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  • @Nyrrix @Bevan
    I'm pretty sure it was just stuff we know is available for characters now. Though with my avatar, I requested that it have ghost version of my character coming from behind him (Like with stands in Jojo's). The reason I requested that was because I gave my character the Haunt ability in the character sheet, and Haunt reminded me of stand's from Jojo's.
  • can we speak through the people who won a D,D word for word or not due to it not them thinking to ask them that you think?
  • @Nyrrix if i told someone to say on my behaft "What is your favort color" and the put that word for word in it and say i say that would they answer that?
  • You know what you should definitely consider doing, though?
    Don't use any words. No greetings, no questions, no poems - none of that.

    Just roll a dice.

    Did anyone think about using the emotes? That's a relatively harmless thing to do amidst the suggestions that were made so far. Roll a twenty-sided die, and the number it lands on will be meaningless to us - but it may seem like a cryptic and elaborate message to those who do not understand the nature of the dice. The more dice you roll, the more confusing it becomes for the listeners, until one question will run through each of their minds over and over:
    What do the numbers mean?

    And what about those more expressive emotes that represent characters in the show? What can you do with those, hmm? Will you just post a completely random smattering of faces because why the hell not, or will you attempt to create some kind of emote morse code no one will ever be able to crack?

    Ultimately it's up to those of the Order of Chaos, but it's still interesting to think about the consequences that would result from using no words, numbers, or even punctuation - nope, it's just colorful dice and faces. What do you guys think would happen?
    Personally, I think you should just use the dice and nothing else. Just roll whenever you feel like it. What's the harm in that?
  • @knguy
    That could be fun, if I join the Order Of Chaos I'll make a thread titled: The Secret Message
    and I'll roll a die every day or so.
  • Am I the only one who thinks it’s funny we got a testing board for talking to characters and our fallowers are call the Order of Chaos 
  • I have an interesting revelation, who does deadbones voice during the divine decisions? My guess would be Sintour, since hes the only character who has truly contacted us so far, and has done so multiple times. It wouldnt be like Rob to have that just be an unrelated narrator. This does mean that Sintour is probably not Nader, which was my prediction, since Rob voices Nader.
  • @argetbrisingr I always figured that dude was Sintour, too. I don't know if Nader really /exalts/ us the way that the DD voice seems to, though I guess that is just a headcanon of mine.
  • @argetbrisingr ; Has just attempted to make contact with Malestrom
  • leans closer to screen
    Nice job, arget.
  • To be in that thread you need to have won a DD right?
  • I don’t understand why Ouro’ras can contact the old gods like maelstrom and Nader.
    why Ouro’ras instead of kallisto, or anyother dragon aspect.
    Rob has once said that Ouro’ras is the most commonly followed aspect, but also the least active.
    it is very odd to me that Ouro’ras is the one who can hear us.
  • He's the least active to the characters in the Realms cause he spendin all that time browsing our forums man
  • @kreeperkiller63 Im assuming any of the dragon aspects can hear us, thats just the one rob decided to list.
  • edited January 2018
    @argetbrisingr Can we fire you? You're going to ruin everything if you keep this up. The old gods shouldn't interfere too much in the world unless you want absolute chaos to erupt, which is not something myself and probably half the community would want. You have guys have too much power.
  • @coolethanps2 What? I was the one saying Caprikel was being too hasty about trying to contact as many characters as possible. I made one post to one person we know is super important. This is the whole point of the order of chaos after all. Emphasis on that chaos part.
  • @knguy ;
    I'll try out your idea and just roll numbers with the die, and make it seem cryptic.
  • @Caprikel ;
    You should do it with a no name character like someone from one of the sidequests  :p
  • Holy shit, today's lottery numbers just came in guys!

    Tomorrow I'll hit that jackpot for sure!
  • @Caprikel
    Come to think of it, we can assume that our words would come in as some sort of voice in their head but what of emotes? would an image be projected in their head or how would the point get across? Or would they not see it at all
  • @Emperor
    I'm assuming it can be heard by any of the meta characters if I don't specify who I say it too, but I'm not too sure how it works.
  • @Kingedyou
    What they saw us as our profile avatar whenever we speak? That would be quite interesting.
  • @Caprikel
    I imagine if it was avatars it would be your custom avatar and not Kuroyami cause that may cause some conflict "The azveltarian told me to become ageless" doesn't sound like it'll end well XD
  • @Kingedyou
    Yeah, plus I'll likely be changing my avatar each time we get new avatars until I get the custom avatar, and so they would be confused if they kept seeing a different person.
  • @Caprikel
    Has anyone tried contacting Our'ras yet? If not maybe we should
  • @Kingedyou I think we shouldn't try to contact the dragon aspect, they are the characters that are the most likely to be antagonistic toward us because we killed Phanto.
  • @Dalard
    They don't know who killed Phanto.... unless..... we tell them
  • @Kingedyou I worry that them constantly over-contacting the Sinners and Dragons will both annoy them, and annoy Rob and his team.

    If it were me, I'd be very very careful with what I post and how many times I post until I knew for a fact what was and wasn't allowed.
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