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DvZ Heroes in URealms?

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Does anyone remember their names? I know the #1 Ranger hero was named Salogel Sureshot, (never forget yetiwho92) but I can't remember the others. I think it would be super cool to see these characters portrayed in URealms.


  • Lord of the dead and grand paladin ziros iirc
  • What type of heros are you talking about players or the lords/adimins 
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    Whoopsie. I meant DvZ haha. @Pufflemore ;
  • This thread made me realize that there is a distinct lack of shovel usage in Urealms.

    There was that one legendary slime shovel, but so far the dwarves ie in FoD have just been wielding swords. 

    Also on that note while salogel sureshot could kind of just be anyone the other two are the motherfucking lord of the undead(who admittedly could just be a random guy with a cool title) and a gosh darn grand paladin.

    While DvZ and Urealms are not full on connected, but rather just full of references. The scenario still poses the question that given the context of the world what is a grand paladin doing taking orders from Bruce?

    In addition to this why is the grand paladin a nobody jimmy? He gets a shiny sword and admittedly has a bit of an advantage because the sword is a pickaxe meaning that he can use it to mine gold and break blocks for that sick efficiency, but otherwise he is no big deal.

    Based on Gwenyth becoming grand paladin a large part of the position is being a strong good leader, so why is Bruce not the grand paladin then? Its an important position and gives power due to the reincarnation idea.

    Well one of the things Bruce always talked about was his hatred of elves and how they betrayed them. So it would be logical that Bruce does not use it because he does not want to have part of the elves in him ie the reincarnation of Virgo.

    But the issue still stands of why is this grand paladin ziros so gosh darn worthless? The idea of grand paladin appears to be that you pass on your knowledge and strength alongside your soul. So why does he not have any of Virgo's power? Perhaps the chain of grand paladins is broken like the avatar.

    Again Urealms=/= DvZ so its entirely possible this is meaningless, but I would like to think that rob will keep tying at least some of the lore. I mean its just so hype that we might eventually see a blaze cannon, wedigo, etho singing the friendship song or the kracken (which is porbably just the behemoth)

  • Maybe we'll see a Lord of the Undead wielding a shovel, but in the mean time. I'd like to see Ziros and Salogel be added, that would be awesome. We really don't know anything about them. I wish there was screenshots of their lore text on their weapons we could refer to. Also Bruce was never really a "Paladin", more of a Berserker. However, it is interesting why would the Paladins take orders from him? In URealms he's depicted as the "King of all Dwarves", but then again this might not be the same Bruce Willakers.
  • the Firelords ( aka different titles) as clans would be cool
  • I've been making/updating Dvz characters along side the progression of Urealms every season. atm I have every single mob type ever used, every hero, some stream guests, each play style of jimmy, aswell as some popular names I knew well up. They are balanced and can easily match up fairly with their respective tiers in Urealms. They feature almost entirely unique abilities as I try very hard to use as little Urealms base abilities as possible to allow me to be able to just adjust how they work/numbers easier between seasons without having to make new abilities because one may work differently between seasons. I would work on having them distributable but as far as we are through the season it wouldnt be efficient to do so. depending on how long it takes me to update them when season 4 comes out I might do that then (I also have each GM weapon/item)

    The reason I made them is because I had made a homebrew dvz dnd for fun I never got to see play out. and then In season 1 and 2 i did character creations with friends just for fun and one day we really wanted to try the characters we made in combat so later that night I started converting my version into season 1 power level and after about 4 days I was happy with it and tried it and it went pretty well so I've been using dvz as my friends testing dummys ever since XD
  • I think I remember fighting along side you in DvZ @xHellhoundssx ; many times. I was Aqua_Cloud. Do you have the quotes from the weapons of the rank 1 heroes?

  • Rob
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    It's not canon, but you have to assume if DvZ was canon it would literally come at the end of URealms as in the world is about to die and these are the last stories. This means that MOST characters important to DvZ lore would basically not exist until these stories, so you aren't really likely to ever see them.

    With that said, it's unlikely I ever do the DvZ story because it's a project that left me bitter and jagged in a lot of ways. I wouldn't make it a game and it wouldn't make sense to do campaigns with, so that leaves maybe a video series? I don't see it as a story that makes sense to tell as it was designed for a game setting.
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    Yeah that's cool, I know it isn't canon and I don't expect it to ever be. I was just curious if you'd ever portray Salogel Sureshot or Ziros, since we have Roamin (in Coe's Quest), Nisovin, Bruce and Lance Willakers. Or even Sir Schmoopy and the crew from Unforgotten Realms.
  • @Cloud
    I'm still holding onto the theory that the Dragon Warrior from Unforgotten Realms is featured on the Sorcerer card.
  • @Sangui I am pretty sure it Sir Snopply of Awesometon I was at the stream when six was drawing him
  • @Rob I could totally see a DvZ- style story being done in a video series, of coarse refitting and remodeling the story a bit would be necessary. 
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    You know, lance willakers is a chacter in urealms, and old man willakers is in azveltara Z so he exsists. So we can asume lance willakers is the son of old man willie, But that begs the question where is old man willakers(Bruce) in the present day? Well in the purge we see an exchange between lance and bopen where bopen brings up lances father, Bruce, but after that it dosent get adressed by anyone which is weird because the only reason bopen would bring up Bruce would be because he either killed him or bopen is Bruce.i mean look at the facts. Bruce’s primary weapons are his bow viendra and his golden sword excaliju. Lances bow could very well be Bruce’s but what about the sword? Welll bopen has a magical golden sword so Its probaly excaliju, also he seems to be self proclaimed king of ageless and Bruce was king of the dwarves, so something must have happened to Bruce to cause him to become ageless and lance probaly shunned him or something like that because he was ageless so bopen out of spite turned him ageless in the purge to get back at him. To get him see  how being an ageless is. I mean bopen wouldn’t have just saved some random paladin now would he? So them two must have some sort of connection. 
    Bopen also has that sort of cocky atittude that Bruce had in dVZ. Also Bopen hates hope probaly because he lost it when he became ageless and to top it all off there names start with the same letter. 
    Now this was kinda half baked I just thought of this when I watched the purge but I bet if I did alittle more research I would get more evidence, so tell if you think I might wrong and if there are Inconsistencies with my theory 
  • @Pufflemore
    I was also in that stream, and I have been running on this theory since.
    In the Unforgotten Realms cartoon, we get a glimpse at the fabled Dragon Warrior, whose armor makes hims look rather suspiciously like Sir Schmoopy. We also have some possible clues that the Dragon Warrior may well exist in URealms, because of Legendary items such as the Dragon Warrior Helmet being used among other dragon-themed items during Unexpected Discovery.
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