta spend that 200$ somewhere. Why not on something I really love and not on shows I don't watch and 20 mins of ads telling me to buy this. :)
  • @Rob Thanks for everything you're doing man. Your efforts are appreciated by all of us!
  • Sounds great!
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