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[SPOILER] The true enigma of the campaign, The Sandbolds (THEORISTS WELCOME)

People may be wondering about ascending into a dragon aspect, the revival of the beenu, or what even is in Millbee's cooking.

But there is still one very important question that is left unanswered.

How did the lesbian couple of this campaign, Danny and Vanessa, avoid the tragedy while the others did not?


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    Because Maelstrom was on a meta level, and decided to spare them, because he wanted them to be happy, and for us to be happy, because the Old Gods aren't the kind of people you want to piss off.
  • Must've been the power of being a Character the GM made for a Campaign where he wasn't the GM. If Vanessa wasn't Rob's creation, they probably would've met the same fate as the others.
  • we told him to kill the sandbolds so that was his priority, to kill tien, talee (however it's spelt), verik, and McCarrot.

    And he had lost his mind so he wasn't concerned with focusing just them down.
  • Maelstrom was in a directed rage to kill the Sandbolds, and the lesbian couple very quickly got as far away from Maelstrom's targets as they possibly could.
  • Also Roamin had a class that was based around movement manipulation during a run away section.

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    Lets get to the bottom of this by analyzing the differences between this campaign's couple and those that preceded it.

    First, we must establish the lesbian relationships from campaigns prior. Lets start with the official relationships. 

    • The relationship between Zanaria Vinisto and Trisha
    • The relationship between Nylys Glisk and Raenna

    I'll include the the relationship between Lyn Azventara and Bei Mei X'hirt just because.

    Now let's see the similarities between these relationships(besides them being lesbians):

    • They have been shown to have a relationship prior to the events of the campaign
    • Both characters were introduced in the same campaign
    • And, of course, they suffered a tragic fate, whether it be death or a punishment from the gods

    Now, lets see the difference between previous relationships and the one between Danny and Vanessa.

    • Vanessa was introduced in The Battle of the Bards, about a full season before the introduction of Danny, in the Sandbolds
    • The relationship between Danny and Vanessa was developed in the middle of the campaign instead of beforehand.   

    With these points established, we have two explanations for the survival of this couple.

    1. The couple has to be formed during the campaign and not beforehand
    2. Both characters of the couple must be introduced in separate campaigns.

    I lean more towards the 1st explanation. The reason being is that similar trends occur in other romantic, albeit non-lesbian couples. I will manly cite the many relationships of Gwenyth Sunsword. In the Sunswords campaign, Gwenyth and Kallark are established to have a romantic relationship before the campaign. However, the couple suffer a tragedy, Gwenyth's miscarriage. Due to the fact that Gwenyth was introduced about 5 campaigns prior, the couple still suffered the tragedy.

    Therefore, we could hypothesize that the relationships that won't end in tragedy are those that are created within the campaign.

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    Guys, plz. diswassupposedtobe4funspeculation,not4literalanswers
  • @bobruffains
    You obviously didn't expect for people to take this seriously, which was your first mistake, your second mistake was not mentioning that (and putting THEORISTS WELCOME) in the title, that basically screams 'hey literally everyone come here and give me the exact reasoning'

    Though i do like your explaination, I might include that in some of my stuff, that'd be interesting.
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