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Just Talking

I figured since I ended up in the hospital (don't worry, I'm fine for now), it'd be fun since I now have the full opportunity to get to know others in the URealms Community.

I've enjoyed and laughed at a lot of the old content Rob and Pause had created with Dwarves vs Zombies (if you can't tell, I found him via PauseUnpause. I'm not saying Pause made the game with him, just that I watched his videos and that is how I found all of this). After getting into that, I found I really enjoyed some of the silly content of the Buffalo Wizards, and I happily stumbled upon URealms about - 6 months? - before URealms started their next season. I came to all of the Twitch Live Streams, but could never donate. I just LOVED watching Deadbones play, and how he made sure to Roleplay characters a certain way; hardly ever breaking character, but when he did, in was incredible! Probably some of my favourite parts were as listed;

- Milbee's First Campaign
- The Gnome School for Magic
- The Fall of Dundenburrow
- Both Dragon Cave Campaigns
- Bopen's Crew

Rob and other fans forgive me; I've forgotten some of the names for these campaigns, or how to spell them properly. I still enjoy going back onto YouTube, and rewatching my favourite parts. So I thought I'd take this chance, reach out, and ask what you guys like, love and enjoy about the campaigns. Who your favourite player is, and just in general get to know YOU as other fans; Hence why this is in Off Topic. If I'm wrong in putting this here, let me know; I'd greatly appreciate it. Otherwise, tell me about yourselves; what campaigns you like, what you like outside of the game, and about other people/things in the community. I'm on poor Hospital Wifi though, so please give me the chance to take some time to reply! =)

- Velka.


  • Oh and tell me how you found URealms too!!! I wanna know :3
  • Hi there!
    for my favourite player I'd say it has to be Coe, he always comes up with such interesting and funny characters and no two ever feel the same with him. As for favourite campaign I might have to say the Zarlin Catacombs or the Skeleton King, both of them were really well done. As for what I like outside the game I'm quite a big fan of classical mythology, as in the ancient greeks, romans, etc.and I like reading fantasy books like Lord of the rings and the His Dark Materials trilogy. Hopefully this gives a bit of insight, and I hope you get better and are able to leave hospital soon!
  • @Nemman Thanks for the reply. It's nice to meet you.

    I like a lot of the Ancient Civilizations in the world as well; especially preferring Greek and the like. I've also studied religions around the world for fun - though we won't get into those for the rules. I've never heard of that Book Series ("His Dark Materials"), but as a child my mother would read me The Lord of the Rings. I'll have to take a look at them if I have the time =) I like Coe a lot too, he's very funny and creates adventurous types, but also dark and reclusive types. He plays to the advantages of his characters and makes for a good player ingame. I love watching them, and Fetch The Water this season, was absolutely HILARIOUS. Especially when he became the 27th (28th?) holder of the Cup lol
  • it's nice to meet you too!
    His dark materials is a book series by Phillip Pullman, Northern Lights, Subtle Knife and Amber Spyglass. They adapted the first one into a kinda shoddy movie about 10 years ago called The Golden Compass, but the books are brilliant, I'd recommend giving them a read if you get the chance.
  • @FullPrice Hello =)

    Popular opinion or not, thanks for sharing. I haven't watched much of the old campaigns yet, but I'll make sure to keep an eye out for them, if you have any others that seem cool, let me know. I love learning about new campaigns =)

    As for the Mindcrackers, I enjoy a lot of their content too. I haven't watched a lot of Pause's content recently but am still subbed. I like a lot of VintageBeef's stuff too :3 I love watching how he plays games, he's very story driven unlike a lot of other Youtubers, and it's a style I respect and can get behind. Thanks again for commenting =)
  • @Nemman Golden Compass you say? The one with the little girl and such? I have seen and heard of them then. I wasn't much fan of the movie, but it sounds like the movie doesn't capture the ideals of the book. I'll gladly go and give them a read now that I know :3 Thank you
  • Sorry to hear about the hospital that's always a bitch. I been a fan of rob back to the old unforgoten realms days. Sad to see that story was never finished or if it was I don't know about it. I found urealms just two months ago and got hooked. Deadbones is also my favorite since he puts more into his characters then the other guys. I recently just played a urealms game with random guys and they just rushed it but hope to play with more serious players.
  • I actually found Rob from the playmindcrack server which I found out about from Etho. I was curious about who made the stuff on the server and found out about Rob and have been watching him since. And of course I've watched all the older series like his TTT, all past campaigns because Gobos of Pat was my first one, and then I've watched the Unforgotten Realms series twice through.
  • Hi! It's nice to see people making an effort to get to know the community.

    I first found Rob a crazy long time ago, back when specific roles were assigned in DvZ, but never watched much more of his stuff. I'm pretty sure he was playing with Etho then. A bit after that, I found a video of him playing a modded version of the game with someone. When I finally started watching him consistently, he was doing that matrix zombie survival thing (I honestly don't remember it that well) and have been watching him with slight breaks ever since.

    As far as my favourite player goes, it would probably be Deadbones. I really enjoy the characters that he makes, and just his personality and sense of humour in general. For campaigns, I really enjoyed Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, though Gobos of Pat is a decently close second.

    Outside of the game, I really enjoy drawing, rock climbing, and reading (specifically fantasy novels, but there are books in other genres that I enjoy.)
  • My turn to hop in. I discovered Rob via the old-timey Dwarves vs Zombies, back when it was a build-your-own-keep sort of deal, and back when Etho and Pause were playing alongside Rob. I initially watched him just for that, then I saw him start to release the URealms campaigns. I didn't actually start watching them until Gobos of Pat, after which I became absolutely hooked. I can't really name a favorite campaign, since I tend to like them equally for different reasons.

    My favorite player has to go to either Nisovin or Deadbones. I lean towards Deadbones because we've seen more of him, and his characters are consistently well thought-out and interesting to witness. The accents he uses also help. But thinking about Nisovin's sharpswordsman character, and how he could just spit out one-liners that immediately caused an uproar—"I've never seen this much blood. "I have."—I would rather enjoy seeing more of our favorite wizard.

    In terms of non-URealms pastimes, I'm a fairly nerdy individual. I read and write fairly regularly, play video games even more regularly—fantasy/sci-fi RPGs are my preference—and have been working on the third iteration of a tabletop RPG system that takes place within my own fictional universe. In addition to all that, I'm a self taught weapons combat practitioner. I specialize in the spear, spadroon, and Chinese dao, but I try to be adept with all weapons that I can.
  • I got a notification saying Now Streaming on twitch. And that was Roamins band of thieves
  • I had to reach far back in the old filing cabinet, I also found Rob (or RAWB) through pause. It might have been even further back but I think they were playing a game called  Murder (aka TTT before it was TTT) and I was hooked. It is cool to see the growth of Urealms since the beginning. I always loved hearing the excitement in his voice when he talked about it. I'm glad the dream has become a reality. 
  • @TakiHimora Hey and thank you for replying! Sorry for the very long delay, tests and all. I remember Rob talking about that old story - is that the one he was working in with his Ex? If so, I was a bit curious where that was going when it got cancelled (mostly because I had only ever heard of it in passing). Glad to see people are already jumping into playing the game too. I don't have a computer myself, so playing on TTS isn't very possible for me. But I'd love to take part in a campaign someone was to put together. Rushed or not, playing with people is a lot of fun. I play a lot of MMORPGs, and flip-flop between a ton, depending on what has drawn me in, and what platforms I have available st that time. But having fun, playing with people who enjoy something as much as I do is always fun. If you play any more campaigns, come by and share some stories :3

    I love reading what people do.
  • @TinyBomby, I see. I still haven't gotten around to looking at some of the older campaigns like I mentioned, maybe I'll have to dive in and take a look a lot sooner than I expected I would. Definitely a good way to pass time though. I watched a bit of Etho as well, but never really got drawn into his content. He's good, and very silly, but I find myself kind of wanting more after every video. Idk, that works for some people, I guess. I just like to be "full" after watching stuff. Though, I Adore him in all the Team Canada stuff they all did together. Some of my favourite moments is the bickering between them ha hah =)
  • @Velka its all good. I don't know anything about him working with a ex but I didn't ever look further into it other then the show itself. But it was the base for urealms since it started with kobolds and keens though all keens were blind at that point. So the lore back them was way different but you should check it out at some point. More like trying to play but hopefully I can get my friends into it. Well if you do get a comp and I have a extra seat ill try to remember to invite you. My god MMORPGS the time I spent on that stuff. Ill never go back to that stuff. IF I get any stories ill let you know they said the best part of it was me using "storyteller" to tell the orgin of my blind porc
  • @Maesquin hey! And yeah, the community has been nice enough to oblige me today it would seem! :3

    I remember looking at a lot of the old videos that Rob did for DvZ, and I sometimes go back and watch some of them from time to time. I never knew he had a Matrix thing with Zombies though, you've just added more for me to look up now, ha hah. I loved the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry as well. And I may or may not have laughed sadistically when Rob immediately rolled not one, but TWO 1s in a row, killing off the payed character that week. So much story and potential, and it was all for naught. Though, he handled it very well, and it's still one of my favourite ways a GM has handled a "oh shit" moment.

    I actually enjoy writing, reading and drawing as well. Though, one of those is impossible for me, and the other two are things I just do for fun. Someone else had mentioned books before as well, and I guess if you're into Mythological, Fantasy, and maybe even a bit of Fictional - Non-Fiction, take a look at Bernard Cornwell. He writes books focused on a single point in time, creating a family that suits the era, and building up their backstory all throughout, while giving descriptions on the actual time period, and even giving real events and story driven points shown from the perspective of some within that time. I truly adore it. Currently, one of his books has an adaptation on Netflix.

    As for rock climbing, I'm horrible with heights, so I both envy and revear you, sir lol.

    If you do any Fan Art for URealms, come show me sometime. I can't draw anything beyond stick figures, so I really enjoy looking at the art I find out there!
  • @Arkanite, okay might I just start with this; Wow. Thanks for replying, now where to start....

    I absolutely adored those times in DvZ, in fact, they're some of my favourites over all. The simple and fun games, the easy to get into and back when the rules were kind of all over the place. Just watching, it was always chaotic, but so, so good! I just wish I could've played back then, but that's just a bit of what I've enjoyed. Now, everyone keeps talking about Gobos of Pat, so I swear, I'm gonna have to go watch that campaign.

    I absolutely adore how Nisovin played as well. His characters always seem so well planned out, but not only are they well played, they're well Role-Played. I agree, there definitely has to be more of those short little one Liners, especially if he keeps getting set up for them every chance. The who campaign as it was for hunting down the Murder Bros was awesome, and with it being the first PvP battle, it was intense. I'm glad Deadbones got away, tbh. It makes for a LOT of interesting content.

    Now this is the part I'm interested in. I'd love to hear more about the world you're creating. I know a lot of people who created and invented their own kind of worlds, stocked with a lot of their creations and built a world around their ideas. It's what's drawn me to Fantasy themes, like Urealms, or in the games I've played. Final Fantasy XIV, previously ARR and now Heavensward (soon to be Stormblood, very, very soon), is kind of what I picture and imagine in my head for a lot of the Urealms content. I'd love to see how some of it all works out though, share some of your story sometime, I love listening and reading to designs. And if it's in the 3rd iteration, I'd love to hear some of the mechanics too, it sounds like you've put a lot of work into it up till now. I mentioned most of my likes up above in another reply, but I forgot to mention I also adore Anime and Manga, which is usually my daily pass time when I don't have an actual book on my lap. I love the stories in a lot of them, though I'm also not much of a Fan of Action and Adventure in them; Log Horizon and a few others being some exceptions to this, as there always is.

    Lastly, I am impressed o,o
    I don't know how you have all that time to not only work on your own World, AND learn, practice and partake in activities with weapons. I personally play a lot with Knives, Daggers and Short Swords (mostly old Calvary), so seeing such a wide variety is excited. I'd love to learn how you picked those up sometime if you're willing to tell me.
  • @OlympianHeros, short and to the point :3

    I think I may have seen that campaign. The name sounds very familiar, so I think I've seen it, but if it's one of the older ones, I may not have. Maybe it'd be fun to go through and rewatch just in case though, there's always some really fun stuff you can miss otherwise.
  • @Velka I tend to have a bit of a weakness for talking about my fictional universe. It's been growing and getting refined for the years, I'd say. So it's a labour of passion at this point. That said, if you really want to get me talking about it at length, private messages might be better to not drown the forum in back-and-forth.

    As for my weaponry skills, it was a gradual thing as well. As a kid, I loved playing knights or ninjas with the neighborhood kids, and I slowly started getting really good at beating them up with NERF swords, even though two of them were bigger and stronger than myself. Eventually, I abandoned NERF weapons to try and started buying hard plastic weapons to better simulate real weapons. The heftier the weapons got, the more I realized I could really ruin someone's day by just swinging them around. So, i started teaching myself how to use them properly. It helped that I had a friend two years my senior, and enlisted in the National Guard, who was also into swords. He and I started up a small group to learn and practice combat. It dissolved after a year or so, but it got me into full-contact combat with actual stakes. At the moment, I'm working with a professor at my university to start up a weapons combat club there, hopefully so I can teach other people what I know, and get people with formal training to teach me what they know.

    I can't really say much about what drew me to which weapons, though. Like I said earlier, I try to be good at all of them, since all of them have situations where they're very useful. But the three weapons I'm best at are so because they're the ones I naturally gravitate towards. Good spear combat requires lots of dexterity and agility, both of which I have, and also keeps one at a distance from bigger, stronger opponents. The spadroon works a lot like a sabre or rapier in practice, so it capitalizes on speed and control rather than strength, which works well for a small-frame like mine. As for the dao, if I'm given a new weapon to handle, the movements I start out with are very Oriental in style—flowing and step-centric—so the dao just naturally slots into what my body tries to do.
  • @spacesmarts, hey; I'm glad too. I never got the chance to donate so far, but I hope sometime I will be able to. I want to give even a little, because I have respect for what Rawb has done. And bringing a story together not only for himself, but to share with countless others; it's incredible. I'd love to see all the steps he took, and understand all the time he, Deadbones, Nis and many, many more put into not only making art, but the lore, and the characters and the World as a whole. In Rob's most recent video in YouTube, he even talks about how happy he is with it, and how he wants to plaster his wall with Urealms Posters and Memorabilia, and I can't think of any reason why that doesn't sound awesome. I think if there's anything I'd do to donate at this point, I'd buy either a shirt or a poster, because they've put a lot of hard work into it. Kind of like the Forums here. It's a nice way to meet people, and I'm enjoying the community so far. I can't wait to experience more and more with you all =) maybe we'll get to see how far this dream of his goes, huh? Because it's becoming a fantastic world that I love the thought of even being a part of.
  • @Arkanite, thanks for replying so fast, I appreciate it =) if you want to talk about all in PM, I'd love to. I'm about to go do some more tests, then I'm probably off for the night, but if you send any, I'll happily read them when I can.

    I'd agree that your choices sound like they suit you as well. I've never been a fan of big weaponry myself, and the lighter weight but more agile type of bladed weapons always drew my eye, along with Bows, and Rapiers (which actually almost got me into Fencing). I don't have any background with any weaponry, so I'm not practically "good" with them, and only would consider using them in self defence, but they're a nice thing to have around, and make for some interesting party tricks if I wanna show off, ha hah. I'm glad others are able to come out and show who they are and what they like though; it's why I started this Thread :3 I hope some of you got the chance to speak to another as well. I've got some tests now, so I'll hopefully hear from some more of you guys again!

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    @Velka Sorry about how long it took me to respond. I had stuff going on earlier.

    I just looked back, and the matrix zombie thing was a series called DvZ Simulations (if you click on the name, it links to the playlist.) The matrix part that I remembered came from them always starting off in an area that Rob would call the matrix. Bernard Cornwell sounds really interesting. I find it really cool when authors are able to write a book that is based on something from the real world, and keep it both interesting and somewhat accurate. I've been looking for a good series to get into for a while, so I'll check out his books when I get the chance.

    Going back to art and rock climbing, I am actually working on a drawing of Rhedmun Kriel (Deadbones' character from ToUW) right now. So far it is just a sketch, but I hope to get it to a point where I feel comfortable sharing it with the community. A lot of improving at art is just doing it. I have only really been working at it for about a year or so now, and I feel like I have improved a lot from where I started. As far as rock climbing goes, I used to be freaked out by heights until a few years ago, when I was someplace doing a "static course" (it is essentially an low elements/obstacle course, except 50 ft up in the air.) When I got to a certain point, there was still someone doing the section in front of me, so the person in charge offered for me to go out onto a rope bridge with no side-rails that connected the course, and lean back off of it into my harness, pushing away the bridge with my feet. My first reaction was "there is no way in heck that they are going to convince me to go out on that thing," but eventually, I decided to try it. It was a cool oppourtunity for me to be able to get a solid grasp on the safety provided by harnesses etc., and just kinda relax. Ever since then, my fear of heights has been practically non-existent. At this point, I would venture to say that I have less a fear of heights, and more a fear of a fear of heights.
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    Hello there, Im Gterra and Welcome back (sorta) from your hospital visit, I take it they treated you well since you seem to be able to type and have WiFi access. Lucky you xD My hospital never gave me Wifi access because they were afraid I would strain myself after I broke my ankle. Now, I normally dont use my feet to operate my small phone, although I am not an expert on human anatomy but, I believe that my ankle is nowhere near to being attached to my hands or my eyes, which I believe is what the majority of people use to operate a cell phone.

    Anyways, how I found URealms, Rawb... been watching him for a few years already saw the announcement so I was like "Eh, why not, ill check it out, see what the buzz is all aBout."

    Favorite player: Coestar, he is very sneaky and quiet which is how I like to play alot in these sorts of games. Always be up to something to either do something hilarious, or ruin everything! MHuahahaha!  >_<

    Preferred parts of campaigns: Kinda hard for me because I never really know what is my favorite because things are always changing. Overall my favorite parts would have to be the unexpected Roleplay stuff. For instance during The Cobblers (the one where everyone was elves and had to go slay flesh-weaving goblins) when The Roamin character went to talk to a Highbear, that was just hanging around for no reason, and how that ended up going was hilarious ( I dont want to spoil because I dont know if you recently watched that campaign or not and Id rather you be able to enjoy it once you have full internet access again), yet I find this odd for me to say because I really dont like that campaign. 

    Favorite campaign: Wood Carvers, for me it had the best story, characters, roleplay including npcs, and was a great way to start off a season.

    Lets see, something unique about myself, hmm... Ah, I know! :o

    I am currently working on a custom, 50+ campaign fan expansion for URealms, called "Venture Town". In this expansion pack you can play as any kind of character with any other kind of character Naturally, and the campaign you play will always be randomized, not even the Host/Game master will know what shenanigans will unfold until they play. Every campaign will have unique stories and Characters and I believe everyone will have a lot of fun with it, at least I hope, because otherwise I will have just created a giant book for nothing.

    Id put up a link to a forum post I made previewing it but you probably have alot to read already from me and other people, wow. Lol ima stop typing now.

  • @Maesquin, thanks for the link. I'll take a look at the videos when I have the chance. I don't think I personally have seen any of them, but I've also browsed around randomly through the channel a few dozen times or so. Maybe I watched one by accident once? :3

    Digressing, I'm pretty bad with heights, and it's less of a "I don't feel secure" sense for me. For me, it's more of a "I'm x ft above Sea Level, in a giant concrete Rectangle. If something happens and I end up plummeting, I will die immediately on impact. Well, shit." Kind of thing ;p I just have a weird way of looking at things though. I've gone down Ziplines through a forest before, which sped downhill for good over a minute before reaching a clearing, so it's less of a practical fear, and more just my brain being mean. Very, very mean. But that's an interesting idea, I've personally never gone Bouldering or even simple Rock Wall Climbing either, so maybe that's why it seems to interesting for me hearing about your experiences.

    As for the books, I'd highly recommend them. If you don't mind seeing a Movie rendition before giving them a read, they recently changed one of his Series into a Netflix Original. The name escapes me, but one of the books (which I'm currently rereading) is called "The Pagan Lord". I know it's easier to find things with titles, so I'll see what a I can find while still on this Wifi, haven't left the hospital yet, but I may be discharged today! Wish me luck, and I'll post the names for anyone else who may I'm interested after as well.
  • @Gterra2, hey thanks for replying to this Thread, nice to meet you =)

    My hospital is in a large city, and it's full of really kind and well spoken staff. I've been able to make my occasional sarcastic comment without much to worry about, and would often spark full conversations that would make it feel less like a dead day, and more like the place is nice and lively - though being unable to sleep for very long due to sleep issues caused the night to pass pret-ty slo-w-ly.
    sadly I'm still in here for now though, but I have the potential of being released by the end of the day if I'm lucky.

    Your way of describing how you found Urealms is also kinda how I ended up reacting when I first heard about it, ha hah. The sense of "oh this is new, maybe it'll be good!"
    It's always those cravings that lead us to the most interesting content.

    I don't personally find Coe to be all that sneaky, imo, but I can also kind of see where you're coming from. I love how he acts, and plays along with the situations though. It's a lot of fun to watch and catch your breath for the suspense at times, if that makes sense. I enjoyed a lot of the characters' he has made, he has a good touch with Character Creation.

    I'd love to see how your work is going, Gterra. If you wouldn't mind linking it, I'd love to go check it out, even if I can't appreciate it to the full extent (since I don't have a computer). Plus, being able to share and be proud of your work is the best part of being in a community, right?
  • For any interested, the show I've mentioned is The Last Kingdom, which you can find with that link, hopefully. It's not to the actual show, but a trailer, and the webpage to read up on it if you are interested. Hope any of you who plan to read the books, or watch the show can enjoy, or if you already have, liked it as much as I did.
  • Little late on this thread, but better late then never, nice to meet you. Funny enough, I also found out about Rob from Pause's old DvZ videos. This was back in the days of clocks and redstone. If you've ever seen the LoM episode where they made those animal statues, I'd describe myself as an old ass turtle.

    My favourite player has always been Deadbones. I've liked him since the old days and his livestreams. I like the way he roleplays and his characters. I can't remember the names and specifics of campaigns I liked off the top of my head, but I enjoy quite a bit of gaming and roleplaying outside of Urealms. Which might be part of the reason I like the show so much. My first D&D group was actually made up of people from the old Urealms forums, I still hang out with a lot of other old community folks.

    Anyways that's enough rambling for now. I hope you can get out of the hospital soon.
  • @LunaticRabbit, hey and welcome to the chat. Thanks for joining, and nobody is ever late to it =) anyone is free to come and enjoy the conversations, or just speak up. I do remember LoM, but it's been so long, a lot of it is sitting at the back of my head, refusing to budge.

    I've spoken so much on the way people create their characters, I don't know what else to say other than that I agree with you, lol :3
    I enjoy the role play aspect of games like these quite a bit, and getting into the Lore of games, so I can understand that. I never was in the old forums, as I didn't really find a place for myself before recently. I just more recently took a step into the Community, and I'm glad I have now.

    As well, thanks for your kind words. I'll hopefully get out soon, but there's not much in my power at this point. Don't worry about rambling - I mean, have you seen how much I've talked, and talked and talked in here? It's open for everyone, and as long as people are willing to say hello and talk, they're welcome :3
  • Didn't you say that you were hoping to get out today? hope that worked out for you. Deadbones is the best member of the cast. The others are good but deadbones steals the show a lot with his characters. I need to watch all the lorebuilding episodes of the show but so much to watch not enough time if you get what I mean.
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