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Guessing Party for the Next URealms Guest!



  • It won't be Poose. @Murzder
  • My bet is on Johnny Voruz, been in some older Rob stuff and was in the Christmas stream, seems pretty likely to me.
  • @UnluckyBimiah, nvm then, carry on!
  • ... Won't be him if he's been in some older Rob stuff. @Oakley
  • @UnluckyBimi Don't believe he has been on the BruceWillakers channel, also where did we find out they weren't in older Rob stuff, think I missed/forgot this
  • @Oakley BruceWillakers channel or not, it's still a Rob channel: - That's the comment about it.
  • @UnluckyBimi Still fine, not a buffalo wizard, and not in any youtube videos
  • The Third Wheel or Jelloapocalypse.
  • I'm hoping it's a person no one has heard of.
  • The Spiff hint came from Rob innocuously tweeting something unrelated to urealms from spiff. Going off his current twitter feed we can only guess the next person is Louis Cole or Elon Musk.
  • @Vongeo Elon Musk confirmed! Huzzah! Free Flamethrowers for us all!
  • @Sgtslow
    I wanted to mention Jello, but then I realized... it could be literally anyone from Jello's group.
  • There currently isn't anyone we are planning to add to the roaster at this time. I had a few people in mind going into S3, but rather then add more of my old friends, I rather take my time and find more voice actors like I did with Spiff who can add something new to the show. I know old fans want me to just go through my old let's play friend list and add more people, but I rather focus on bringing in people who can add more to the show then just being an old friend of mine. Spiff outclasses us all the time with the voices that it makes us all step up our game and so I'd like to find some more talented people.

    I'd also like to add more females. Having just spiff will be limiting for future cinematic as we need more female voice actors to do certain roles. Straight up some characters are male in our show purely because they have to be male because those are the voices we can do. I also don't like how I always end up playing comic relief with my female characters because it's so hard to do a serious voice. 
  • @Rob That makes perfect sense... but I know I'm mainly saying this as a joke, despite thinking that I'm probably wrong, but is there any hope of a Haunter episode? Even as a side-quest?
  • @Rob That makes a lot of sense. I kind of just assumed that there was somebody lined up for a campaign this season because of the silhouette. 
  • @Rob ; I would love to see Critical Role people here
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