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Hdilie's Handiework

Tought I'd try and consolidate all my Urealms art into one place before the beginning of season 3. Can't wait for even more amazing new characters and animals that I can attempt to draw :wow: 

All(... well the majority) the season one characters (2015) 
Dragons (2016)

The Staff

Gwyneth Sunsword (2017)

The Main 5 (2017)

Phineas and Virgo (2017)



  • Amazing work! My favourite are the last two. I look forward to seeing some more :)
  • So much good art here! Some of your art has some Tim Burton / Don't starve vibes to it and I really dig it!
  • might be a bit biased in saying that your dragon designs are my favorite ones. love the tim burton style as well, hope you do more
  • Wow, you've really improved! That portrait of Gwyneth is amazing :kiss: 

    I love Gwyneth though, so I might be biased.
  • I really love your style! Its not one I think I have seen really often before, so its such a fresh taste!
  • I remember seeing the Phineas and Virgo piece somewhere! I'm glad I got to see more of your work. I'm excited to see what you make next.
  • Love all the designs especially the last two.
  • Woaw, that 1st one must have taken forever O_O
  • Dude, your art is TOP-TIER in my book. I think the reason I like all of your work so much, is because it's diverse in style. I mean, from the "where's Waldo" type of group of all the characters and creatures of Season 1, to the AWESOME portrayal of the Dragons, to the recent Tim Burton style! It's like a jack of all trades type of thing, and I like that. Keep up the good work!  :D
  • There are too many epic styles! I'm filled with joy remembering all of you awesome work! You have some crazy good flexablily with you art! ~_~
  • Nice mix of styles the dragon aspects look the coolest i think, and i love the soft coloring to them
  • I had the season 1 cast as my wallpaper for about 6 months. Thanks :smile: 
  • I love the Dragon Aspects mate  :D
  • So... PRETTY  :D Seriously the art for this show is incredible. 
  • Amazing work dude! Can really see the time and effort you've done on each artwork
    Great job on the Season 1 Characters too, that takes a lot of determination to do!
  • Nice mate! I didn't realize you drew all that, keep on improving!
  • @Hdilie I am absolutly loving that new Gwyneth Sunsword drawing. Lovely  ;) 
  • I'm amazed at your improvement and how diverse your style is. Fantastic job! 
  • @Hdilie ; I've seen your stuff before and jeez am I a fan, I love your Urealms crew pics, your Gwyneth looks really nice too, but most of all I'm loving your horror like style for the last 2, what is the style moddled after, it looks really damn good.
  • Looks great! Keep on going!
  • Wow! Thanks guys! You're all so sweet and kind, it's one the many reason I love this community. :kiss: 

    @Ininja73737 I was going for Tim Burton-esk look. I discovered it because I was just copying a whole bunch of styles and it was one of the easier ones for me to do. Unlike the Disney inspired Gwyneth which too well over a month to do. :) 
  • I like the muscles on the gem lord >:)
  • @Hdilie that last photo reminds me of Rick and Morty.
  • I went to upvote this but it looks like everyone else already smashed it into pieces which were scattered across the At least, that's the only logical explanation I can come up with for why I'm unable to upvote this 20 to 30 times :wink:

  • So I haven't been able to do much art of late and I don't think I'm going to get much done in the next month either. But I did find some more doodles/ pieces while organising my computer so thought I'd add them in. 

    Phineas, Niso, and Ghostblade (2017)

    Nisovin (Trying out new photoshop brushes/filters) (2016)

    Characters from "WoodCarvers" (2016)

    My first URealms FanArts (2015)
  • I love the picture of the divines and Gweneth keep up the good work
  • Blatant comment so this thread goes to the front of the forums so more people can see the delightful artwork~
  • soo good, I love your style
  • Thanks so very much guys for all the kind words! Haven't been able to do much art of late :( but I have managed to do a couple of the drawing prompts and the guys characters from the first episode. Not quite happy with my kobolds, definitely need more practice I think 
    Prompt week 1: Bopen (Sketch)

    Week 3: Elemech
  • Oooo love that elemech rendition. It's got a "Robot Masters from MegaMan" kind of vibe. :)
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