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  • DvZ and Lom both had a great run. And we really couldn’t have expected them to last forever. DvZ lasted a very long time, longer than many other Minecraft servers. Also this won’t be the first of robs beloved work to die, unforgetten realms came and went. And with the death of these Minecraft games, we are getting other awesome new things like Urealms live. 

    To DvZ, Lom, urealms, and rob future projects 
  • Man, so many good memories. 
    @Rob Know this: I will always cherish the memories I have made on these servers for the rest of my life.
    It's hard to describe how important LoM and DvZ are to me. I still go back, every now and then and watch the old videos(Oh shit, just got the notification. Better go download those) of you and the guys goofing off in DvZ and roleplaying on LoM. You were instrumental in bringing me into the roleplay community. You have improved my life to no end.
    It's really hard to come up with appropriate words to describe the importantance of these two places you have created. I'm smiling at the memories as I type this.
    I don't think I can give a proper send off, but I'm going to give it a shot.

    *clears throat*

    Here's to the good ol' days. May they rest in our memories, ever pure, ever great.
    URealms has already brought me memories that are just as important to me. May the future bring many more.
    You're a good man, Robert Moran.

    (Always wanted to use that last line)

    I completely understand why you want to shut down the servers, I just wish the reasons weren't as toxic.
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    DvZ was how I was introduced to Rob (through PauseUnpause playing it, more specifically), so it's sad but understandable to see it go.

    That said, I have hope that eventually Rob will keep the DvZ coding and whatnot on his computer, and one day host a nostalgia stream where we can play DvZ together once again, alongside good ol' Old Man Willakers. You might doubt me, but to that, I ask: Did you expect to be watching a new episode of Two Player in 2018? I certainly didn't.

    I don't think the game will die forever, just the ability to play it whenever we want, and frankly I'm grateful it even lasted this long, considering the sacrifices Rob was constantly making for it
  • @Drapperbat
    I was super doubtful until that player 2 comment, well played
  • I'm not sure if I have much words to say but I quite enjoyed the time I spent paying DvZ.The whole community was awesome and people could get along with each other quite well on it.

    Don't be too disappointed if you do have to close down DvZ and LoM permanently because the community that supported you through these endeavors is still here supporting your newest creation URealms Live. The majority of the community loves you and your cast, and the shows as a whole and I'm certain that we all want to see create things that you enjoy. Because if you enjoy what you create then we can enjoy experiencing what you have created.

     - Fera ;3
  • Oh man, this brings back a feels train. 

    I loved DvZ, it was such a unique game. It was so fun to play in any of the versions I played it (broodmother for life). I was sad when I saw the servers player count went down pretty low after some time, and there weren't usually enough people where all three heroes would be in the game. It was a fun game through and through.

    As for LoM, I enjoyed that game so much as well even though I didn't participate much. It was amazing how it was such a large community creation. I remember when I had my first plot of land, but I didn't have enough time to play and eventually I lost it because I didn't go on the server enough. At least I have that hat from the ocktober (?) event, it was pretty fun, and even got to see rawb. 

    It's such a shame that they're going to be shut down because of toxic people. I won't have the physical virtual reminder anymore, but I'll always have the memories. It'll be a nice thing to look back on when I'm an old fart or something, shed a tear, and have a nice smile on my face.

    Thank you Rob for giving me these experiences.
  • such a shame to see it go, DvZ is what got me into Urealms. Perhaps in the future a fan may bring back the server, maybe even a full stand-alone game (I know how dedicated some fans can be).
  • Oh man, this is a hit in the feels on it finally being said, but as all things, they must end eventually.

    Before I start becoming sappy about the times and experiences I had on them both, firstly this, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DID WITH THIS RAWB, you brought so many good memories, brightened so many days, I have to thank you for all of them.

    With LoM, It brought a lot of fun and many friends as I explored that silly kingdom of Dong Dank, I never moved from my home in the Barrens, having bought it with gold when I was able and it just being a sentimental spot at that point, I loved the interactions with both my fellow fans and the Buffalo Wizards. Hell, I met my current partner on there.

    Now onto DvZ... Oooh boy DvZ... DvZ for a point was my life, somewhat literally, it's community, its fun and just in general brought me out of a darker place in my life,I remember so many changes that went underway as it happened, AI zombies though now feeling as if they always were a part being a notable one. A few of the older players may remember me, but my most proud achievement is this: 

    Once again, thank you for all of this Rob, I'm pretty sure most of us hate to say goodbye but this will live in hearts it's touched forever
  • I got into Rob through his DVZ work, and while it is bittersweet we will always have to move on. Thank you for the memories-- even though DVZ literally fried one of my computers, it has some of the best moments of my life :)
  • @K54 Oh wow, you beat @Rob
    Nice job ;)  :p
  • All well all good things have to come to a end...should we have a lom pm thing so we can stay in touch with each other?
  • It's sad, but I don't blame him. I haven't played it in years just because I was done with Minecraft. I hope the money for the servers can be put to better use.

    Also please release the maps please.
  • I wonder we'll ever get acess to the files that make up DVZ to set up our own fan games. Probably not becuase Rob put a lot of time and money into those so it would be unreasonable for us to ask him to just give them away but maybe if it was for money? IE: You can have acess to these files for 20$ or something. A boy can dream.
  • @Pufflemore the biggest LoM discord is currently
    no lables just remenicing about Pie, and all the lore we made for out stupid chars
  • @Umlaut He said he wouldnt due to it being useless to the vast majority of us and it would open up all of the "How do i do x" questions he doesnt want to worry about.
  • I will definitely miss these but nothing lasts forever. I'm just glad they lasted this long. 
  • Oh my god. I need to play DvZ some more before it shuts down!

    I found Rawb through the opening of Playmindcrack. I spent so much time of that server (and money too...) I watched almost every episode of LOM, played a lot of DvZ... Thank you so much @Rob for all those memories. It's one of the only good parts of my middle school years.

    I know it's already been said on here but: Can you please release some DvZ stuff for download? Maps, resource packs, plugins? I'd pay money for some of that shit. KGM while you're at it?
  • @Rob any chance you could release the maps, textures, sound files, future content ideas(mostly hero concepts) and possibly the game itself?

    IIRC you have stated you never planned to, but just in case might as well try.

    I can understand not wanting to talk about concepts because they may be reused in urealms, but man I really want to know what the heck tin tin(?) was supposed to be back when future heros were being voted on.

    Also please post the shut down date/time at some time. I feel like DvZ/LoM have run their course and that its for the best that they shut down at very least to save you money, but I don't want them to just fade away mysteriously. One last day to play with a full server would be wonderful. 
  • One Last Day?
    Id go online to both servers for their last days 
  • @Rob ;I'm sorry you have to deal with that stuff Rob. You're too good to your fans, well, for your own good IMO. And thank you for always being able to distinguish ignorant adolescence and anti-fans from your true, loving following. I hope one day when you've made it big, DvZ and LoM are things you can incorporate in future development of games you create. But until then, don't sweat it. Focus on what you're doing now. <3
  • Do someone have the lom map save somewhere I remember seeing videos with some custom builds that is not possible in the sever
  • DvZ will always have a place in my heart. It was really the place I grew up, to be sappy that way. Thank you @Rob for all you did, I'll never forget the game and I hope we see it again one day, one way or another.
  • Thank you @Rob for this Great games and all the memories we got from it. We will all remember the good old days of Rawb playing as a dragon and destroying the dwarves.
    I'm sad about the closing of the servers however Urealms will be a great way to have other excellent content from rob.
    Good bye DvZ and Rest in peace.
  • I loved my time in DvZ and LoM, met some awesome people, got to do some dumb stuff. 
    And most importantly I had FUN. Thanks Rawb for the entertainment you and your content bring me.
  • As someone who used to play dvz nonstop because of how UNIQUE it was its sad to see it go, but it grew as i did, even after the ai zombie update i continued to play until late 2015, thank you @Rob for all the memories
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