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Kobold Genitalia (Again)

Do male kobolds have vaginas or was that just a Yohan thing?


  • Millbee looked down his pants and saw... absolutely nothing
  • @KobyLee
    Honestly we have no way to tell, we also don't know for sure that Yohan was male. Who knows? (Deadbones, Rawb, and Maelstrom).
  • well to prove Malestrom's point that if we the old gods don't see it it doesn't exist technically until a Kolbold whips it out on us Kolbolds have no genitalia 
  • @Kingedyou Or, like how Roamin kept saying things and then they appeared in his Journal, it could be that now Kobolds have reversed crotches because Deadbones said it, and until there's something more canon then Deadbones, it must be true. :p
  • Or Yohan just turned out to be female. They can have deep voices too.
  • @KobyLee Yohan could just be a trans guy
  • @Seralyna
    True, we have no idea if gender-switching magic exists.
    Wait, we do, we know it exists because it happened in Zarlin Catacombs.
  • I wonder if that comment by maelstrom was a call out to the original Kobold Genitalia thread
  • @Fera
    Probably because Deadbones once mentioned that it's his favorite thread
  • @KaeawynShifter although it does exist, we don't know if it is easily accessible. Not to mention that some trans people don't actually have an issue with the genitals they were born with anyway.
  • @Seralyna
    I know, but as a trans (now) female, I acknowledge that changing your voice is difficult if you don't practice beforehand.
  • @KaeawynShifter sure, but considering that the voices are just interpretations of how the players want them to vaguley sound, its not at all unreasonable for him to sound like that. Not to mention that he has had a lot of time between acts.
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    Oh hey this again, we actually talked a lot about this in the og Kobold Genetalia thread. It's actually not dead it's just sunk to the bottom so it doesn't show up anymore, and I feel like this one probably will end up with the same fate.

    I'm pretty sure the two main points people came up with there were either intersex bolds or just kobold have no real definined gender roles.  We know that kobold have to have dicks of some kind because we had Johnny feo's erection in Murder bros. I'm sure there are plenty of other ideas to brainstorm about it though
  • @Kingedyou The closest to that ever happening was in Murderbros where Nisoven had to roll for whether his character had an erection or not.
  • There have also been Female kobolds with breast which doesn't really mean much but still.
  • @Angoman I know a lot of people don't know this but hermaphrodite is considered to be offensive, a good alternative is intersex
  • @snicorn ... isn't... isn't Hermaphrodite like, a scientific / technical term? like, used to refer to species / creatures that meet the criteria in the same way Male and Female do?

    How... how is that bad? Like, i'm not trying to get into anything here but... that... seems kind of silly?
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    @TamTroll ; same    @snicorn ;       how is that bad?
  • I like to think that the Journal thing was true for everyone but Roamin, and as Maelstrom tries to prove that this is a work of fiction, he gets dumbfounded for a moment since Roman can't read. (And in the 30 years since joining the Sandbolds, no one has even bothered to confirm that fact)
  • Hermaphrodite is a scientific term, and shouldn't be taken offensively at face value. Unless some person is calling someone, like a trans person or someone who is very androgynous, a hermaphrodite to be derogatory then I don't see how it is a problem. Some species actually are hermaphrodites and we can't ignore that it's a possibility that kobolds might be as well.
  • @Lucius_E ;  that last thing would be very interesting
  • Who has a link to the original thread? Wanting to see the before and after arguments.
  • All I want to say, is that we have that Order of Chaos thing. Somebody hit up Malestrom.
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    Wait what if Yohan looked down and saw something that looked like a vagina? They could have retracted genitalia and Yohans could just never come out.
  • @AwesomeName7 I am in full accordance. This is undoubtedly the best usage of our newfound power.
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    Main thread:
    Page 61 is where deadbone announces what he had in the stream.
  • @TamTroll @Lucius_E  The term was denounced by the medical community a few years ago since it implied that intersex people had full sets of both male and female genitalia which is impossible for humans and was confusing and stigmatizing, however, I do see your point that this term is still used for certain animals since it can be applicable to them.

  • It's possible that kobolds are hermaphroditic the way snails or some frogs (or was it fish?) are; either being both sexes simultaniously or being able to change if the need arises. Considering what Maelstrom said this last campaign, it's likely that their sex remains in ambiguous state until the story decides it to be one way or the other. Gender expresion is a seperate issue though. As we know, porcs don't have any genetalia, but can choose to take on a gender identity if they wish to. Perhaps it's similar for kobolds?

    Either way, regarding breats, it's possible that those like Empussa or Kinney simply style their fur to resemble the breats of elves/gnomes; especially if they are somehow canine-related, since many mammals have more than two nipples.
  • @snicorn Oh yes, I am sorry I didn't mean to imply it is a scientific term used for people. I just meant it to be able other species.
  • @Fera I think it was Rob messing with DB for being roundabout and not breaking character
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