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Did Ghostblade spend 30 years in her vegetative dimwit state?

edited January 2018 in General Discussion
The whole "fixing Ghostblade" plan never came to fruition over the decades this campaign spanned, so are we to assume that she's just been zonked out all this time?


  • Possibly, but remember that 30 years is basically nothing for a beenu who has been around for 10s of thousands.
  • Maybe they threw her out the trash after Lyn told them she doesn't give damn about it
  • @MrMsmg8 She, just saying.

    And most likely, yeah. They didn't know how to cure it, so they're kind of stuck with a dumb, sterile Beenu (they also brought up that she was sterile, I'm pretty sure). Or they just let her go, and she's out wandering somewhere being a dumb killing machine until she dies.

    Personally, I like to think they held onto her, and when Maelstrom starts regaining his 'sanity', he will fix Ghostblade, resurrect the Beenu through her, and use them to help him somehow (most likely to make up the backbone of the Order, considering the Sandbolds were all murdered).
  • @MrMsmg8 You should change the title from her to their since this gives away spoilers.
  • @CasualCow No offence, but anyone who clicks on this is kinda expecting spoilers since the "30 years" time-line sorta gives that much away.
  • @UnluckyBimi I'm aware of this but i'm talking about the title, you don't need to go into this thread to see the title. 
  • @CasualCow I don't really think this is even a spoiler though. Maybe for The Skeleton King campaign lol.
  • Alright, maybe i'm not getting my point across but if Rob says it's not a spoiler then I guess it's not.
  • @CasualCow No, I think you're right, the 'her' part of it. Although I think most people who read that would think its an error
  • @CookiesAndMil_ Thanks man, I thought I was not expressing my point properly.
  • @CasualCow Well, the "her" part of it isn't even a spoiler itself. People just assumed Ghostblade was male, so somebody calling Ghostblade a "her" in the title isn't an actual spoiler in itself.
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