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Main Characters in Urealms

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Hey, I'm Todd.

When the guys come up with characters in Urealms and a loose story arch they wanna portrayal that campaign, it is only natural that we have our favorites. When I think back on certain campaigns now, I don't remember every single story line and all their details and sometimes there was such a strong character that all I can remember is that one. Do you dudes enjoy the campaigns more when there is a strong center piece character like in the Sunswords, how every single person has SOME sort of relationship with Gwyneth (strong centerpiece doesn't mean that all the other characters didn't have super interesting storylines aswell), or do you like several storylines that all draw you in like in the Den of Devils? Or do you not even think of there being main characters in Urealms? This is by no means meant as a criticism on any of the characters or campaigns, this is a conversation.


  • As far as story goes some of the main character would be, gwyneth, mealstorm, Virgo, nisovin, Galen, lance, and Bopen. 
  • @kreeperkiller63 and maybe add in Kallark, but you got it pretty well.
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    I think URealms is like the anime Baccano! where no one is really a main character and there is no clear starting or ending point in the story. There are just more prevalent characters moving along in countless intertwining stories.
  • Well, the main overarching story of the show seems to be the elves and their allies against the ageless, and because of that some characters are going to show up more often and be more impactful than others. Currently, I'd say the main characters of the whole show are Gwyneth, Galen, Bopen, and previously Virgo. I feel like had Lance won the divine decision, he would also become much more prevalent in the future. Now though, I think his role will be elsewhere in the story. Maelstrom and Nisovin both also have potential to become incredibly important
  • @E8edb8 This might just be me, but I feel like after all the trouble Kallark has been through (Carlos, losing his baby, saving Gwyneth while almost losing her and fighting Ageless Thralls), he's earned his place as a main character. Especially because he is the number one character associated with Gwyneth, because if Gwyneth shows up in a campaign, we will almost certainly see Kallark. Plus, he's awesome.
  • @PoweradeCookie I thought about mentioning Kallark. He is definitely one of the best and most loved characters in the show, but I've personally always seen him as a kind of side character (albeit an amazing one) that comes with gwyneth, who tends to take on larger roles in the campaigns and narrative as a whole comparatively. 
  • I think the whole 'main character' thing only loosely applies to URealms. Also, @E8edb8 ;Virgo is still a main character because that status doesn't change when you die. Besides, once Gwyneth becomes the Grand Paladin, we'll have at least a part of Virgo left. I personally include Chimera as a main character, simply because I feel he has the potential to be important and has been in multiple campaigns already (and might have been at the Silvermine Mountains during that whole thing). My current list is: Virgo, Gwyneth, Lance, Galen, Bopen, Nisovin, Maelstrom, Chimera, and Duke Daring.
  • @Todd Disregarding all other responses for now, I would have to say that the main characters of the show would be Gwyneth Sunsword and Nisovin. Kallark can probably be considered one as well, although his importance to the Realms has yet to be seen. Bopen and Maelstrom seem to be characters of rising importance as well, but we'll see. Oh, and we can't forget about "The Voice in the Sky," who may be revealed to be canon. 
  • When thinking of main characters, think about what are the main story lines. I see 3 main story's right now. 
    1. Nisovin and Dalfgan
    2. Ageless, Gwyneth, and Bopen
    3. Order of chaos, and sins of unforgotten

  • @Irishxlily Baccano! is the perfect example of this kind of story. Glad to see another fan here
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    @kreeperkiller63 Maelstrom is a Main Character for Number 3, as will the God we make. Galen and Lance are both main characters for number 2 (i thought about including Ghostblade, but nah, he's an important character but not a main one).

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    @E8edb8 i don't think there is any main overarching story line or main characters because the story in urealms doesn't involve one group of characters and there adventures but rather everyone that has ever lived in the world of urealms and there adventures the whole grand paladin order VS ageless thing is just a small part in a massive world i just think the reason we are seeing so much to do with the ageless is because that is what the show i focusing on right now but the show is also focusing on Trandon Barringster and his friends from college climbing the tower of ultimate wizardry , Romulus a kobold monk set on a journey to find Neena Brando who he is connected to from his vampire locket, and many more + some still to come. So you see there isn't just one main story but many many story's that may or may not connect and may or may not be even be important to the world in any way
  • @shaunnop22 You're right, there's tons of different storylines within the show that are all connected and separate in different ways. I just said the elves vs ageless story is the "main" one currently because many campaigns focus on it, especially post-silvermine mountains, and it is the biggest event happening within the world so far that encompasses a lot of characters. 
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