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Tile .jpg/.png files

Does anyone know where I can get the photo files for the character tiles? I'm looking to make a physical board to play with my friends who can't afford a video game, or don't have the computer to play with and I'm having trouble finding any URealms tiles of decent quality visually that I can save and print.


  • @Finche What exactly are you looking for? If your looking for the art you can find them on the Urealms Wiki to make IRL tiles
  • As @MasterDJV said, most of the characters etc are on the website. There's also quite a useful Custom Asset section on the forum for things like that, if there isn't enough from the wiki.

    If you want other assets that are in the Tabletop Mod, such as generic NPC tiles, I don't think there's an official release of them outside the Tabletop Simulator mod, and the rules (quite reasonably) are that we can't distribute the images without permission. That being said, if you knew someone who had the mod installed, you could probably ask them to send you a copy of the image files located in C:\Users\[User Name]\Documents\My Games\Tabletop Simulator\Mods (by default). I don't think that would be considered unfair distribution? Although if someone wants to correct me on that, I'd be happy to bow to their wisdom on the subject.
  • Sweet thanks. i'll give those a right ol' try
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