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Custom Map Dump

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In the past year, me and a couple of friends of mine have been playing urealms. I am a terrible artist, but always put a lot of time into making these maps. If anyone wants a map that has relatively little use and or poor artwork, this is it:
Most of this stuff is old and already used. I don't mind anyone using this stuff for anything. If anyone streams or records games using this, you don't need to credit me.



  • Oh also, credit to Meganzoor and Rob for inspiration and a few cuts and edits added in!
  • These are not terrible, they look really good! I can tell you put a lot of effort into these :) 
  • Loving it. I am definitely going to stalk this place.
  • Agree with Coconut, They look pretty awesome!
    Great Job!
  • They are really good nice job
  • Wow, great job, these are high quality. Thanks, this will make doing my own games (when I get round to it) much easier :)

  • Impressive!
  • edited May 2017
    :| Amazing
  • Thanks for sharing these!
  • Your selling yourself short. These are pretty good maps. I like your how the style of Urealms is well maintained.
  • Oh, I remember you using a couple of those in one of your campaigns. I am expecting good things from your upcoming ones!
  • These look awesome! Will definitely use these in my campaigns.
  • These look really good, man! Looks like URL, too!
  • They look amazing!
  • These are amazing!
  • I must ask what do you use to make these?
  • Impressive!
  • @Jaden582
    I use a mix of Photoshop and MS Paint. Basically, there are certain things that are super easy to do in photoshop that are near impossible in MS Paint and vice versa. So I make an image by making an edit, saving, opening up the image in the opposite program, and repeating until it looks ok. This is what my work looks like:
  • Most of the furniture is cut and pasted from some of my maps I see, I just noticed you credited me for that so it's cool :) 

    You should update these with the S3 sideboard!
  • Fantastic! looks great
  • @Meganzoor ;
    You have no idea how much of these boards are literally copied and pasted from stuff you made. I would update these, But I just don't have the time right now.
  • cool stuff
  • Here I was thinking I would be stuck to using official maps
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     NeonNano75 Is it ok if I use some of these map for my custom Urealms games ???
  • I really love these and since it seems like people wanna use some custom maps, I hope you dont mind me dumping some of my own here for people to use as well <3

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    So i'm new at creating these custom maps and I was wondering if any of you guys could explain how you get your grids on the maps. I'm trying to make a map from scratch and i'm using photoshop even though I have no experience. 
    Edit: nvm @NeonNano75 ;helped me.
  • If you grab the template with the grid already on it then use that and set it as the top layer then you can build your map underneath it using the grid as reference.
  • @NeonNano75 In the harbour town/city where it is day and night, is that a tent that's seen on the left side of the map during the day that isn't there at night? It's a nice little touch^w^
  • Wow, nice dude. Was thinking of playing urealms with a few friends of mine and you just made my life waaaaaaaaaay easier!
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    Hey I'm gonna throw my hat in the ring too.
    Basically what I did was that I used that maps Meganzoor (she gets all of the credit) made for the live stream campaigns and copy pasted parts of it to other parts to have the urealms aesthetic but also fit campaigns I wanted to make. Here ya go they are pretty terrible quality but whatevs. Anyone who wants to can use these.

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