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Divine Decision Theory / Controversy

I've been taking notes about all of the decision winners. None of them up to this point had any numbers, spaces, underscored or other special symbols in their names.
I know the divine decision winners will play a big role at the end of the season as was said by Rob. But does this mean the winners can only have letters in their names just for the aesthetics for what Rob will do at the end of the season?

The sample size is still very small and it is difficult to make a judgement whether the system has any adjustments such as that. It could all be a coincidence? Still very interesting.


  • I can imagine most people didn't have to resort to underscores and numbers as this is a pretty new forum where most names aren't taken.

    For instance, this is the first forum I've ever been on where I got to actually claim "Cave" without having to do numbers or underscore stuff. 
  • Me too. My main name is usually "Astoranaut", but I got Astora because I got here on the first day of the site's creation. ;P
  • There are a ton of people who vote for divine decisions, and thus far only 6 people have been chosen. Odds are, this is all pure coincidence.
  • Yeah there just aren't that many people with underscores or numbers in their names.
  • I assume it has nothing to do with it but if it does then....damn
  • I have an underscore. I must be in the minority :(
  • I think I may be good but my name isn't very fantasy like Caprikeal or the most recent guy.
  • @CasualCow ;
    New game, try to make your own name sound as interesting or fantasy-like as possible. Add some flair, accenting, or even a title, and soon your name will be heralded in fantasy.
  • @knguy

    I shall be Nate of the Wraphful Alter!
  • I pretty sure rob is not picking people for the D.D due to there usernames and at most he will just tell you for the character you make if you won to have your username be a nickname or sirename like my for example if I won the character name will be _____ Pufflemore and not just Pufflemore 
  • Now you mention it... My name might be ineligible. 
  • Nah, your name should be fine. I’ll be the one non-worshipped deity if I get picked, who wants to worship an Unlucky Deity? @Shuckle
  • I doubt that's the case. There's thousands who watch the show live and the majority just don't have underscores and such in their names.
  • @UnluckyBimi
    well if you're a god of bad luck people will pray to you to leave them alone and go hang out with their enemies, win-win.
  • @KaeawynShifter Or they could go meta-level and pray for the Bad Luck god to have Bad Luck and 2 Negatives = 1 Positive... I need me some worshippers.
  • Pretty sure you could just request a username change. Would probably want to change my username to Thephisis.

    I could totally see Rob doing a joke where they list off names in character ie "Hello Caprikel, rurikar. and FOUR TWENTY BOOTY WIZARD" with a straight voice.
  • No way that Rob would even bother programming that in :P. It would be much easier to just pick a random person. 
  • All you need to do is go to a few forum threads and look at the names. Count how many you look at vs how many you see that have special symbols in them. Odds are that you are going to find that there's just very few people with special symbols to be chosen. It's just a coincidence. 
  • @Justicetom I feel this is the exact truth. As seen I am the only one posting in this thread has a special character. Plus I can tell it still goes through (I think), but it just doesn't show the _ because through donations it does not show up. So using this logic I agree with the coincidence.
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