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Hey got another "?" for you old gods!

Hello fellow old gods, as you know, the "realm" (Show) loves to make points, plots, and other things.
but I've been looking back at a few shows and stuff and thought, "How many Plot Points have there been?". by this i mean like how many story have we had that have yet to conclude? for a example like Bopen wanting to start a war with non-ageless, Maelstrom who is know a divine dragon, and gwen how is being the leader of the sunswords, and we all know about the tower we shall not name for it "magicly" takes people away.
 i know were in I think the middle of season 3 and should been posted after season 3 was over, but i just wanted the answer now, then i'll repost this at the end of season 3 just to see how much has change. but back to the main question.
How many plots are still left, and haven't hit their climax?
(just a random note, my fav character is vergo sunsword, RIP old elf. {a play on old man])


  • There's Chimera and the murder bros
  • @Kingedyou Well, the Murder Bros part got wrapped up. They were beaten and imprisoned (most of 'em, anyhow) and then shipped off to Silvermine Mountain so they're tied in to that area now which'd put 'em under Gwyneth's area of plot-parts.
  • @UnluckyBimi
    They definitely aren't done since they were closely connected to Chimera and Empusa who still have a lot of questions about them
  • @Kingedyou The Murder Bros part of it was though, the gang kinda got taken down and shipped off.
  • @UnluckyBimi
    They were shipped off to the silvermine mountains that's gone 
  • @Kingedyou And seeing as Gwyneth was there, and escaped, it'd fall under the Gwyneth section of plot rather than get its' own at the moment. 
  • @UnluckyBimi
    I feel as though they'd be connected stories but not the same story 
  • There's the mirror with Porbo in it.
  • I feel like there are a lot of plot points that are out there right now. And that's just the way of the show I feel. So I feel that the major points will be covered by Rob, but some things may fall by the wayside. And that could intentional or on purpose. Maybe Rob wants to create open story things so people who play the game can make their own story from it.
  • All the parties climbing the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry and Accidental Captain Rick Snot.
  • Galen and The Law going to Thandrafalls to become the successor to Virgo Sunsword 
  • Well, he's off to try to become his successor. We already know there's competition for it with Leopold, and probably some others. @Kadriaz
  • We haven't heard much from Romulus and Neena Brando, and that could be some fun stuff. It is definitely still part of the story, as Areani had a vision of Romulus in... I think it was Skeleton King. They haven't been forgotten.

    Dalfgan, the Realm of Shadows, and the Sun Keys is still fairly important, especially as we just met Leopold Sunsword Barringster, who holds one of the keys... By the way, Nisovin was there. Maybe Leopold bribed Nisovin for a vote with the sun key? Eh? Probably not, but hey. Anything's possible.

    Technically, we still have several races we haven't played yet, but I don't believe there were any announced plans for playing them yet. These include: Ogres, Goblins*, Gnolls**, and multiple Elven families.***
    *The only "Goblin Campaign" we've had is no longer canon, and the few other canon goblins we have weren't really too relevant to the story.
    **Gnolls haven't been seen at all yet (That I know of), but there are cards for them already.
    ***Not quite a race, but Elven families seem to be given their own campaigns. Azveltara Z, The Cobblers, The Sunswords, even The Tarciel'Embeart Family have Senate of Deadlantis. There are still several major families we haven't covered.

    Also Dwarves. Lots of Dwarven stuff could be done: Specifically, the other Clans, either before or after they were destroyed.
  • Phillipe is the HL3 of Urealms at this point, his story has been so over hyped and anticipated that we probably will never get it.
  • And if we do it will definitely not live up to all the hype it has attained.
  • @pillowpower99 Well, we know how his story ends. He's dead.
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