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The finals of the Urealms Favourite Character Tourney: And your winner is..........



  • Well done Borracho and congrats to Coe for having the most popular character so far in Urealms <3
  • I loved this tournament and hope we can do some more.
  • Coe deserves it
  • Happy birthday Borracho
  • Thanks for all the hard work you did burning.
  • Darn, miss the last week of voting, and non of my favorites got near the end. Can't wait till there 356 characters in Urealms so we can do this again. Also, Add the Funk(s) next time. Funks are best character(s).
  • @burningblizzard You considering doing another one of these after S3? Saw this in my bookmarks and remembered how much fun it was.
  • @burningblizzard I second TDScott's motion. 
  • @TDScott8 I third this motion.
  • @TDScott8 @Helium @ShadowPoow I had been planning a favourite combats/encounters tournament a  while back, but life's been a bit more hectic since the original tournament and I didn't think I'd be able to be as consistent with it.

    I was actually thinking of trying another at the end of the season a couple weeks ago, the current plan being a 96 character tournament of
    • The top 16 from this tournament
    • 16 season one and two characters, outside of the top 16 here, who reappeared in season three and enough character development to warrant a second chance.
    • 64 season three characters, preferably 40 player characters and 24 companions/Rob NPCs. This will be the entire first round, with the winners joining the older characters in the second round  and onwards.
  • Sounds great!
  • That sounds awesome! Have you picked these characters yet? Also, don't worry about being consistent! This is your game so we will be patient with you! If you need any help with the planning aspect/ running it I would be glad to help!
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