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Drawing every day for a year (106 out of 365 complete) I'm back?



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    @Melijeli ;
    The Hat Hamster Looks absolutely adorable. 

    The Frog boy looks so cool, and the art style complements it extremely well. (Also it's never to late to join)

    @siennamydog ;
     The hands are coming along pretty well, and as long as you learn how to draw it at different angles as well they should "eventually" come naturally. (I still can't draw hands... I need to practice them)

    Now for today's drawing

    requested by @Mortem ;

    2/13/18 Yohan (Adult)
     This is how I pictured Yohan, so yeah....
  • @siennamydog I had a Wacom tablet for a bit but we couldn't download the software it came with so we sent the stupid thing back :evilsmile: 
  • @TheGallantKnight Really cool! I love seeing fan art
  • @TheGallantKnight ;
    Love how the armour and chains go together! Looks great.

    Here's mine for today, in a spoiler because it's a pretty tall image even after I resized it, whoops. Just a messy lady.


  • @Femmipoo That is amazing your art style is amazing  ~_~
  • Made a quick dead maid/nurse? just trying to get myself to draw on my note 8

  • So proud of everyone you are all doing so well!!
  • you guys that are doing this are amazin, ive tried doing a drawing challenge like this many times only to drop it a few weeks in. keep it up! i cant wait for the giant art collages at the end!
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    Screw it, count me in. I'm not the best at this stuff, but I want to improve, so here goes nothing

    This is me working of fabric textures
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    That looks flipping amazing, it looks as if it was from a book or game. And the character design just makes the piece. (Your art style is absolutely beautiful be it a bit rough and it makes me want to learn how to draw that way as well.)

    @Zenn_ ;
    Your drawing makes me instantly think of a character deadbones might create.


    The texture came along pretty nicely. (Also glad your joining us)

    Now for today's drawing

    My original drawing was deleted  and hour ago by accident (*cough cough* my computer crashed and I forgot to save the whole time and adobe wasn't able to recover it), so I made something quickly so I don't stay up till 2 working it all over again.


    Time to pray my computer stops crashing when I draw.
  • did a little sketching, nothing worth sharing. Im mostly practicing drawing smoother lines so everything doesn't look like I drew it in an earthquake.
  • @Melijeli Thank you!

    @TheGallantKnight Dude that's super cool of you to say! I wish I could draw for a book or a game, but sadly I don't think I'm quite there yet ;)

    I like how she's looking at the viewer. Was your first piece of the same character or something else entirely?

    @Zenn_ Looks good! I like the red necklace, it really pops! Is it significant or just rule of cool?

    @Javo Nice work! Great to see so many people joining in too.

    Here's mine for today. Couldn't come up with anything I liked so I settled on this. I actually like this but it's pretty close to midnight so I'm gonna leave it how it is for now.

  • Good luck with this project! As someone who does something similiar, I would suggest to not feel bad about working ahead! I tend to draw multiple days a head just in case!
  • @Femmipoo Could be what keeps her alive....
  • Here's mine for today, a person walking way

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    Did a kolbold drawing, hes suppose to offering a dance in a hoodie (using a site for random inspiration drawing.) but he came out looking a bit shady. Also took more time to draw it.

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    @Femmipoo ;
    The feeling of space and movement is really nice within the picture, and the feeling of tension between the two is a really nice touch. (Also I was making something completely different. I was creating a Phienas Valentine's joke card, where he would be casting the blanket of darkness on Bob.)

    Looking pretty good so far.

    That kobold is looking really nice, and the fur came out really will.

    Now for my drawing for today (I tried something a bit different, because I'm feeling really tired tonight and this wouldn't take to long)

    2/15/18  Beth

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    I thought I would take a crack at doodling each of the casts' faces this time around. They came out a little derpy, but this was the first time I ended up happier after drawing the faces. So without further ado Justin 
    and Rob!
    (More to come later)
  • @Javo Will tomorrow's drawing be them coming back?? :p

    @Zenn_ I'd accept something shady from such a nice floofer any time

    @TheGallantKnight Anything for Phineas's everything girl! I really like your drawing for today, the dress is very cool. Is there a significance to the names?

    @siennamydog Nice to hear some more confidence! Looking forward to the rest, are you just doing the main cast or will you do the guests as well?

    Here's mine today. Somewhere three quarters between sketch and finished but I'm not known for neat or finished anything, haha. The mushroom is some kind of ent but with house bits built into him. Gonna be honest, I just thought it looked too plain without them lol.
  • @Femmipoo I like the rough presentation of this. Really grabs your imagination and lets it run  ~_~
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    Okay, I disappeared for a few days I did some doodling throughout and finished a sketchbook (hooray) however my goal for tomorrow is to re-draw something I did 2 years ago and was really proud of (even though it was a horror). 

  • You can do it!
  • Here's mine for today, a strange plant!

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    @siennamydog ;
    The faces of Justin and Rob turned out pretty nice, and the lines are a lot smoother than when ou first began as well. Good Job. :smile: 

    @Femmipoo ;
    Turning the mushroom into a house was a really nice touch, and now it's just making me think of legend of zelda minish cap.... Now I need to play minish cap. (Also Beth was just a name I thought that fit her)

    @Melijeli ;
    (I don't know if this will help but copy the Image link address when you right click the imagine in imgur, and put it in the image URL) Now hopefully the links will work.

    The plant makes me think of a sprawling fire, and turned out pretty well.

    Now for today's drawing
    2/16/18 Picture day

  • @TheGallantKnight I had been putting it in the image URL but that just breaks and doesn't work however I'm pretty sure just copying the image works also I love the drawing it's adorable
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    Re-drawn and completely fixed all original elements are there but just somewhere else. I could do better but I drew it at midnight.

    The comparison should be there too.

    Re-drawn n039 fixed

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    Also I love schooling imgur trolls in innocent ways because they're so annoying  :*( 
    Wanting All of Six's Lewds

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    @sweitzerm Thanks dude!

    @Melijeli Noticed you were gone, happy you're back! Finishing a sketchbook is always fun. Looking forward to the redraw. Maybe I shouldn't take so long to write my posts, looks great!

    @GingaJ I hope so lol :)

    @Javo I love plants, looks nifty. I like the swirling pattern!

    @TheGallantKnight The green-haired girl has a great expression! captured the 'selfie cram' well, too!

    Here's today, an ocean centaur, and oceantaur? I don't know why you'd want hooves underwater but I commited to the pun so there's no going back. Looks better in writing than trying to say it out loud though.

    In a spoiler again because I guess I just like images with awkward height:width ratios.


    Edit: Added a shell bra in paint to make it more family friendly  :p

  • @Femmipoo Mertaur? Taurmaid? Sea-nataur? I would say Centmaid but that sounds like a cheap maid for hire whatever it's called I love it so much, it's family friendly and they're the best drawings  ~_~
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