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Make a character

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Make a character within game rules and post your gold roll and a link to their page here.

 I will start,J3L@81EZ1P1S1Q1R1O1NM-00EaEb
 I rolled a 14


  • Baker
    I rolled a 20 I lost it.
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    Garp Parchin, a poor Kobold Monk that believes in pacifism. Mainly based around moving Foes on the battlefield rather than directly attacking them. He was raised by his mother, whom now accompanies him as a nimbus, and passed down her Clockodile, Jarth.

    Rolled a 16.
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    I tried to follow the character creation guidelines best i could. i based my supplies off of the season 3 preview. Loser_King
    The attribute on the right is for the cornerstone.I made my gold roll the day's roll, which was 20. [edit]: streetsmart was the attribute over schizophrenic, it didn't show

    Loser King is a name that he had taken on for himself after being exiled. His family executed for attempting to murder royalty. He is slowly losing his mind as he searches for the wizard that inflicted schizophrenia upon his family in the form of a curse. 

    Heres some art i made
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    Ash is a gnome who was raised by supportive, loving, and quite wealthy parents. He was given every opportunity to succeed in life... and proceeded to consistently **** everything up, killing his family by freak accident, misplacing the key to the family safe and ruining any career prospects or self-respect he might have had in his home-town through humiliating mistakes, eventually becoming a homeless wanderer. He has had a very hard time coming to grips with his constant failure in life because of his generally pleasant early upbringing and knowing he should have had every opportunity to be successful, leading him to a spiral of depression (during which he developed his own forms of magical intoxicants as a form of escapism). Since, through another handful of unintentional mishaps, he's found himself on the wrong side of the law and turned to dark magic and banditry in hopes of turning his luck around, or at least to survive. It's kind of a miracle that he has up to this point. 

    (Now I really, really wish I could play this character...
    I rolled a 16, for... is it supposed to be gold? I don't remember if that's even a thing that happens anymore, and if it is, a flat 1d20 bonus seems pointless to roll, given that even a 20 hardly makes any difference in most cases? Hmm. 
    he also would have probably given a magnopulser to someone.
    I generally did what I could to simulate a normal character creation despite a lot of the specifics not really being clearly described yet, apart from what can be taken from the preview videos. Which I guess is fine, since I'm pretty happy with him.)
  • Tanmer_Fitauror
    rolled a 2 :/
    Tanmer is an elf raised in an all vampire household. His upbringing has made him fascinated with all things blood related.He refused to be turned into a vampire and soon left the household to seek knowledge and how to combine the magical elements to create his own sanguine arts.This pursuit has however turned him into a bit of a sadist.Now he travels the land looking for capable wizards to fight and take the knowledge of their spells.His dream is to defeat nisovin and learn the most powerful magic
  • I have made Feil Kanner with a roll of 18

    he is from a family of rangers however he felt a more magical pull rather than a ranger pull so he enchanted his special bow with magic making it into a beam shooting beam that rarely misses and due to his strength in this field he was set up for a job in the army during a very large war that had a large amount of deaths that afterwards made him appreciate wild creatures more than people and he knows how to tame them however he also summoned a Gemlord and a Ytt as he prefered the company of creatures rather than people.
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     Grubbles Is a Self Entitled King of all Porcs, who Rules The Porcs of Den, Now his Tribe  is Located Near a Kobold Cave, And Both Sides Don't Really Like Each other All that much so they Keep Warring a lot. Until one day, Grubbles Rolled Into the Kobold Village and found it completely Empty Except For Bunch of Corpses that His Men found Near the Sea, so he and His army Set Off to find New Challengers, and that's where we are at now. 

    So yeah this Is Grubbles the Porc Berserker, 

    (EDIT)Dammnit I fucked Up the Link
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    My character is the famed pirate captain Korlen Shadowlance know for being a captain loved by his crew his crew is his family and he will guard them with his life$5H00L@00MA005R005P5T005V00000000
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    W-Wow almost everyone gave their guy backstory s, i feel bad about not making one now XD (I love  all these characters and this community :heart: ) I plan to make one now!
  • Karik the Black Boar Buccaneer was fortunate enough to roll a 20 on Gold, and has a robust 162 Stamina!
    His crew: dwarvenrangergnomishberserker, and elvenwitch

    Karik is the captain of his powerful, diverse crew of fighters who love to adventure the seas and discover new magical artifacts and magical spells. As long as it's something magical, it's interesting to him.
    You can tell he's the captain because he's completely blinged out, of course.
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    Rolled 16 for gold

    Her family was raided by ageless pirates while at sea, and she opted to become an ageless and began training as a Deathknight. Her lack of self-confidence, combined with functional immortality, led her to pour everything into learning ice magic, continuing as it began to wither her away through her sword. The pantsuit she obtained was actually sized for a dwarf, so she manually modified it into something that she could wear.

    She has 3 stamina when on a team with someone who is Well Endowed.

    If the embedded character doesn't work, here's the full link:$00
  • @knguy @mezzoemrys Your links are not working.
  • 9 for gold - 122 max stamina (I did not actually notice how high that was until now)

    Shrink_Magnisse is a Runemaster Keen. Raised on the streets by his loving mother, finding food was always a struggle. One day Shrink ran into a larger than average monkey fish, which easily would have fed him and his mother for a few days, but he decided instead to spare its life. Now that monkey fish feels in debt to Shrink and follows him in combat. When Shrink was (Equivalent to 15), his mother was brutally murdered by some unknown villain, this criminal dropped his knife, which Shrink now carries as a promise to his mother for vengeance. He sought out training to become more powerful, and was trained by a mysterious dwarf hermit in the art of Runemastery. One day, he will have revenge.
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    @sharsho try refreshing your page, they work for me
  • @Ozoner I've had to re-check this so many times lmao
    Should be.... + 80 from pantsuit, deathknight, anglers; - 80 from the 8 spells (bane of ice is not a spell, it shouldn't count itself), +23 from keen and small buckler, -20 from insecure, so a total of +3.
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    @mezzoemrys ;
    yeah you're right sorry I didn't see buckler
    That's a hysterical character for stamina though :)
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    that moment when you see your follower has 25 more stamina than you XD
  • I've made a lot of characters over the last few days so I'll post some of my favorites, some with more to say than others:

    Ferdinand a master fleshweaver that commands two golems. He rolled an 18.

    Iramal Rabka another keen but this time a runemaster who is obsessed with traps. He is constantly looking for and placing traps. He's currently on a quest to either find or build the ultimate trap. Also based on the description of what a blood snake queen is, the one following him used to be his runemaster teacher who also liked traps, unfortunately she fell for a trap and was eaten by a blood cobra. Unfortunately he rolled a 1 for gold roll which if a 20 doubles the bonus gold then I guess 1 gives you 0.

    Tranisse is an ancient elf(originally porc which is why the porc card is there) berserker. Due to the amount of fire element things and the double damage Dragon Flames, I assume her vendo form isn't an elf + highbear but instead and elf + whelpling. Due to ancient she is one of the first berserkers of the realm and a member of which ever elven family is most associated with Vlaurunga(we don't know this yet so she isn't assigned to one yet). The gold roll was 12.

    Uru is a giant dwarf buccaneer who is convinced he is a single headed ogre. His ogre companion serves as both his first and second mate. The intelligent head is named Ren and is the first mate, he knows Uru isn't really an ogre but doesn't correct him. Dar is the dumb head of the ogre and the second mate, he genuinely believes Uru is a single headed ogre. The gold roll for this one was 14.

    Anhes is your stereotypical rpg hero. He started out in a small town but decided to leave to defeat the evils of the world. When passing some caves near his home he met an old man that told him if he wanted to be hero he needed to do quests and that he had some to provide. That is when Anhes accidentally joined a fleshweaver cult. After gathering the necessary, nonpeople, supplies for the old man, a flesh golem was created. This is when he realized he accidentally joined a cult. As a result of him trying to hastily flee and the ritual, blobs of flesh permanently fused to his body and the golem he created just follows him around giving him random buffs during battle. After this however he has been quite successful as a hero despite the strangeness of his appearance. Currently he has a respectful with joining him on his quests. This is the only character I made that managed to get a 20 gold roll.

    Finally Amra is a dwelf minion master. Technically she is a medusa puppeteer that multiclassed into death knight. She is a master manipulator that attempts to bend everything to her will, even by resurrecting the dead. She also has an army of people affected by her gaze that she calls in at the start of battles. I don't remember what I rolled for her but I think it was a 13.

    I really can't wait until the mod comes out so I can make some characters for real, hopefully there are some gms that will allow us to bring existing characters so these don't go to waste.
  • Elen Trinx As a toddler Elen's family was attacked by slavers, rather than selling her immediately they raised her to be a servant who'll fetch more at market some of the skills she learnt were potion making. Eventually, a detachment Sunswords came to around thinking the missing people were connected to Ageless and freed the slaves. Trinx lacking any family or money asked to accompany the Sunswords and learned a thing or two about Summoning from them even imbuing a sword she took from the slavers with the ability to create a copy of herself whenever she brewed her potions.

    I rolled a 6 so obviously, I had to go keen to make up for it. Man, it's hard to make a character when ALL your slots are filled because of your attribute
  • @noxumbre your character links don't work
  • @blockington99 most of your links don't work
  • @sharsho are you sure? I tested them all multiple times before posting and tested them again just now and they appear to work fine. If they didn't work when I was making the post I deleted them and made them again and they worked after that.
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    Kai the treasure hunting Kobold.
    I rolled a 7 i think.
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    So for everyone saying links don't work, there are two possibilities. If the links loads to a character page but most cards are missing, the link DOES work it just didn't load correctly probably due to website traffic. If the link loads to anything else it is probably actually broken.

    As an example, I clicked all of my links in order 3 times. The first time only the last one didn't load, the second time most of them didn't load, the third time only the first half didn't load.

    EDIT: forgot to mention, it probably has something to do with how many character pages you've opened recently or something, for example I clicked @sharsho 's link 3 times within a few seconds and the cards only loaded the first time
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    it loads the pages but most of the cards don't load

    (edit) I reloaded the website and they work now
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    Guys, i found a bug, when you load more then 1 page of this site you can't see new character someone report this to the staff!
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    Alright, converting my 3.5 DnD char to urealms: Meet Chromy Woodcog . After assuming minimum gold (650 on a roll of 1), after geting all the good companion passives i had room for (unsure if i could get the passive of whatever companion i drew) as well as warplate, i spent my last 100 on a Ranged weapon. if i had a slightly better roll, also don't mind geting her some armor, but isnt as necicary. Will remove Master of Hunt if she needs to have the spot for companion passives from her Transmogifier, and replace her weapon with a 200g ranged weapon and/or armor.

    Chromy was born in a small village where technology and nature blended together rather harmoniously (after all, that's what you get when you have gnomes that live in the forest). She and her brother were both kept rather well care of, and her Uncle even gave her Janna, her own pet ramster witch she affectionately loves and cares for like her sister, Not too long ater deciding to live the adventurer's lifestyle of traveling, she tried to use some of her healing magic to help restore a person, only for the spell to not work quite right, and she gained a strange new aura of chaotic energy (the book of cursed spells). So she travels the land, doing her best to help other, especially with the large amounts of animals friend she has as well as her random spells.

  • The way of loading a character that always works for me, is to open up a new tab and throw the link in there, boom everything's loaded. That might also mean that going into a character from a non-URealms tab may work as well.
  • I've only created two so far, but here they are. I'm planning on making some more in the near future, so I might post those too. (P.S. most of this was kinda just improved, so there might be some inconsistencies within their stories)

    Neva rolled an 18 for gold. She grew up in a rich family; however, due to an inability to make connections with anyone, and neglect from her parents, she turned to books, and they became her only refuge. She became obsessed with characters, and began to fantasize about what it would be like to live in their universe. One day, she asked the librarian where all of the people from the books she read were from. The librarian replied that they came from a "land far away, that cannot be reached by you and I." Now, the only other people that Neva had ever heard described this way were people who had died, so after hearing this, her young mind came to the conclusion that when you die, you are just sent off to live in a storybook. With her newfound goal, Neva begged her parent into letting her be taught by a shaman, who she believed could teach her how to die. After being taught in the ways of the earth shaman, she set out on a quest with her newfound companion, a fire spirit who was a sort of graduation gift from the shaman, to find the best way to die.

    Fyaih rolled an 8 for gold. He was born to an elf and a dwarf of high social standing, who were having a secret affair. As soon as he was born, the parents, out of fear of losing their popularity, abandoned him at a nearby traveling circus. When he was first found by the ringmaster, he had no idea what to do with him, and considered leaving him out to the wild animals, but before he could, he was stopped by the circus's elderly magician, who said that he would raise the boy. Under the tuition of the master wizard, Fyaih became a skilled flamedansuer, and quickly rose in popularity within the circus. The audience would gasp in wonder as he dashed around the ring, flames in his wake, seemingly all elements bending to his will. Fyaih loved to hear the cheers of the audience. So much so, that he began neglecting the wizard who had raised and taught him. One day, he returned from a performance to find the closesting thing he ever had to a father dead on the ground. As he inspected the scene in wonder, Fyaih noticed an eye carved right over his master's heart, and realized that it was the killer's calling card. Without giving a second thought, Fyaih set out on a quest to find the man who had killed his master, and and avenge him.
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    Rolled a 3 for gold (orignally a keen though, so that was tripled)
    Health: 65

    Alive in the Hatching, Kaida started out life as a rather happy individual with little to do but enjoy the paradise of the world before the Birth of Magic came about. However, when it did, everything went south. Captured by Porcs and abused, beaten, and tortured, for sport and the entertainment of guests of every race, Kaida grew to hate the new world. After watching her captors for a while, she found she had an affinity for magic, particularly magic of fire and darkness, which she used to escape, bringing a Whelpling with her, whom she dubbed Usbeorn, the divine warrior, and Lerato, her cell mate, a male keen who was sharp-witted, but not as skilled. She bonded with both of them, and after their escape, Kaida using the skin of the Porc who’d captured her as her armor, they traveled the world, leaving their morals behind and towns burned to ash in their wake. Eventually, they decided they didn’t want to be limited to the land, and became a pirate crew, with Lerato as her First Mate. Their ship was christened Sephtis, eternal death, and their crew members were misfits with their own bones to pick with world, some of their members having even joined up as children, for various reasons. Kaida is violent, sarcastic, and cunning, but doesn’t have much faith in the world as a whole anymore, content to watch it burn, though she is rather fond of her crew, who are all extremely close and loyal to each other and her. She is tanned and well muscled, intentionally sporting pale scars, and hefting a spiked anchor around as her weapon, her hair silky black under her Captain’s hat, and her eyes bright gold. Lerato has since passed away, but currently resides in her soul puppet, retaining his post as First Mate, and usually riding around on Kaida’s shoulder, often providing commentary, pirate songs, or witty remarks that help keep Kaida from completely losing what shreds of sanity she has left.
    I couldn't resist getting the 'Secret Weapon' ability as Buccaneer, and am super happy I rolled Whelpling, especially since I chose fire as 1 of my two elements, and Pyroblast as my ability from having Broken as my Cornerstone.
    Also, I assume Whelplings get the quadruple health from 'Massive', meaning Usbeorn has 300 health...
    Edit: Thanks for the advice about opening a new tab and copying the link. That actually helps a ton.

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