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[Potential Spoilers] Those Marked By Sins of the Unforgotten

So after the last campaign, I went searching around on the wiki (rip wiki guy  >:) ) and came back to Maelstrom's quote he made to the players all the way back in the Skeleton King campaign in season 2...

We meet again, yet still for the first time, 
Tomorrow I join a New Crew, then next day a terrible crime. 

You had your chance to follow my path, 
But you chose The Law, instead of blood bath. 

You create those like me when you over extend, 
Sins burned into flesh that cause us to ascend. 
We feel you when you watch, 'Brutality' is your name, 
To you, the gods above, this is simply all a game. 

And so enjoy your story, the one you picked over me, 
She will turn on you soon friend, just wait and you see. 
We are the Order of Chaos, born from your Sins, 
Our Vision, your gift, our Body, your skins. 

With Rob revealing to us this campaign that the Ascension Song allows literally for the pure of heart to ascend into godhood, does this line imply that those marked with a sin of the unforgotten could possibly become dragons!

also, who all were marked? The only other character I recall is Lunk from Den of Devils...


  • Lola Van Dyrch from Okagnoma Guild Hall was also marked :)
  • I think Lyn also has a mark, and she definitely seems like a likely candidate to become a dragon.
  • Lyn no longer has that mark, she didn't fail a Death Roll.
  • Maelstrom received a mark just before transforming
  • A sin also occurred in Senate of Deadlantis, but we don't know who it was placed on. So I guess Maelstrom has the fourth sin and we're only one away from the fate worse than death.
  • @Reizel - oh jeez I don't remember at all how a sin could've occurred in Senate of Deadlantis... catch me up on this one real quick

    The sins from Season 2 were pretty obvious and events were literally named "The First Sin" and "The Second Sin", then Rawb told us about a third sin at some point, and now Maelstrom has The Fourth Sin. But, what is this you speak of Reizel?
  • @Reizel ooo darksouls stuff now cool
  • @Reizel The Sin occurred during the Grand Paladin Order, not the Senate of Deadlantis. It's either Galen who got it for resurrecting Heathera, or Heathera who got it for cheating death.
  • @knguy I think the 3rd sin was Galen resurrecting Heathera in GPO? I might have the wrong name but I thought that was implied to be the 3rd sin
  • @guk8726 Yeah, sounds about right then. That's the one everyone's agreed on, no questions asked.
  • Both Galen and Gwyneth screamed in pain and grabbed their arms though, for unknown reasons. So perhaps they both gained a Mark because they're twins? (Atleast I think they are)
  • @Zeeboon I believe you are right about them being twins, I'm pretty sure Galen mentions it in GPO when he is messing around with Deadbone's Daughter when she wants to talk to Gwenith. Although I don't think it makes sense for them to both be marked. Maybe the other felt second hand pain through their twin connection or whatever, but I don't think it's logical for them to both be marked.
  • @Zeeboon Gwenneth doubled over grabbing her stomach, which might imply Galen unknowingly revived her killed unborn child.
  • @Dolfinmaster Oh that's a good point. However I'd think that it was a while since Rufio stabbed her though, after all that time I doubt that there's much left to revive.

  • @Zeeboon Fair, but we dont know what is considered to be a short amount of time in universe as we do not have any explanation of time. Unless a short amount of time is 238 pebbles dropped.
  • @Dolfinmaster I doubt that would've happened, as the card for greater lay on hands specifically mentioned that it could revive people who had recently died with penalties, and Heathera had literally just died when she got resurrected. I'm pretty sure recently is probably along the lines of minutes not so much the weeks/months/whatever inbetween Sunswords and GPO
  • @guk8726
    Well it still works. I mean, I'm no expert on stab wounds to the womb, but that seems like the kind of thing that causes problems. Lots of people are saying a suitable explanation is that the Greater Lay On Hands repaired her womb, which would probably be a painful experience.
  • Anyone gonna discuss what happened in The Purge, when bopen almost killed spiffs character, but Are'ani saved her.... should that not have caused a sin? Because Are'ani is able to cause sins due to her legendary.
  • @Lacymoth307
    Spiff made the deathroll, that was what happened. Because of the 20, Rob retconned her death by having it be a psychic image created by Are'ani. It never actually happened, so no sin is created.
  • @Dolfinmaster I personally think it brought back her womb, not her long dead zygote. Without it, she would be sterile for the rest of her life, but now, she can have children again.
  • edited January 2018
    So just to recapitulate, we are at 4 sins now (meaning the next one is going to be really bad) namely:
    Lola van Drych: to survive an Icerock from Believer Dalfgan
    Lunk: to survive beeing grilled by 3 whelplings
    Galen Sunsword: to revive Heathera (not entirely confirmed)
    Maelstrom:to turn himself into a Dragon god

    The marked line in the OP always seemed to mean in my eyes that the Meta aware characters were also caused by the Sins (ascending in that sense), namely Chimera seemed to become aware after Lola's sin, and maelstorm's message in the OP was directed at us, and happend the very next campaign after Lunk's sin, indicating maelstrom becoming aware, just we never got a 3rd character like that after Galen's greater lay on hands, so not sure if I was wrong or rob forgot that one.

    Edit: Thinking about it, could Gwyneth be the 3rd meta aware character? Specifically in the trailer for "the Purge" Gwyneth was odd. which could be an effect of the Grand Paladin fusion, but there was a recent comment from rob that implied that may not be all there is to that,so I think when she said "virgo was killed by a god" maybe she wasn't refering to Bopen but an Old god (for some reason). Rob realised he forgot a sin during the BtS for Deadlantis, so it's likely he fixed that already. And if I am right about the meta aware characters then he would at least have decided on the 3rd one.
  • @Falirion
    Again, it's not the 5th Sin that triggers a Fate Worse Than Death, it's the next person to die after we get the 5th Sin.
  • I believe the divine decision winners also have sins, or something similar. We have the "sinner" role on the site, and some of the winners have the "order of chaos" accolade, which uses the sin icon. This could explain why we can talk to them. 
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