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Campaign Thread: The Sandbolds



  • @MoistForGnomes "A band of thieves" that could be any band of thieves, although it is most likely to be Yumi's.
  • @Rob so what you're saying is... there's more to this than we know?
  • There is always more to it than we know especially with some campaigns
  • If you aren't in Sixelona's discord or you are but you were just asleep the last couple hours then you might've missed this incredibly important development in the conversation:
    Unless Coe is trying to be super sneaky for some reason, the answer at the moment appears to be a definitive no.
    But what's the evidence, you may ask? Well, let's ask Steam what they know so far, and perhaps find out who will be in this campaign for sure:

    -Coestar has 0 hours. Well... there we have it.
    -Justin has 1.7 hours. (also he's in a donation event)
    -Roamin has 1.6 hours. (also he's in a donation event)
    -We can't see DeadBones, but he is always in a URealms Campaign.
    -Millbee has 1.5 hours... oh shit
    thanks for this evidence, Cheese in Sixlet's discord!
  • Detectives.
  • @knguy While we are playing detective, earlier today Millbee was streaming Monster Hunters and Rob dropped in to ask for his character's name.
  • @knguy I didn't know you could spy on other people's Steam Activity. :peace: 

    I'm so looking forward to tomorrow.
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    Stuck working during the bulk of the campaign again, but at least I'm still gunna get some neato avatars! And if the detectivery is accurate a Roamin/DeadBones/Justin/Millbee sounds like a lot of fun, can't wait to watch!

    Also on a side note, it looks like they're making use of the other 90% of the old Guild of Explorers map that never saw the light of day haha
  • Are the new anytime/limited rules or whatever is happening gonna be present in this campaign?
  • @Maris ; i think they are 
  • roll for hype
  • edited January 2018
    @Valik ;  i take your hype x10 multiplier it and add another hype    230 hype so far
    They just changed the Photo up top. I think that's where they'll see Maelstrom
  • @Rob You have 2 characters that took Elemental Mage Gauntlets  which cant use them because of the requirement of them being skilled in both the elements shown on the card. This seems to be a common issue that is understandably hard to keep track of, since it has happened already before, so I wanted to point it out now so it can (at least possibly) be taken into account and not realized too late.
  • I really hope for the Bad Girl Donation Event, Rob does the Smoker Voice and Spiff shows up to do the pretty voice.
  • @Davrial
    Well, in the Character Creation rawb did say that justin might be able to learn some magic in the campaign, so those gauntlents aren't that much of a problem.

  • @Phendrix ;
    There is also Justin's Sombrero, which could give him a Spell Treasure which, according to Rob's working of Spells being anything with a Spell Gem, could give him a spell treasure to combo with the gauntlet for a combat if he's lucky.

    And he can Contraband it if he gets something bad for him too.
  • Rawb: My players have been pretty good at not min-maxing.

    Justang: I would like to buy all the spells.
  • Y'know, i've been thinking...

    We've known that Maelstrom knows of us for a while now, and that he can basically hear us...
    Considering the popularity of a certain thread before, I wonder how many times a day he ends up being asked about his genitals.
    Because of the strange curiosity of ours...
    (Why did that become a thing...?)
  • yay! I've been looking forward to a new campaign!
  • I am so excited for this campaign. I really can't wait to see the characters Millbee, Roamin, Deadbones, and Justin play. I also am so excited to find out what the lore and DD are. (also, I really want to see more Maelstrom)
  • can't wait to see how strong/fun roamin's character will be.. (literally all Roamin's kobold characters have been really strong in good/fun way, just to name one: Karl the legendary archer)
  • @Davrial Yes I know this and I didn't correct it because I also know what happens in this campaign.
  • So I just got around to watching the CC, and I realized something terrible.

    Deadbones took Divine Favor.
    Which, when you're just playing a paladin is okay, but given the context (as well as his fire/dark elemental mage gauntlet and him taking Divine Intervention) is absolutely terrible.
    I really hope the Divine Favor card gets slightly altered so that he *can* cast Dark spells, because as it stands if he tries to cast Divine Intervention it will crit fail, and if Milbee's food magic has him attempt to cast literally any of Justin's abilities he will also crit fail.

    This is a great CC, and is going to be a good campaign, but I think DB just forgot that part of the text on Divine Favor when he took it, because nothing else explains him also taking Divine Intervention except him wanting to be able to roleplay-wise do some interesting things (as well as force crit fails for his allies!)
  • Kobold? Kobold Kobold.

  • @FlashToki It makes sense with the character traits he pulled. Since he got both Master Magi and Recluse we can conclude that his character spends all his time alone studying magic rather then socializing. Plus getting all the spells you can isn't the most min-maxy thing you can do, as it involves getting spells that are not "optimal" but still take up card slots.
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