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Sixelona's Art Emporium

Pulls out an old timey mega phone and stands on several soap boxes

"Ladies and Gentlemans, boys and not boys, gather round and feast your sight spheres on this gallery of grandness!"

Looking for some imagery to sear into your sights? Take a gander at this mammer!

'But Six!' I hear you cry out 'Those aren't the size I'm looking for!'

Fear not my friend, we have a variety of sizes!

Flat is Justice!

Swerve for the curve

And of course

Gravity defying beauties

'Master Boobsmith!' I hear another cry from the audience. 'I'm looking for...something different!'

Oh fear not my friends! Here at Sixelona's Art Emporium, we embrace all things Bouncy, Breastacular, and Bulges.

Perhaps you are in the market for another kind of fan service my friend.

Sixelona's Art Emporium is open the Urealms equivalent of Seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Stop on by anytime!


  • *throws one dollar bills*
  • All hail the boobsmith, queen of boobies and bulges!
  •  >_<  Love your work! 
  • i am literally dying right now. That last one took me off guard

  • True masterpieces  :)
  • Well done!
  • Thank you friends for Visiting the Art Emporium where you can find all your curvy needs!
  • Awesome work as always  ~_~
  • Six, you rolled a Natural 20 on art skills.
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    Sorry, accidently posted twice.
  • the last one tho  >:) 
  • The live streams of you creating these are truly hilarious and entertaining.
  • is anyone else weirdly aroused?
  • That Galen  >:) 
  • I approve of the wide variety posted. All gooood  ;)
  • Yer a peach, Six.
  • Your art has very nice boobs... I mean eyes. Yeah. The style is perfect though for the show.
  • Hello Lady friends and Guy pals!

    I've been drawing some original Urealms characters for me and Rainbowcrisp.

    From left to right, Ola Cray the Keen, Pinkerton the Black Boar (RC's) and Camille Latoe the Kobold

    Here's some expressions for Ola

    Thanks for stopping by! I'll try to update as often as I can :heart:
  • Gotta admire how you always seem to fit some personality to each drawing!
    Those expressions just make those characters absolutely lively
  • This made me laugh a little bit, amazing art though thats what does make the show way better, all the amazing art

  • I love that amazing people like you are working on this show, the future of URealms is going to be fantastic :smileporc: 

  • Hail The Boobsmith! Seriously though, wow really well done on all of those. (Especially Galen, how you doing elf boy.) I really like the expressions you did for Ola, they really show a character, not just a drawing.
  • Bow down in the presence of The Great Boobsmith! >:)
  • Honestly Six, I really think currently you are my favourite artist on the web. I wish some day I'll get close to putting as much detail and character into my drawings as you do!
  • Six you are always going to be the art senpai! :smilebold: 
  • She's too stronk.
  • Six your art is always amazing. Love your style Master Boothsmith.  ;)
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    Good afternoomorevening to you gentle folks!

    We just got in a fresh supply of art for you to take a gander at! Here are some close up teasers of some of the art you can find around the site. Also, fine ladies and gents, please refrain from using these images as they specifically belong to a Mr. Moran.

    And now it's back to animating for me. Gotta work hard to get ready for the new season.

    Wish me luck!
  • beautiful work as always, goodluck with the animating! do try to sneak in a bit of sleep every so often  :)
  • edited May 2017
    Thank you @Qu33nAce ! I will definitely do my best!

    Edit: Ayyy

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