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Ask a Urealms BTS artist!



  • @Meganzoor ;
    @Sixelona ;
    @RainbowCrisp ;
    @Irishxlily ;
    What was the number one thing you worked on but wish you had done differently in/for the show?
  • @Haunter Woah you exist? I was like 90% sure that Rawb did all his own editing and you were a running gag between everyone.
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    wow epic avatars for the artiest... and Haunter too
    When did this happen?
  • The portraits look amazing! Shame we can't see the full pictures though, is that a bug? I can't get enough of this art style. It's so good for URealms.
  • ( @Cloud )
    I hope we get to see the full pictures soon, they look amazing especially Haunters, but that's because i like dragons
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    @Meganzoor ;
    @Sixelona ;
    @Irishxlily ;
    @RainbowCrisp ;

    What is your most Favorite/Treasured URealms memories?
     Mine should be obvious  :) 
    Which Campaign was your Favorite to work on?
    Which Campaign was the most difficult to work on?
    Do you enjoy working with Rob, and rest of the Guys?
    You rather be a Ninja, or Pirate?
    One Piece is my 2nd Favorite Anime for a reason.
    If you could any Superpower what would be?
    What are some non-animated shows you like?
    Some of mine are Supernatural, The X-Files, Doctor Who, Strangers Things, Face Off (not the Movie), Smitt's Creek, All of the Netflix's Marvel Shows, The Walking Dead, Everybody Hates Chris, and Fringe.

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    @MoistForGnomes I'm very critical of my old art so as time goes on. I look back on my first few maps and I feel like I could do way better than I did back then. This is just because I've improved at art and improved at recognizing mistakes.

    We may be able to get the full-body pictures on our pages but I think it's kind of complicated to do, may require help of the website's wizard.

    @Sgtslow Did you just answer your own questions? :smile: 
  • @Meganzoor So you'd wish you could have changed the old maps for improvement? Maybe if the game is ever officially released, eh? ;D
  • @Meganzoor it's an old habit. I some times do it without realizing it, or whenever I'm really excited. But I am genuinely interested on what you have to say.
  • @Meganzoor @Sixelona @Irishxlily @RainbowCrisp @Haunter ;
    I say this probably 100 times a day, but you guys inspire me everyday to improve my own art and style!!

    Anyways, question: How often do you guys scrap designs? This goes for Meg/Six/Lily for over all designs, color schemes for Kelli and those 10/10 sound choices by Haunt.

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    @Meganzoor ;
    @Sixelona ;

    Tips for drawing furry creatures and/or anthropomorphic characters all together? I swear I simply CANNOT figure that stuff out.
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    @Sgtslow Haha I just thought it was funny.
    1. Most treasured Urealms memory - I was pretty excited when mermaids were made cannon. That's just the first thing I can think of though.
    2. Fav campaign to work on - I really enjoyed doing the Azveltara Z campaign I liked coming up with anime prop pieces. I also really liked the maps, they were different and fun to make.
    3. Most difficult to work on - I feel like grand paladin order was tough for me. A lot of puppets, including Spiff's puppet which was the first 'player' puppet I had made. I made one map but with 3 different variants. And the preview video that week was the first animatic-style preview video. I still really enjoyed working on that campaign.
    4. Pirate or Ninja? Pirate
    5. Any super power? The power to freeze time
    6. Non-animated TV shows? My current faves are: GOT, This Is Us, Jessica Jones, Supernatural, Rick and Morty, The Orville and Criminal Minds.

    @IronClark I don't really scrap much and I do everything in layers so the most I will do is delete a sketch layer. It happens more often when I'm doing something like the animatics and trying a tricky pose or facial expression

    @Jalku I use a ton of refrences but I've also gone to Sixelona or Jess for help because I really struggle with animal anatomy.
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    question for all of you
    Snowbolds or Sandbolds
    (Appearance based. Not based on actions, such as child beating) 

  • @Gushy48 ;
    Well duuuuh. 
    Fluffbolds are the ultimate bold

  • @bl1ndn3rd Scalebolds (Kobolds covered in Scales that can go underwater :p )
  • Baebold

    why not?
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    @Meganzoor @Sixelona ;
    Do you guys imagine all of Deadbones' characters to have a tophat in storage? Can we expect an animatic series from you guys working together? Finally, how long does a typical character take to make (from colour choice, cloth texture, character shading, the whole nine yards)?
  • @Meganzoor What is your process for making puppets, and how do you seperate the different pieces in a way that they can be used in a variety of ways, but the puppets are still easy to put together for players and have look decent?
  • @Maesquin Good question, especially with hair that wraps around several different layers. I imagine its tough figuring that one out
  • @Vafnar The tophat thing is more of Six's thing I think since I haven't draw Deadbones in ages but it is important to his character design! The 2nd question is also more of a Six question but I know that @RainbowCrisp does the colouring for Six's animations or characters so that will make it even more complicatedo figure out times.

    @Maesquin I've made a bazillion pieces for the guys to use when making their player puppets. For NPC puppets I try to make it easy on Rob and I make a second copy (of the head layer and the accessories) and I will attach all the hats and accessories to the second copy of the head so that Rob doesn't have to line up all the pieces perfectly for every single puppet he has to use for that campaign. I still save the accessories, hats and blank head layer for Deadbones and the guys to add to their puppets in the future. It's a little more work to do it that way.
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    @Sixelona ;
    I've never watched BdoubleO and Guude play through a Super Hostile map in Minecraft so I decided to watch them play through Nightmare Realm by Vechs today and got a huge surprise when they gave a shoutout to your art in Episode 6! Did I find the earliest shoutout you ever received?

  • @Drapperbat funny thing is, that video is pretty much how I came to own this username. Back then I was going by another username, and I had messed up and messaged one of them on YT, I think, and the username on the account was Sixelona, so I decided to keep the name.

    If I recall, this was the artwork
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    That's sick artwork, very different to the more recent things with Its more cartoony vibe
  • Heya Everyone, long time no post :X I was inactive on the forum O:
    Really wanted to share a fanart I did of Lyn :heart: and I hope this is as good a place as any ^^

  • Holy crap @rigrena that is absolutely amazing!!
  • @rigrena this is actually the thread to ask the Urealms Art Team questions but OMG THAT'S SO GOOD PLZ POST MORE ARTS :dank: 
  • @Meganzoor ; I knooow but I didn't find a fanart thread >:I <3 <3

    I love you guys tho
    hue :>

    @Sixelona thanks hun <3
  • @rigrena You could make your own thread for all of your fan art! Thats what most of the fanartists in the community do :)
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