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Bopen for Ascension? (Spoilers)

So the requirements are Body, Mind, Light (Dragon word for Magic, per Rob), and being kind

First of all, Body: Bopen's got it down easily. He's practically invulnerable up to this point, and his skull has been destroyed twice. He's definitely got that completed.

Secondly, Mind: Once again, seems pretty sound. When Are'ani (Medusa) tried to convert him, nothing worked. He just reflected it and the Medusa powers had no effect, showing strong mental capabilities.

Thirdly, Light (aka Magic): For the third time in a row it seems like Bopen is almost a super bone dragon. His arcane abilities have developed to such a point to where he can levitate his sword as well as infect people's bones with a dark, purple-y magic. (See The Skeleton King) 

And finally, Kindness. This seems like the only aspect holding Bopen back from ultimate domination. Kindness couldn't possibly be the final requirement, as Maelstrom was most definitely not kind to Jo when he cut out his eye. However, there is a little interpretation to be had here. With the slightest bit of finagling with the definition, 'Kind' could be interpreted as 'Pure'. This could mean many things, such as the obvious nice and kind person that is always positive, but it could also be the person who had an undying, pure, passion to a certain point of view.

If we look at Maelstrom, this most definitely works. He had his body, mind, and magic honed to a point whilst also having his dedication to discovering the truth about the Old Gods. His complete dedication to his purpose was so pure that it filled that last requirement, and so when the missing ingredient was added, the knowledge of the Old Gods existence, then suddenly BAM a dragon.

And that leaves us at Bopen. His body, mind, and magic is already honed to a perfect weapon of destruction so powerful that death rolls are barely enforced because he's so strong. His pure dedication is all that's left. That could be conquering the world, or leading the ageless towards an uprising, or destroying all of the living, whatever it is, he's filled all four requirements.

And so now all we need to do is let him know that we exist. Then we'll get two insane, fire-breathing weapons of death.


  • First, what made Maelstrom becoming a sun god was not only that he met the requirement of the song, it's the fact that he understood the nature of his world, of urealms so he use this knowledge to become a divine. Secondly, I don't think we will have another potential sun dragon because it would attenuate the success of Maelstrom. Bopen is something else, and I think he can do more interesting and fun thing as a skeleton god...
  • Bopen already seems to be a divine though. He's already ascended
  • @RenAFK he wasn't immune to the time magic whenever the sandbolds came during Deadlantis though
  • @thenerdatschool ah thats a good point. I guess he could ascend, though I doubt he'd become a dragon.
  • @thenerdatschool
    Yes but neither were the PCs, and since they were being directly piloted by Old Gods at that time they would also be immune, so it actually has no real impact.
  • @KaeawynShifter no to my memory it happened where the sandbolds came and took everyone and it all happened in a quick flash, like no one actually witnessed anything
  • @thenerdatschool
    I don't really know how to explain this, but what I'm saying is that since the Player Characters were also frozen in time, it isn't a normal time-stop, because it broke the rules of time-stopping, characters directly piloted by the Old Gods aren't affected by time magic, just like Divines and Believers.
  • @KaeawynShifter that's strange. when did rob say that
  • @thenerdatschool
    During this campaign, it's from cobbling together some of what Maelstrom said with the 'persons of interest' quote.
  • @KaeawynShifter oh i see. that makes sense. 
  • @thenerdatschool
    So if that time-bubble broke the rules for players, it could have also broke the rules for divines.
  • I don't think Rob meant player characters as Person Of Interest. Because then stuff like Lascene would never be able to be used against players, and I think the players have been frozen in time multiple times. 
    I think Rob meant characters like Maelstrom.
  • Rawb said Person of Interest means something completely different than what we would think.

    Now my theory is that Person of Interest applies to Sinned Characters.
    Characters the Old Gods have blessed with a Sin, because we believe they are so interesting, and we don't want their story to end yet. 
  • Technically Bopen is very weird to discussed when attempting to see if he fulfills the requirements.
    • Bopen has no Body or has transcended a physical body?
    • Bopen has no Mind, Are’ani said Bopens had no mind. Does this mean he have mastered the mind?
    • I disagree with him being a powerful mage since we have not seen him using any powerful magic yet. He's biggest magical achievement is to silence the Senate of Deadlantis, but he is far behind Phineas Barringster, an insane kid when it comes to magical proudness until we see him do something more than Telekenises. 
    • He do not have a “Pure Spirit”. Bopen is more like a toddler who causes death and destruction for fun and kills anyone who disagree with to him, he justify his hate for the living by blaming the living for their hate toward the ageless, but he clearly does not care for ageless either, he intended to Kill Nylys after she asked to look for her wife, therefor his intentions are not “Pure”. 
  • @bl1ndn3rd I believe that is exactly it. The donation event that caused Maelstrom to ascend literally starts with 'Answer Maelstrom's plea to be shown the truth of the Old Gods by causing a Sin of the Unforgotten'
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