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Get rid of Chat

There i said it, whats the point of it?
We can discuss things on the forums without annoying rob with the sensitive subjects?


  • Make chat private for donators
  • I feel like chat was fun the first couple seasons because it was funny and when it was kinda dumb it was memeing in accordance with the show. Now it's just meh. If it's not throwaway stuff it just seems to be bickering. That's just my view.
  • A filter could be made. It's used often in other chats. Easiest way to deal with a 3k viewer chat, just make it if they a word or abbreviation of the word the sentence gets changed or hashtag-ed.
  • The point of chat is so we can talk to each other during the show. What better way is there to all push for donations.
  • @PrphetMano
    Too if it became too much an issue auto bans for certain words i guess could work too.
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    Chat put me in a bad mood 5 minutes into the game -_-

    mostly a lot of "campaigned ruuined"
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    I'd actually like 2 versions of chat - censored and uncesored chat - where uncensored chat isn't monitored by rawb & the mods. I think that would be best for the show IMHO

    I'd also like to add the rule: What happens in uncensored chat stays in uncensored chat. (if I could)
  • @Iosyf if there's gonna be a chat on the actual site, it would have to follow the site rules. I guess if you want an uncensored chat you could just have like a discord channel open with people and chat in there. 
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    @Coconut The experience wouldn't be the same as using the site options. And I think most of the people would prefer it if it were an option on the site. But that's just a theory of mine

    Edit: also it would save the team a lot of work & headaches if they had less to monitor.
  • Personally I try my best to ignore regular chat and I just hang around in some Discords during the live shows
  • But chat is part of the fun. Especially before the show starts. 
  • @CasualCow ... ok I'm gonna try it out then. which ones would you recommend?
  • We really just need a filter because actually chat is kind of needed to tell Rob when the stream breaks, and even if that's not an issue it's nice to see chats reactions to stupid jokes that they make. Just because some people are idiots doesn't mean we all are, now play nice and don't upset King Robert Moran  :)
  • I think chat should be donators only. And this is coming from some one who hasn't donated.
  • @Iosyf I personally hang around some discords that run Urealms games but I spend 80% of my time in Sixelona's chat. It's really lovely there. If you're interested in links for any of the servers then pm me and i'll give you the invites.
  • @Dragonnskull I would even prefer that as well. That way a no-rules discord chat would definitely prosper.
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    @Melijeli the filter needs to be optional though IMHO
  • @Iosyf yeah, that'd probably be better
  • or and here's just an idea, the community tries to respect rob's wishes and not be a bunch of assholes?
  • Seconded ^
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    @Kingedyou Chat was fun until someone decided to get triggered because someone accurately described Ghostblade as a trap. In response to people starting to meme about traps, mods got angry and banned the word (all is good and all up to this point).
    Sure mods started banning people for it (understandable). Rawb even said to discuss it in the forums instead of the live chat (of course)

    And yes I am more than a little ticked because of it.

    EDIT: And trap memes are funny!
  • @Iosyf
    That sounds more like a personal problem.
    Go, just... I dunno, take a shower? Jump in a lake? Anything to get all that salt off of you.
  • @KaeawynShifter Nah just made a new account and ditched my old one. This fixed my mood. Now I just want a place where I can enjoy the show and interact with the community without mods
  • @GemLivesMatter
    Well, sorry you had to start over from scratch Gem.
    (and I could have sworn you were a prominent person on the forums, and nice too!)
    If I could I'd send over some of my extra gold to your account, as I'm not changing avatars any time soon.
  • @KaeawynShifter @GemLivesMatter
    No that's a bit too much salt for a shower I think he should walk through a car wash
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    @KaeawynShifter Thanks :). I was. Still will be, however I'll just keep my interactions with the mods to a minimum especially Megan. As for gold and levels - I hoarded it all to buy a gemling icon :p. Pretty confident I didn't need 32.000 + gold for a gemling. Either way levels are still not used to get stuff so it's ok (just a little salty about it)
  • @GemLivesMatter
    Let me guess, just going to use your old account to vote in the DDs?
  • @KaeawynShifter nope - I've never been able to stay up past the first 2/3 hours of the game coz I have work in the morning (yes I work on sundays). So I've only once voted for a DD (it was the one where the character continued to expand (aka. the best glitch))
  • I don't think we are at the point of get rid of chat yet buuuuuutttttttt if this doesn't stop we will lose chat. Generally I hang in Justin's chat because I actually want to have discussions about what is happening. However I like popping in from time to time to see what is up so I don't want to see chat gone.

    I would like to think most people in this community aren't bad people but using certain words hurts people whether you think they should or not. What I try to do is think to myself is "hey is there a reason I shouldn't say this word" if the answer is yes I don't say it. And even if there was no one in the Urealms community who is hurt by certain words Rawb made a good point during the stream people saying certain things in chat is embarrassing to him. It would be like having a freind talking out in public about being a flat earther. It doesn't matter if they are serious or that it doesn't effect anyone it makes them look bad and by extension you for associating.

    The difference with the flat earther analogy is using certain words/memes does hurt people, people who are a part of this community and donate to Rawb just like everyone else. Of course Rawb is gonna be mad if you insult his donors even if you are one yourself.
  • @Shuckle I agree.
    @Kingedyou I think going to lvl 1 with 0 gold could be considered a metaphorical carwash ( -.-)
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