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Campaign Thread: The Sandbolds



  • What campaign comes before this

  • This will be the first live show I actually watch. I finally, finally got all caught up on the old campaigns, so nothing would be a surprise spoiler. Really looking forward to this!
  • @TriforceHero15 'The Skeleton King'; These Kobolds are the Kobold Kids that were almost killed, but were saved by the Sandbolds at the last moment. They also kidnapped Ghostblade, and are now going to sacrifice him for some purpose.
  • Just wanna say Rob adding extra profile pics? Incredible way to get more donations. I would have already donated, but I felt a strong urge to the second I saw "exclusive" avatars. I'm never even going to use these avatars. It's ridiculous, but it works great. 
  • I rewatched the last few episodes of azveltara Z. canyon nailo, and Wilton lotus were in a cave, with the elvish translation at the end of the campaign, we know that cave is the same cave that part of this campaign will take place, as well as where the preview episode took place. 

    So canyon nailo and Wilton lotus will likely make an appearance in this campaign.
  • Hmm an old guardian figure with a large pocketed coat that looks over several young orphans and mentors them. Oliver Twist much?
  • @Rob deadbones is judge dredd 
  • @TDScott8
    I believe that Rob plans to add those avatars at a later date for the general gold you get for leveling. They should be called early access avatars or something since I doubt he'd make the permanently exclusive.
  • @Fera I believe Rob has stated that he will make the campaign avatars public at the end of the season.
  • Here comes the hype train.
  • At the end of the video Rob says we can see the characters on the website... but I can't find them - can someone help please!
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    @ljfairy ;
    Either go to the very bottom of the Watch page, or look for the character in each of the Players' pages.
    Names will be spoiled so be warned.
  • @knguy thank you - I knew it had to be there somewhere!
  • I hope my awful college wifi will let me stick around for this campaign. 
    I've become a youtube viewer out of necessity for these last couple. 
  • Just watched the intro, I think Ghost Blade is a Beanu. During the intro they show a shot of Ghost Blade without his shirt, and on his back he had scars in the place where wings could be. This is just me throwing it out randomly.
  • And called it!
  • I found a picture of Rob's sandbold lore.
  • This is the first time I donated to a show, and I did so twice. An absolutely AMAZING show. Good Job Rawb, cast & behind the scenes screw!!! ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC and I can't give enough praise, now give me a badass shirt to buy!!!
  • Loved the campaign.  A lot of lore was broken, but the most important of them all was
    A Couple Actually Survived a Campaign :smileneena: 
  • Dear lord that was a shitshow but it was a damn funny shitshow.

    I personally feel like the campaign was settled in the first five minutes-- I kinda didn't like that it was railroaded into the sandbolds being shitty people. However, Milbee just eviscerating the lore and breaking every possible wall was funny as all hell. The ending sets up a ton of good stuff. This was a great campaign to get us back in the swing of things and I'm glad the DD went the way it did-- I can't really see the sandbolds ever siding with maelstrom.

    Look forward to six weeks from now!
  • After that ending, I am so glad I picked destroy.
  • So erm a dragon is loose in a few years but right now everything is good

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    You know, I wrote several paragraphs about my response to this, about my like and dislike. I just deleted it all because it was pointless. My only gripe after the fact is that this was too hard set in them being good people, but you know what? It was brilliant otherwise. You should probably prepare for both options in the future. You might want to get your players backstories before the campaign so you can prepare and have time to set fire to old lore and re-write the world. Give you more time to respond than 30 seconds to world breaking lore. It would also give you time to make sure the story doesn't hurt because of it. For example, there were too many in-between bits that hurt badly from the sandbolds being terrible people.

    I had fun with this campaign, oh the horrible things that will happen due to it. Can't wait until next time.
  • This campaign was chaos from start to end and it was AMAZING. >:)
  • Ironically, Maelstrom really didn't turn out to be the bad guy this campaign. He killed, what, some people who were kidnapping and enslaving children? Besides, he's not wrong, we did choose for him to kill those sandbolds. I find this to be a much cooler story, and it makes Maelstrom just that much more badass.
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    That ending. This campaign. The lore that was created and destroyed. The freaking silliness. And RNG.

    Man that was such a good campaign. I was entertained throughout. I love Milbee because of his absolute randomness and his ability to turn serious encounters into hilarious ones. The amount of serious and funny lore is amazing (Pebbleboys and Pebbledeliverers). I am quite curious what the original story would have been without all of the tangents. Music was a great touch as it really went with the atmosphere of every act. A playlist would be nice. The DD was awesome too as it was hard to decide to. If we wanted the Sanbolds to be 'enslaved' or killed with a chance of survival. 

    Our Old God Divine should reach Level 2 after this campaign.

    Can't wait to watch the BTS. What a great way to start off the year.
  • The most important thing we learned from this is that Vannessa is a lowclass elf who sleeps.
  • I really really really really really really enjoyed this campaign! Awesome work as always rob and team.
  • This was one of my favorite campaigns that they have done this season
  • I liked most of this campaign. I was hesitant in the first act, but act 2 onwards was enjoyable
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