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Bopen Vs Dragon Maelstrom

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Who Would Win? Bopen Or Maelstrom?


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    spot saved to edit theory unless I can't edit this comment, in which case, oof.
  • @Blastt ... The Grand Paladin Order wouldn't take either side. They'd take both sides head on. You think they're going to side with either a God of Ageless monstrocities, or a Sun Dragon who may end up trying to kill Kallisto? That goes against everything the GPO stands for.

    What they'd most likely do is do their best to purge the Reapers, and do their best to contain the Order of Chaos.
  • @friskyBrisky I believe that either Bopen or Maelstorm will somewhat look weak in between their fight, and the GPO would take that chance to attack the weaker foe in a sort of extremely brief alliance.
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    thanks for the spoiler-
    I mean I totally watched the show to the end and I was in fact entertained by Maelstrom killing all the Sandbolds. Just glad the innocent ones escaped, at least. I mean, it was just 3, but now there are living mortal witnesses to this ascension, so what happens next?

    Also, no sides.
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    It is a thought, but is Bopen (or the Paladin Order) even still around by the time of Maelstroms Ascension? The Kobold Children(Roamins Justins and Deadbones Characters) were saved somewhere around the time Bopen killed Virgo (a few days prior), and then the campaign went quite a bit ahead in time (someone would have to count out the time estimates between chapters) but somewhere in the ballpark of 30-50 years, the conflict between Bopen and the Paladin order might already be resolved by then.
  • Yeah it'd be sweet for the season finale of season 4 or 5 to literally just be a fucking war on a massive battlefield.
  • @Falirion i believe rob said it was whatever the 10 year equivalent is. So maelstrom becoming a whelpling is only 40 years later.
  • @Falirion Yea. Either the GPO and ageless have an allience, Bopen is dead, or the war has died down a bit because we see theandrifall in good condition. Something bad has likely happened to Galen to inconvinence (or kill) him as he has not taken his fathers place as Sword of the Realm.
  • Bopen is not a divine, and that is CANON. He is affected by time magic, and so he is simply either a powerful magical being, or he is protected by Kallisto like how the high bears are protected. Bopen would be absolutely OBLITERATED by Maelstrom in his whelpling state, but if Maelstrom matures to a sun god, Bopen would have literally no chance. Maelstrom is by far the most powerful being in urealms if he becomes a sun god; he is absurdly powerful AND he has knowledge of us, the old gods.
  • Time is differently for Elves btw.
    Since they naturally live for thousands of years, about 50 years to them is probably still recent to them 
  • Wouldn't it make more sense for Maelstrom to pick based on what we decide?
  • @Dolfinmaster yeah exactly, i did mean 30-50 years in total
    @bl1ndn3rd true 50 years are not much for elves (and ageless too). The point I was making was that if both sides of the Bopen/GPO conflict still are present then they were basically at open war that entire time, unless something happend. Theandrifall didn't make it seem like that is the case (as Ninja_Goose noted), although it isn't impossible the different points in time have to be considered, in a Bopen vs maelstrom theory
    @ShadowPoow you are probably correct about that, since mealstroms loophole to me seemed to be that he could consider himself pure (for the ascension), since his actions are controlled by us, he would probably still continue to do the will of the old gods.
  • I am extremely curious about what is happening with Galen, I mean, the seat should of been taken by him, hell that's the reason he rushed over to the capital, so what exactly is happening here? Plus, how long has it been? The kid who is  ascending is (apparently) Virgo's son, so, how old is he? Unless elves mature way slower then most races, which make some sense, then he couldn't be older then what 16? But then, unless the cave has weird time magic, it couldn't be as they have grown by what 50 years at that point? Just trying to make sense of it
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    @Mortem well between the acts in the campaign there were always some 10ish years noted so 20-40 years after skeleton king seems right for the Theandrifall Act, I don't think the sandbold cave was noted to have a different passage of time but I could be wrong about that. This son of Virgo was mentioned in the skeleton king campaign, and elves are know to live very long even without the Dragon silver, so I don't think its unreasonable to believe that their childhood might be longer too( Phineas in particular might be proof of that aswell. as he was present in "The Sunswords" a rather early campaign in the timeline, and barely seems older in his most recent appearances )
  • Didn't DB use Chosen 3 times ending during the final battle? Since the battle technically ended due to Quintara saving him at the last moment shouldn't he of had to take 3 death rolls?
  • Maelstrom is pure, because his actions aren't his own.
    He himself has done nothing wrong
    He is being controlled by an Old God. 
  • @bl1ndn3rd
    but so is everyone else so is everyone pure?
  • @Kingedyou ;
    Not unless they realize that loophole for themselves 

  • @bl1ndn3rd
    That's fair carry on
  • @Mortem Galen is one of my favourite characters! I was kinda sad he was not leader of the GPO but I am curious to see how he acts towards crazy Gwyneth. I kinda hope goes a little dark but I don't know, I just wanna see more of my boy.
  • @ShadowPoow Galen is one of my favourites as well, I am curious to see what happens here
  • @Mortem Oh yeah, on the entire thing about Virgo's seat being taken by Galen. From Leopold's words, it's likely that there's a vote between the potential heirs (well, the ones who decide to take part) of who will join the Senate.
  • @UnluckyBimi The thing is this is suppose to be something like 20 to 40 years after the events of virgo's death, so I am really confused by that
  • @Mortem That's not entirely true. Was it said that Virgo's death (well, that scene) happened right after the Kobold Village Massacre (where the Sandbolds 'saved' the children?)

  • In the campaign it was said to be a few weeks I think
  • Maybe a few weeks to Bopen's crew is like a bunch of years to some Kobolds? Or maybe the time period inbetween them got changed (as we know, never trust actual time-measurements unless there's like hard proof... like kobolds aging). @Mortem
  • @UnluckyBimi ;
    Yeah, that's my only guess or weird time shernagians in the cave
  • Yeah, that seems the most likely (that or the few weeks got veto'd which isn't a problem) since we know there are places with a different time-flow than the norm (Millbee's 100 years with Wilson). @Mortem
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