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Some weird specuation

Something I just randomly though up is that if Maestrom does become a Sun Dragon, does that mean that the kobolds will become "higher beings", like the elves before the birth of magic? After all, Phanto's form was said to be an elf and Kallisto's form was a high bear, and when Phanto died, it was the elves that lost their immortality and not the high bears. And since Maelstom's original form was a kobold, would that exalt the kobolds?


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    Iirc, Phanto created the Elves (and Sandbolds) and Kallisto created the High bears which is why they both have/had immortality. Maelstrom is, as of now, just a Divine, like Tambok, Glamorus, and Dalfgan maybe, not a Sun Dragon God/Aspect.

    Edit: in looking through other comments, the donation said sun dragon whelpling. I havent seen the full donation so i was unaware of that. But im pretty sure that Maelstrom was a sandbold as the description for the campaign said he was, so if it would even exalt something it would be the sandbolds and well....
  • But Maelstrom wasn't a sandbold, he was a kobold. He was just enslaved by the sandbolds.
  • The Wiki says his race is Sandbold
  • The change of Maelstrom's race to Sandbold in the wiki was done a day before the campaign. It was not done during or after the campaign, so who the heck knows what happened there?
    When it's only been a day after a campaign I don't take the wiki's most recent entries for fact until they've definitely taken the time to sort those facts out.

    Sandbolds are infertile, meaning Maelstrom is the adopted son of McCarrot Smith. He was just a kobold trained in the sandbold ways until everything went wrong. If there's the absolute proof saying Maelstrom is a Sandbold, sure we'll take that information and remember it, but if he was created by Phanto like the others then why would he need to be adopted or trained in the ways?
  • @knguy
    Absolute Proof, ha ha. 
  • He's a Kobold. but he was raised as a Sandbold Just like the Player characters... except for McCarrot.
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