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Your life, now with extra Cornerstone!

So basically, how this is going to work is quite simple. Think about your entire real life story, and figure out the parts you don't mind the forum knowing about. After you've done that, go to the cards and put in random: cornerstone, drawing a random Cornerstone for yourself!

Once you've done that, think of the best way to integrate the randomly drawn Cornerstone into your story, making it as believable, realistic, or interesting as you can while keeping a good amount of your actual life story in there. Once you've done that, go ahead and post it as a reply to this thread!

Once that's all done, make sure to also hide the Cornerstone you drew in a spoiler tag. You may also add your original, unaltered backstory if you'd like!


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    Shizophrenic. Thanks dude. 

    (my rolled attribute was lucky)
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    (thanks @Dart)
    Read the spoiler afterwards and try to guess the cornerstone!

    Welp I got fratricider so RIP my sister

    Ya know I hate writing sad stories because my life is great, but I guess this is a thing haha.

    So I was born with asthma as my most defining characteristic because I was constantly in and out of the hospital during my younger years until I got a good medicine from my doctor that allowed me to actually survive without going to the hospital and I've been fine ever since, providing I stay on the medicine. I had an older sister who is so much like me that we pretty much never fight or anything, but because she is three years older than me we were never that close, but then when I was seven, I was playing around with a shovel that my mother used for gardening and accidentally hit her in the head. After a few months in the hospital, she unfortunately passed away, but I was never to blame for it fortunately. So in school, even after my sister's tragic death, I was extremely smart and during elementary school I has honestly thought myself to be smarter than everyone else. I was also friends with only Asians pretty much because they were the only people similar to me in intelligence, (not being racist but this was true at my tiny elementary school). Once I got to Middle School, I was put in the accelerated honors program because I was already in GATE, but I was also put into Algebra 1 in seventh grade, which is two levels higher than normal at my school. I actually started getting Bs finally in eighth grade geometry because my teacher was a history teacher who was forced to teach geometry when the old teacher retired. Once in high school, became depressed because I was no longer in denial and I accepted that I was the one who caused my sister's tragic death. So I kinda stopped caring about grades, and I slouched a bit and got a few Cs sophmore year because I just never cared as much anymore. At home, I became obsessed with Pokemon at an early age and have been playing in constantly since I was 5 pretty much, and I also watch a lot of youtube. I have been watching YouTube when my friend got me into it because of Minecraft, and now I pretty much only watch Etho and Rawb. Today, Etho, Rawb, and Pokemon are the only things keeping me away from depression over my sister's death, and I am thinking about it constantly.

    Now can ya guess what cornerstone I got? Because it feels a bit obvious to me but I dunno.

  • @TinyBomby see the two lines, one looks like a  backwards P and the other an I? Then you have to press enter to create another line as you cant highlight and click, then press spoiler. 

    You're awesome!

  • Man that was pretty neat @TinyBomby ;

    That's like the one thing I wouldn't want to have in my life story, but RNG decides to give it to me anyway because it's a heartless thing.

    If only I had the time to put something here myself!
  • Dark Knight... Thanks...
  • Is this thread cursed or something?
  • Random draw Unyielding unyielding
    Spoilers at the end as to what it influenced :3
    (Eeps, hope this isn't too much for some people! Love you all <3)

    Born into a dysfunctional family, I found it easiest to hide. Between a sister whom caused immense trouble, was suspended multiple times, and ran away from home, there was little room for me. Days spent hiding away in a small bright large corner window room with an extremely old office chair and stool propped up against the door. Yelling outside, screaming, thudding, slamming. My world grew tight, but I pursued life. Days, months, years. It was my life, except it never really took me down to the bottom.

    The silent yet stoic type. Kind, gentle, intellectual, and humble. Although, the only enemy I've ever had was myself, and the self I created to hate.

    Outside was a young man, eager, happy, gleeful, and humourous. Sarcastic and witty were used very often in positive lights. Inside was the permanent turmoil I waged war upon, never letting up to show the corruption I'd lived with from birth. My friends grew close and loving, as I was to them. I was motherly to them, caring deeply with intense compassion.

    Although I couldn't win the war forever. Eventually my parents separated at the start of the year for university degree applications, scoring, and tests. My strive to excel in anything I wasn't good in had carried me far, alone, with heavy weight. But when it all went downhill, when I faced the darkest spirits which tempt even the kindest of souls, sometimes
    "the straw does break the camel's back."
    It was how the man put it. He was also kind, caring, and let me sob for hours as my entire life of emotion, torment, and suffering. I'd never given up, despite all those, and it felt incredible to spill.

    However, finally facing what was inside, my strive for greatness never let up. I finished all assessment as best as possible, completed all high level testing, and inside it was because giving up wasn't actually an option. Not consciously at least.

    I'm the first in my entire family to reach above tertiary education. But it's never without it's hardships. Multiple moments staring death right in the face, that was times I would have given up. I wouldn't have thrown in the towel and let death take me. Abuse, hatred, torment, secrecy, pain, suffering, self loathing... Even at the hand of another, willing able, trying, there was never a moment of giving up. There were thoughts, yes. It crossed my mind, and still does. But the hardest thing, is knowing when faced with the ultimate yield, what kept me going was knowing the past was hard but fight to live better. Or else, what was all the fighting for anyway?

    The question I leave here, my friends, is this.

    After planning how to write this out, I realised something.

    What even changed in my life if I was unyielding?

    Or perhaps, was I never not unyielding in the first place?

    <3 <3 <3 Thank you if you read this, and realise like me that you are many more powerful things than you realise!!! <3 <3 <3 You are gorgeous, amazing, and can do anything you put your mind to!

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