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All URealms Emoji lined up!

Hey guys! I don't know if anyone had lined up the URealms emoji yet, so I thought I could do it!
Everyone involved in Urealms Live is awesome. Just felt that had to be said.

 :angry: angry
 :angrybold: angrybold
 :angryfunk: angryfunk
 :angryporc: angryporc
 :bopen: bopen
 :dank: dank
 :drunk: drunk
 :evilsmile: evilsmile
 :ew: ew
 :frown: frown
 :frownbold: frownbold
 :frowngwyneth: frowngwyneth
 :frownneena: frownneena
 :frownporc: frownporc
 :heart: heart
 :hmm: hmm
 :kawaii: kawaii
 :kiss: kiss
 :oh: oh
 :peace: peace
 :rawb: rawb (Shouldn't be used anywhere but inside of the Offtopic section)
 :smile: smile
 :smilebold: smilebold
 :smileneena: smileneena
 :smileporc: smileporc
 :ugh: ugh
 :ughmona: ughmona
 :ughneena: ughneena
 :ughporc: ughporc
 :wink: wink
 :wow: wow
 :wtf: wtf
 :wtfbold: wtfbold
 :wtfporc: wtfporc

On a small sidenote, at the start of any post, one doesn't need to put a blank space before rolling or using an emoji. But if one were to try to use an emoji on another line, you need to put a blank space in front of it first. I think the same applies to player-mentions.
(At least to my knowledge)


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