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Lore and timeline stuff form the Sandbolds (SPOILERS...DUH)

OK so a lot of lore got changed/introduced and I wanted to discuss some of it.

A Basic list of lore (analysis and logic to follow)
*indicates stuff Rawb explicitly said
** indicates stuff said by an NPC so take it with a grain of salt
  1. Sandbolds are slavers*
  2. The war with the ageless is either won by the living, ends in a peace treaty or lasts decades
  3. Something has seriously damaged the Sunswords and called into question the inheritance
  4. The Sandbolds "mother" is the cause of their corruption.**
  5. True Sandbolds when teleported can get lost in time*
  6. Apple Juice can be enchanted to be living possibly sentient*
  7. Quintara Lotus' kisses let her tell when the person she kissed is in danger*
  8.  If you live by the elven acension song you can become a freaking Dragon God*
  9. Either the 4th or 5th Sin of the Unforgotten occurred
  10. The Order of Chaos exists the moment Maelstrom becomes a dragon (although the order may be able to exist before than because we the Old Gods are not bound in the same temporal frame of reference as the Realm)
  11. Gobolfs are oppressed by the elves**
  12. Ghostblade is a female Beenu*
  13. With the help of a dragon god Ghostblade could become pregnant**
  14. Ghostblade is still a halfwit**
  15. Maelstrom either has or could gain the power to make Ghostblade Pregnant
  16. Vanessa after being a musician became a waiter for Lynn*
  17. Vanessa could be a spy for Lynn
  18. Tuesday does not exist in the realm**
  19. And most importantly we have some answers on Kobold genitalia either males have Vaginas or Johan was really a woman.

Some Logic behind some of the conclusions/inferences

First the War with the Ageless. Because this campaign happens over the course of years and we know it is linked to the Skeleton King we know it happens during/after the war with the ageless. Since we see Theandrafall (or however it is spelled) alive and whole decades after the Skeleton King we can assume one of three things. 1) Bopen and the Ageless lose the war. 2) The War stalemates and a peace treaty is signed. 3) The War is still occurring and has dragged on for decades. Point is we know Bopen does not win quickly since the world has not devolved into an undead apocalypse and if Bopen does win it is either after a long war or it decanonizes Sandbolds.

Second related to this we know something happens to weaken the sunswords to the point the Barringsters think they have a chance of taking over. And assuming this is years after Virgos death it isn't just Virgo died. Something happened to prevent Galen from promptly taking Virgos seat in the elven senate. Further Gwyneth is either unwilling or unable to assume the seat even if the ageless war has been concluded. Even if Rawb goes the route of Elves take a long time to vote on new senate members it still doesn't explain why the Barringsters think some random kid can displace Galen or Gwyn who have been around since the birth of magic. The only explanation I can think of is Galen died or was captured/converted by the ageless and Gwyn is either insane or dead as well.

Next lets talk about the Sins of the Unforgotten. The donation event for making Maelstrom a dragon mentioned how it would be a Sin. The exact count is up in the air but we should either be at sin 4 or 5 after Maelstrom's ascension depending on if Gwyn and Galen's flinch in act 5 of Grand Paladin Order was from a Sin of the Unforgotten and if it counts for two Sins since seems to effect 2 people.

Vanessa being a spy for Lynn is a supposition based on the fact that it makes no sense why Vanessa would run off with the Sandbolds and even if her motives were sincere it would only take her having slept with Lynn to turn her into a spy without her knowledge. Further it is possible the things that occured in the hot tub if they involved Lynn could have turned any of the Sandbolds into unknowing spies.

Finally, on to Maelstrom and Ghostblade. The donation event for Absolute Proof said the Order of Chaos would be born the moment Maelstrom ascended. Although as I mentioned above in my list the Order may exist in the realm before that moment depending on if Rawb means time from the point of view of the Old Gods or time from the point of view the realm. Maelstrom's ascension also creates the question of what this means for magic. We may now have a new school of Magic (probably Chaos) even if this doesn't happen immediately as Maelstrom gains in power or ascends further wee may see new elements in the realm. It is also possible that as Maelstrom continues his ascent he may begin to heal the damage of the Birth of Magic assuming he becomes a new sun god. Also if we think this may create a new school of magic we have to consider what would happen if another character were to ascend. It would seem reasonable for Chaos to be balenced out by Order. If another character were to ascend my bet would be Johan who lived his life by the song of Ascension. He trained his body, he is pure of heart imo, all he would need to do is master Just magic. Honestly when Rawb was saying DB already chose his ending I half expected him to have Johan ascend. Also in regards to Ghostblade what is needed to bring back the Beenu is for a Dragon to impregnate her and since Rawb never said she died we have to assume she is still in Last Talon somewhere. Whenever Maelstrom finally unwargs he will find a female Beenu and he should have the power to make her pregnant now that he is a dragon. So we should have a resurgence of the Beenu this time as members of the Order of Chaos.

Whew, ok I think that is it I probably missed some McCarrot lore and few other less important bits but this is pretty much it for the lore I caught as well as what that lore implies.


  • To respond to the number of sins, I believe we are only on 4 as the one Galen did in GPO only counted as one. When Rob rolled a 20 for the goblet of mysteries, I believe he mentioned it being the 4th sin, although that sorta fell apart when it got spilled. Also, a fate worse than death supposedly happens to the character that experiences the 5th sin iirc, and its just a feeling but I don't think ascending to become a dragon would be considered a fate worse than death. 
  • @guk8726
    Actually it's not the 5th Sinner who experiences a Fate Worse Than Death, it's the next character to die after all five Sins are given.
  • @guk8726 you are right about the number of sins I somehow counted the Goblet even though I knew it didn't count editing main post now.
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