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How's your luck been on the daily EXP rolls?

I've been getting high but I'm still waiting on that elusive 20.


  • Two days ago, my brother and I both got a 1.

    Today, my brother and I both rolled a 20.

    so yeah that's pretty cool I guess
  • pretty bad had nothing over 5 for 5 days but got 20 yesterday so getting better
  • I've been getting relatively good rolls, mostly high numbers. No, 1's or 20's yet. 
  • Haven't ever rolled a 20 but I get a lot of 18's and 19's. Got a 1 once
  • errr welll I've gotten one twenty, 3 1s, and a few other low rolls like 2s 3s and 4s, I am either unlucky or 20 haha
  • Nothing good! no 1s no 20s
  • rolled 2 20's in a row once. never gotten that kinda streak before again
  • Not to jinx anything, but I haven't gotten a 1 yet and I've rolled every day the website has been up!
  • My rolls have been pretty all over the place. Gotten three 4's, a 1, and several other low numbers. But I DID get an 18, so... yay?
  • Rolled 2 2s in a row then rolled a 20 the next day
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