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[SPOILERS] Speculation on Maelstrom's Fate

As I'm sure everyone who just finished watching the live show knows now, Maelstrom is becoming a divine; But not only that, he is on the path to becoming a new Sun Dragon God, as stated by the donation event. The repercussions of bringing what is essentially a new Phanto to the Realm, I won't get into right now.

I do have a question for the community though... Will we be able to kill Maelstrom in a similar fashion to the way we killed Phanto?
I mean, seeing as how Maelstrom already knows of the existence of Old Gods and so on, he would know how Phanto died: By us willing it to happen. So... to me, it seems like he is trying to basically appease us so that when HE gets that strong, we won't just Ex-Machina him like we did to the last Sun Dragon God.

Also, what will the Elven Council and the Grand Paladin Order think of Maelstrom's new power? Quintara Lotus surely won't be silent about what she saved DB's character from, and she's on the Manarch/Council. Would anyone think of this as a blessing, potentially bringing back the times of Pre-Birth of Magic, or would they try and stop it?

Speaking of Quintara Lotus, she just left after saving DB. What's the deal with that? I had believed Dragon Aspects were stronger than Divines. Perhaps she needs to evaluate his power, or is simply unwilling/able to stop him?

Thoughts? Theories? This campaign was quite the doozy, so I am just typing out all the questions my brain is making. T'was a great show, but I feel it created more questions than it answered-which was already quite a lot!


  • Man, we don't even know what will Maelstrom do with that kind of power ! As a whelping or as a full divine, what will he do now with is knowledge of our existence ??
  • Maelstrom wasn't turned into a normal Dragon, or even a Dragon Aspect; the Event specifically said a Sun Dragon Whelpling. And Sun Dragons are what Kallisto is and what Phanto was. Considering that Maelstrom was a violent, insane character who knew his world was make believe, who in the world knows what he'll do? I have a bad feeling that, when he grows up, he's going to go to the Atmosphere, kill Kallisto (if not do worse to them), and then leave, allowing the Planet to die.

    The only logical thing that the Elves and GPO can do right now, is to lock him up in the Shadow Realm before he regains his mind (as long as it's real, and I don't even think it is). I'm pretty sure locking him in the Shadow Realm would keep him from being able to get out of there and wrecking havoc in the Realm. If it isn't real, then I have no idea how they're going to stop Maelstrom...
  • He either becomes capital God of the realm or get murder plotted by the other ( still sane) aspects.

    Or wild card: other characters ascend to godhood to fight for the identity of their realm and it will be like the Ragnarok of Urealms? Who knows, this is the wildest timeline and it is not even the end of the season.
  • @friskyBrisky
    Well, specifically, the donation had specified that he was starting on the path to become a Sun Dragon God. However, it is a long process to get there, and he has only started the process.

    But you have a big point, he's entered Divinity. What is there that anyone can do about it? There is only one real force which can best Maelstrom now by a mortal, being a Greater Pyroblast.
    Perhaps Divines are unable to kill other Divines, and so even if he did become a God, he would be unable to kill the others.
  • Phanto was going to die whether we did it or not. It was either we kill him or the Beenu actually did kill him if I remember correctly. 
  • What we know:
    1. Maelstrom is now whelping and is in the process of becoming divine/has the power of divines, then eventually a Sun Dragon God thing...
    2. He has the favor of the Old Gods for now...
    3. Quintara Lotus was not immediately willing to wipe Maelstrom from this realm, why? still unsure could be disgust, could be knowledge that WE, the Old Gods caused this, or other reasons.
    That's what I think we know for certain. Oh and that a lesbian couple survived.

    Questions I have:
    • Is Maelstrom even a character anymore? or is he simply our puppet to become what we want?
    • IF he becomes a Sun Dragon will the elves become immortal again or will a different race, or perhaps we shall create another race?
    • What is Kallisto's reaction, or will she even react to the potential of another Sun?
    • What are the other divine being's reactions, the Dragon Aspects, Divines, Gods. Will they see this as a threat, an abomination, or will they not care?
    • Will Maelstrom become attuned to a type of magic, or did we create another element.
    My theory.

    why? Chaos is guaranteed to happen (referring to chaotic actions like the Birth of Magic, not the agents of Chaos). There are beings revealed to be higher than Kallisto, and these beings have killed Phanto! And why would people believe it? Quintara Lotus, that's why, the birth of a god or no relation to the other dragon aspects is gonna stir some trouble. Deadbone's character was there and keeps pretty good records, so there is information there. Will a lot of people doubt it at first? Of course, but as Maelstrom grows, or rather whatever Maelstrom became, destruction will spread, death will occur, and I doubt any race will not fear him. He destroyed the Sandbolds, leaving few survivors, Roamin, Vanessa, Deadbones, Justin, and any Sandbolds who were on a time mission and weren't killed when they came back.

    This is potentially worse than a war between Ageless and Living. This could be a war of GODS (well Dragon Aspects if Maelstrom gets that strong, and if the other Dragon Aspects decide they can't live with him or if we decide he has to go completely mindless, utterly mad in a way, and then we may choose whether we kill/stop Maelstrom or the other Dragons in Season 8 )  

    That or i'm just overthinking/ not remembering lore.
  • @LogicallyMad I think that nothing is decided yet, and he can still be defeated before becoming a sun dragon. And I think that many people will fear him and want to destroy him, most likely other dragon aspect.
    But with all this power I think Maelstrom will have to choose between becoming a savior of the realm (being the second sun giving immortality to the world) or a destroyer (killing everything he can)...
  • Well, if Maelstrom becomes another Sun, then I know what the divine decision that campaign will be:
    Who do we mercilessly slaughter, Maelstrom of Kallisto?
  • lol it should be obvious why Quintara didn't do what you expect her to  What magic is she the aspect of?
  • @Rob Arcane is chaotic in nature....
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    I'd like to offer up the meta rationale for why Quintara didn't attack Maelstrom: although a Dragon battle would be cool, it probably wouldn't be enough reason killing $5000 of success in the cradle. And it would be unwise to spend a further 30 minutes on two NPCs battling.

    For in-universe reasoning (aside from Quintara's personality), perhaps there's some code preventing Divines from warring with one another, perhaps headed by Ouro'ras or Kallisto. After all, none of the Dragon Aspects personally suppressed Golestandt in the times he's awakened, even though Ouro'ras' paladins are the main opposition to Golestandt. If this is the case, it'd be very interesting to see how Maelstrom and the Divines interact. Nevertheless, even though Quintara loves chaos, I see little chance she doesn't report this to her fellow Aspects. Being chaotic in nature in one thing, but you'd have to be somewhat insane to see a fire in the upper floor of your house, and your only reaction is to walk back downstairs, not even telling any of your family about their impending doom. There's other things about whether or not the powers Maelstrom controls and the potential he has are obvious to her, but that's in the set of rules us viewers currently know nothing of.
  • @Talespinner Isn't she "Quintara Loyus the Dragon Aspect" I bet I'm wrong but that's probably why she didn't doo much
  • I'm kinda interested in what maelstrom was breathing as it may be a 7th element of some kind. Or perhaps he's in some way unstable for now
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    @Melijeli Yes, Quintara Lotus is the Dragon Aspect of Arcane, which implies chaos, malleability, beautiful destruction, and other things. I understand that her personality wouldn't make her open to trying to control the Maelstrom situation immediately, but I would doubt that she'd be chaotic enough to risk leaving Maelstrom completely unchecked and unknown among the Divines. I came to this conclusion by connecting it with previous events, such as Golestandt's awakenings and Quintara Lotus' hatred towards Ghostblade for slaying the unknown mortal Divine (and not seeking physical retaliation upon Ghostblade despite knowing her location), that she will at least tell of what happened in Final Talon should she possess the capability to see Maelstrom's potential to become a Sun Dragon God. I will concede that we still know little of what is to come, but I'm confident in saying the Divines will be involved.
  • Guys, I think we all know that the only thing that can kill a Sun Dragon God is a Beenu, and Maelstrom just got locked up with a massive dimwitted one.

    Once Maelstrom regains his sanity, the dwagon will have one thing to say:

    Maeltrom: Are you my mommy?
  • there is a possibility that due to being a kobold originally all kobolds gain immortality
  • @The_456744
    Maelstrom is a sandbold though, and he just killed all the other sandbold.
  • @JacobWatford
    wasn't he just a kobold that was kidnapped and not an original sandbold
  • @JacobWatford Maelstrom is not a sandbold.
  • @JacobWatford Maelstrom isn't a Sandbold, but rather a Kobold Sandbender. Which I can see how that can be confusing, I definitely thought he was a Sandbold too.
  • Hes a sandbold in name, the same way all the characters including the gnome "became" sandbolds.
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    I imagine Quintara Lotus didn't attack Maelstrom because it was too surprising. The way that he achieved divinity isn't common knowledge by any means, and perhaps even she didn't know what happened- but she knew that there was suddenly a strange, new dragon. When you're the kind of person that's very intelligent, the thing you're looking at is both going crazy and it's actually anywhere near your power level (or at least, not mortal in this case), you would typically choose to give that thing some space while you go try to figure out what the heck you just saw.
  • Err... the song that explains the process is common knowledge. I do agree that the vast majority of common people don’t understand it, but it is actually common knowledge. @Sangui
  • The answer to the question is yes
    ANYTHING is possible
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