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Next Campaign is a Murder Mystery Apparently



  • @helperbot0613 TTR (Trouble in Terrorist Realms)
  • @friskyBrisky ; Oooh that would be a good campaign idea
  • Obviously Urealms + TTT = Waifu Wars guys, come on.
  • I expect inspiration from the finest murder mystery of all time:
  • I'm so excited for a murder mystery. A classic Roamin character would be gold for this kind of thing.
  • Hmm given what I post on that game thread why do I think there will be a red hairing in it
  • would be interesting seeing the guys playing detectives, like having the campaign play out like a game of clue. where they travel around gathering clues and then in the end of the campaign have to guess  who the killer is, but that might be a bit too hard of a format for them. could get complicated pretty fast if it's not done well enough
  • @LexderMob i think that could work if, like, the investigative parts took the place of combats, and there were RP parts in between. And perhaps the DD would be like "Is anyone able to find the killer?" Or something like that.. IDRK
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    @PoppyrusRose ;  yeah it could probably work, the biggest problem would be to make it work with the live show formula. donation events and puzzles is probably the two biggest thing that could come in the way. puzzles and mysteries are notorious hard to make for role playing. if you are to wage they could easily go in the wrong direction and if you are to blunt it ends up not being enough of a challenge. if you then bind clues to donations, you could very easy end up giving them too many clues or too little depending if folks donate or not
  • @Phendrix What does dave being dead have to do with the placement of Skeleton King/GPO? Vemtari could've just been extremely out of the loop of dave's state of living, so the fact that he was unaware of his death doesn't really matter in terms of timeline placement. 
  • @LexderMob In terms of how to do puzzles in rp, I've read that some GMs like to create something that looks like a puzzle, but actually has no answer, and then go with whatever's the most creative thing the players come up with. Like, for instance, a locked door with a sphere in front of it opening when someone carves a wood block and puts it in there.
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    @PoppyrusRose i do that a lot when i build a dungeons. but in a live show you have to plan event and stuff around us and donations, so it doesn't necessary work as well all the time when using that type of methods. sometime rob have used that type of methods, like in tower of ultimate wizardry. but the story and plot is most often not involved when you make that type of rum. but a mystery is build around the plot so that´s where the problems could emerge 
  • HYPE! This will be awesome <3
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