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Fighting Power - A Urealms smash-esque fighting game

Hey everyone! I’ve been thinking about and creating a smashbros like urealms fighting game for the past few weeks, and after the campaign I’m super motivated.. I’m hoping you guys will enjoy it, and possibly be interested in helping me beta test it, and play it when a solid build is released. My aim is just to give the community something to play. I think it’d be a really fun thing, and I hope the community will enjoy playing amongst themselves. So far, I have at least 5 characters and 3 stages planned for release, with several additions as things progress. However - at the moment I only have one functioning character (+various screens such as title)

I’m working on this alone, so it’ll obviously be a much slower process than games with multiple people working on them, but I hope I’ll be able to get an update out every week or so. Right now, I’m waiting to add more content before I release a test build.  But I wanted to get your guys thoughts on this before I continued any further (what’s the point of making this if no one will play it).

The only roadblock I can see is art. I am horrible at it, and right now I just have placeholder things. Anyone willing to help with that is more than welcome, and you can shoot me a message if you’d like. I hope this won’t be a huge issue though.

This thread will be constantly updated, and title will be changed to fit according (i.e. [Update 3 out]). Make sure you check back every so often if you’re interested, and I’m more than happy to answer any questions.



  • Holy shit yeah this sounds so cool there was a thread a long time ago about something like this but no one ever went through with it I'm glad to see someone actually took some initiative  
  • oooh this sounds really exciting, good luck dude, will definitely be willing to beta test it for ya too.
  • @Kingedyou
    Yeah, I've been wanting too for ages! Happy to have gathered up the courage and motivation.
  • This sounds super neat! If ya need beta testers, I'll be sure to volunteer at the drop of a hat (rat)!
  • Sounds neat, be sure to actually ask Rob if this is okay though. Don't wanna spend months on something only for him to have to ask you to stop or something.
  • @Zeeboon ;
    I'll shoot him a message. But the I'm not using any official urealms art or assets, so I hope it's alright
  • I doubt he'll have any qualms about it as long as you're not planning to make any money of it, but you can never be too sure.
  • Sounds amazing, good luck thinking up a narrowed down roster though, I know I could never narrow my favourite characters down to a small amount. Or would you actually be doing community favourites as opposed to your own? (ex; Karl Landers, Duke Daring, Cain etc.) regardless I wish you the best of luck!
  • I'll also beta test for you Joey, this sounds awesone! :D

    (I can also give you character ideas if you want, but that's up to you!)
  • @Hunter I was thinking of primarily using characters that are big in the lore (Gwyneth, Lyn, Maelstrom, etc). However, as time progresses I expect the roster to grow and grow, fan favorites will definitely be on there at some point

    @Emperor ideas are always appreciated! If you’d like you can send me a message on discord.
  • Hello yes i would also like to declare my support
    That is all
  • edited January 2018
    if there was a patreon i would give all my money (happi 2 test m8)
  • Well, since I'm absolutely terrible at Smash and similar games, I think that makes someone like me a required playtester, just for playability type things. I'm not saying that there should be a really easy to play character (but one like that that's pretty weak would be cool and funny, maybe Prism?), but you want everyone to be able to enjoy this!

    TL;DR I'm bad at Smash so that's why I'm volunteering to playtest.
  • @Crash No patreon, this is free for everyone!

    @KaeawynShifter yeah, I'm hoping everyone can enjoy it. Everyone plays at their own level of course. There will also be tutorials, I'm hoping that it's accessible with a learning curve.
  • Quick update. Have a few screens of the game finished. Mainly just need art for them. I finished the home screen, and character select screen primarily. However, character select is a little tricky and will need some touch-ups (sound, fluent changes between sprites which take forever to make). Overall, things are looking good. Going much faster than I planned. Will hope to have a character moving sometime soon. When that happens, I'll be sure to send whoever said they'd like to test the game a PM with a download to try it out. Thanks guys!
  • Great idea, good luck!
    Count me in for the testing!
  • Ninjaguy, MuffinToaster, Xiaon and myself had a plan to create a pixel based fighting game back early Season 2! Our test name for it was "URealms Tournament". We never got past the concept stage of it.

    But I would love to playtest it! Can't wait to see how this goes!
  • I'm down to do testing as well! this sounds cool!
  • edited February 2018
    Let me on the beta tester train as well (despite me being really bad at fighting games).
  • @IronClark Yeah, mines going to be pixel based as well, so much easier to do things, will run a lot better too. Animating frames becomes a lot easier too
  • This sounds like a wonderful idea and I would greatly appreciate the chance to try this out when it becomes playable!
  • Oh man, this sounds so cool!
  • Interested. Also I’m potentially interested in making games in the future so questions: like what software are you using? Outline of process? Specific tips?
  • Have been busy the past month, sorry for the lack of updates and progress. Things should be picking back up soon. Again, I apologize.
  • This sounds awesome!
  • that sounds like a really cool idea
  • If this is still going in a couple of months and you're still looking for artists, I could probably help out. I have a bit of experience with pixel art & animation. 
    Right now I'm a little tied down though.
  • I’d love to be a part of this! I’m not the most experienced at art and programming but if you need some dummy to sit, test, and find ways to break the game I’m so ready!
  • On the off chance you'd like to include a story, I'd love to be of service  
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